Saturday, December 13, 2008

Awesome color change polish!

I was at Big Lots the other day, hoping to find some old Sally Hansen or Maybelline polishes (no luck! Just some old Revlons) when I came across these awesome solar polishes!

They didn't really interest me until I noticed that the package said "color changing". Color changing?! Hell yes! Gimme!

These are like the Del Sol color change polishes which I've been meaning to post for months....

There's Christmas Cookie...

Christmas Cookie, before, indoors.

Take it outside and it immediately becomes this!! How awesome!!

Holiday Mint before...

Holiday Mint after!

Sugared Pear before.

Sugared Pear after.

I'm not sure if these are scented or not. The names lead me to believe that they are, but the ingredients don't list fragrance as a component, so I'm thinking they don't. I would love it if they were!

These change colors super fast. As soon as I stepped outside with these, BAM! Presto change-o. Awesome.

And the best thing? Each two-pack cost me $1.50. The label said the price was $1.87, but they each rang up $1.50 instead. Score!

So cool! I'd love to see a major polish company do a color change polish. Can you imagine all the color combinations that could exist? I even heard of a group of girls in England (I think) who came up with a polish that was clear indoors and colored when exposed to sunlight.

This is a really cool concept. Mood polishes, solar color change polishes, those old mood lipsticks that turned hot pink no matter what your mood was, that crappy Smashbox blush that also turns hot pink no matter what.... When I was a little kid, I used to have these gloves that would change color and show extra pictures when you played in the snow with them. I've been obsessed with things that changed color ever since.

I wonder what other cool color change cosmetics are out there waiting for me to find them...


  1. Hehe cant wait to see what they look like on!

  2. Great stuff! You absolutely have to show them on your nails!

  3. Where can I find these? I live in Sweden and can't get these cool things over here! :(

  4. Those are so neat! I've never seen any mood polishes, but if I ever do, I'm going to snatch them up. Do you think you'll be posting swatches of them in the future?

    Oh, and remember I was telling you before about that Nicole by OPI polish with a black base and fine green glitter? Temptation got the better of me, so I went back and bought it. It's called Turn Out the Lights. (I also picked up Black to the Future and Blues in the Night. Wanted the other ones, but...I resisted. For now...hehe)

  5. I found a bottle of Del Sol polish about 5 years ago on a trip to San Diego. There was a Del Sol shop, that had lots of cool stuff. My polish is called "Reckless" and it looks frosted white inside and a bright frosted pink in the sun.

    The back of my bottle has a website

    I just visited the site for the first time, polish is available there!!

  6. Oh man, I need me some of these...

  7. Wow, these are super cool! I'm going to check back really soon to see your swatches.

  8. Totally awesome! Once again I think I have to cry a bit because I live in Sweden and don't have access to all the cool stuff!

  9. Cool! Reminds me of hyper-colour T-shirts

  10. Awesome :D I like you were disappointed by Nubar Moodies so totally loving that this works :)

    And you're right, there's a group of school girls in England that came up with colourchanging polish to beat the ban on nail polish and makeup at school (they all have to wear strict school uniforms) - its clear inside and pink outdoors :)

  11. So cool!! I can't wait to see the swatches.

  12. I got those too!! I was so excited. Did you have one of those hypercolor t shirts when you were little?

  13. Finally! Someone who remembers Freezie Freakie Gloves!! When I talk about these, everyone looks at me like I'm smokin' something. I loved those gloves. They had matching boots too.

  14. My friend had a clear nail polish that turned hot pink and she used it on her brothers when they were sleeping :)

  15. wow! that´s so cool! can´t w8 to see them as a mani:)
    The only thinh that sux is that they're not avalible in Sweden

  16. Scrangie, the Del Sol web site is where to find more, and they have color-changing stuff like shirts, glasses, etc. (no gloves though...sorry).
    The ultraviolet light in sunlight is what activates them. Keep them out of direct light though or they will eventually lose their color-changing quality (like those Toma polishes that would not work after a year or so).
    These are not current colors, and they are pretty cool!

    Try 'em on for us!!

  17. the only other color-changing nail polish I know of is Nubar ... but as I'm from Germany, I have no chance of ever getting either Nubar or those one you mentioned.
    Actually, there is one website that accepts international customers, but they charge 30 dollars on shipping and $5,50 per bottle .... and you guys can buy those for $1,50 in USA ... I envy you so much right now ^^

    oh and by the way, OPIs are now available in Germany, only some colors, but still ... and the cost 15 Euros per bottle plus 5 or even 7 Euros on shipping. Thats about $20 a bottle plus about $8 shipping ... absolutely insane.

    That's why I order from American ebay ... and I will not start telling you how very much annoying customs are ...

  18. I am from germany, too and I'll get these from e(vil)bay - the sellsers name is "onelasttouch". I can't describe how glad I am :)

  19. I have 2 of the Nubar Moodies that are supposed to change color, but they're a major disappointment. They don't work on me at all :(

  20. Steph, me too, haven't worn them yet lol ;-)

    Marie, I'll get to work ;-)

    Kajsa, I don't know about Sweden, but I've only seen these in Big Lots stores :(

    Atomica, I'll definitely do swatches. And Nicole Black To The Future might be my favorite, it's gorgeous!!

    Debo, I bought 4 Del Sol polishes this summer and they're SO COOL! Just haven't gotten around to swatching them :( lol

    Sara, aren't they awesome?!

    Hanneri, yay :)

    Chaosophia, awwwwe! Sometimes I feel so bad because I just assume they sell certain polishes all over the world :(

    Stefanie, exactly!!! :D

    Lina-Elvira, thank you! I knew I wasn't imagining it! I hope they make a lot of money on those polishes, how creative!

    Katee, yay thanks!

    Sweetpea85, awesome! I can't remember if I had one of those shirts or not, but I definitely remember the color changing gloves :)

    Toma, YESSS! Thank you! I LOVED those gloves :)

    Anonymous, LOL that's awesome!!

    Sanna, yes, I guess that is the downside :( But Sweden has cool stuff too :)

    Scott, yes sir! hehehe ;-)

    Jason, do you have any Del Sol polishes? They're super cool, I have four and I love them! There's one that's a silver that turns red (or is it the other way around?) and it's my favorite :)

    Sylvie, ahh that's too bad :( But at least there's eBay, sucks about the customs though :(

    Nina, AWESOME! Thanks for the tip, I hope all the lovely Europeans can get their hands on some now :)

    Phyrra, boo! That sucks :( I hope someone releases some new color change polishes because I want ones that work!

  21. OMG I had like 4 pairs of those Freaky Freezie gloves. I loved them so much! If they made those now, I would be more willing to go clean off the car in the morning. thank you so much for the memories!!

  22. Who makes the holiday color change polish?


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