Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free Nail Polish from Misa! A gift to my readers.

Good morning everyone! I have an awesome present for you all.

Misa, one of my favorite nail polish companies, is giving you a free nail polish of your choice. All you have to do is pay shipping- a flat rate of $3.00 and you can choose any polish you like.

If you can't make up your mind on which polish to choose, you can order up to eleven additional polishes for a discounted rate of $1.50. If you choose to order more than one bottle, shipping will be a little more, but won't cost more than $7.00. If you decide to go with twelve polishes, you'll pay $23.50, and that includes shipping. Rock on!!

This is an awesome gift from Misa to my readers!

All you have to do is contact Misa and mention my blog to get your free polish. The contact information is:

PHONE: 1-888-733-6472

Or, alternately, you can email me and I will pass the information on to them. This promotion will run until the end of January.

You can browse Misa's website for pictures of all the colors, or you can use the search function on my page so see the Misa swatches I have posted so far.

One of the things Misa does best is duochrome polish. The have some really cool duochromes, like Bo Jangles, Decadent Drifter, Embroidered Emerald, Foxy & Folksy and Road Warrior, just to name a few.

Bo Jangles

Decadent Drifter

Embroidered Emerald

Foxy and Folksy

Road Warrior

They also have some of the best neons around! My favorite neon color from Misa is Pour Me Something Tall and Strong:

Misa doesn't just have duochromes and neons, they have my other favorite formula: GLITTER.

And hey, if you're not into any of those, Misa has some of the nicest cremes, shimmers and vampy colors around. Remember the Poisoned Passion collection? Oh yeah. You know what I'm talking about.

I'll be posting some Misa swatches soon in case you need help deciding which free polish you want. I am so excited!!!

Thanks MISA!!!


  1. Thanks Scrangie! any idea how long they will be doing this for?

  2. Scrangie, your the best! Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  3. $23.50?! for TWELVE?! I'm kinda freakin' out here...I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of this offer; I've been eyeing Embroidered Emerald and the Sugar Sugar collection for some time. SUCH a better deal than the Chanel Moscou collection that I just ordered (but at least I got it in time for their free shipping offer!). THANKS A BILLION!!!

  4. Wow that is way cool! I'm definitely going to take advantage of this! Big thanks to Scrangie and Misa!

  5. does this include their nail treatments, or only the lacquers?

  6. WOW Decadent Drifter is F'ing awesome!


  7. Thank you, Scrangie! That is really cool when you get to work with companies for special promos! :)

  8. But I´m from Sweden can I still just pay the shipping?

  9. That is pretty cool. But does this offer apply to anyone outside the United States? I'm from Canada.

  10. This is the best news! Wow! Thank you. I am thunderstruck with polish love. Hail Misa!

  11. i'm definitely gonna take advantage of this special. thanks!

  12. Lauren, they told me until the end of January, so you have a little over a month to pick out your colors :)

    MissG, awwwe thank you! Happy Holidays to you too :)

    The Asian Girl, Isn't that awesome?!? The Sugar Sugar collection rocks, I think you'll love it :)

    Megs G, I'm so happy Misa is offering this, I hope you get some great colors! :D

    Steph, you're welcome :D

    Anonymous, hmmm, you know, I'm not sure! I will ask :) I would assume yes, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Scott, isn't it?! I'm glad you think so, I love it too :)

    FauxFun, yay! I get so excited when companies do awesome things for their customers, I'm so thankful for it! :D

    Lina, ooh, good question. They didn't specify, but I will ask!

    Atomica, they didn't specify US only, but I'm going to ask them :)

    Tarotbydiana, I know, I'm so psyched!! Misa has some of the best polish, and free awesome polish is the best kind hehehe :D

    Big Cheekz, you're welcome! I hope you get some awesome colors :)

  13. all i have to do is email them and tell them what i want and say i saw the offer on your blog? that sounds too easy!!!

  14. please do check on the shipping for canada!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I HOPE IT APPLIES TO CANADA AS WELL

  15. Uhoh, please update with the shipping information to Sweden with this offer!
    Totally awesome offer. I'm definately going to take advantage of it if I'm entitled to do so. :D

  16. What a wonderful promotion! Thanks, scrangie!

  17. scrangie if this doesnt apply to canada i honestly think i may have a laquer break down. i dont have misa yet (remember i started in like mid sept??with 70 bottles) AND NO MISA YET because im realying on salons desgusting prices and shoppers drug marts cinstant sally and old nicoles. and how many times can we use the offer just once right. i just got my first zoyas, richelle and zara, im looving richelle, with a golden/olive skin tone its impossible to find gold that shows up on me but i love gold so much..any other recommendations.?

  18. Oh says like Chaosophia, I wanna know too:)

  19. Thanks! Great offer - I've never tried Misa Polish. Thanks for the great swatches.

  20. Scrangie-
    Thanks so much for doing this!

    I just got off the phone after placing my order and have good news, bad news and worse news.

    Good news?
    The $23.50 is what you pay in total.

    Bad news?
    This offer only applies to the US.
    The shipping would more than double the price and that doesn't take into account the customs charged by many countries.

    Worse news?
    Even if you are in the US, they sold most of the discontinued colors in bulk to a distributor last week, so even the colors still listed on their website are not necessarily available. Keep this in mind before ordering.

    FYI-To save frustration on both ends, it might be better to call instead of email.

    (That way you know that Confection Section is out of stock as you place the order and can substitute another color as I had to.)

    -Also, know all the colors you want ahead of time, and have several second choices ready.

    This good-natured representative spent over 45 minutes with a customer who had picked 4 colors and asked him to help her choose the other 8.
    (They might not keep the promotion going if this is the rule and not the exception.)

    Hope this helps,

  21. OOOOOOOOOOOOH i want this!

    I hope they send international! Because I'm from the Netherlands.

  22. Oh oops, I just read the post above me.

    Only US, too bad!

  23. just a note: I just got off the phone with Misa and they are out of Embroidered Emerald. Another color that is close to being out is Decadent Drifter.

  24. omgomgomgomg! I can finally have Embroidered Emerald!!! *tears of joy* OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG!!!

    SO HAPPY!!

  25. I got the last Decadent Drifter and something else... I believe Foxy and Folksy, but I forgot... Unfortunately, Embroidered Emerald. Either way, this is such an amazing deal! (And the guy who helped me was so nice and patient!)

  26. Is there any way to do it NOT on the phone? Can you really just email them?

  27. Steph_mark, yep! That's what they told me to do :)

    Mindy, still waiting to hear back from them about it, but will post when I know something :D

    Chaosophia, as soon as I get word from them I'll update you :D

    Samhainophobia, thanks! :D

    Danielle, I haven't heard from them yet :( But you can always order polish from 8ty8beauty, head2toebeauty and TransDesign, they all ship internationally and have the best prices :D As for the gold, it's a little darker than gold, but have you seen Cover Girl Bronze Beauty? Gorgeous!

    Sanna, will let you know when I hear back :D

    Casey, really? Misa is so awesome, you have to try some!!

    Wixbetty, ahh oh no! That's no good! :( I was afraid that's what I would hear. But thank you so much for posting that, that's very good to know.

    Mikki, hmm, I'm not sure if they are doing it international :( But I will double check!

    The Asian Girl, thanks for the update! Disappointing, but very helpful :)

    MariahGem, ahhh I'm sorry :( I think they ran out :'(

    Nini-sa, I'm happy you were able to get what you wanted! :)

    MariahGem, I know how you feel, I avoid the phone at all costs! They told me you can contact by phone or email so I think you'll be able to just email them.

  28. ZOMG! I am soo ordering 12 Nail Polishes. Embroidered Emerald is kicking my ass with how gorgeous it looks. Duochromes are my crack. And I'm glad it extends til after Xmas so I can get some after my bank account stops being so anemic. Thanks Scrangie!

  29. my heart has been shattered into a million pieces and then some ... when will someone have a deal for Canada tooo

  30. Thank you! What a wonderful gift.

  31. Goorgeous Misa pics!

  32. I just got off the phone with the guy from Misa. He said they could do Canada shipping, but since it's nail polish it's considered a "dangerous product" so they would have to go through a lot more stuff = money + time + hassel. I didn't ask for a quote to get it sent to Canada and I think it varies depending where in Canada you live in.

    Im fortunate enough to live close enough to the border that I can get it shipped to a letter carrier and go pick it up in the states. For all those that live near the border you should really consider it! I'm really excited!!!!!

  33. i e-mailed them and still no responce. :(

  34. ooh awesomeness at best! thank you!!

  35. how many coats did you use for the misa nail polish and how long do they last before chipping? Please let me. thank you.


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