Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Random Nail Encounter

I was at Costco yesterday and the cashier -who was gorgeous to begin with- had awesome nails.

Very short but well cared-for rounded natural nails with a flawless and super-shiny dark blue creme polish. It looked a lot like Lippmann Devil In A Blue Dress, but it could have also been Sally Hansen Navy Baby. Beautiful.

This time I actually got up the courage to compliment her. She seemed startled that I noticed her nails! Awwwe.

Also, a couple weeks ago, the cashier at the coffee shop had some fantastic neon orange nails. It made me all giddy. I love seeing people with color on their nails. It's so refreshing to see a lovely girl without the cliche fake french manicure. Color OWNS!!!!!!

..And now I'll get back to the mountain of comments and emails that I should be responding to instead of posting.... Heh. Oops.


  1. I'm with you on the French, so boring, so tired, so why even do it. If you are going to get a full-set, at least get some color on them. It's the quick route for the tech, they would prefer you to be plain. A color tip is kind of exotic, but getting over done, too.


  2. I wish that I saw more color on nails here in SoCal. I swear the only nails and polish I see are either bad pink and white acrylics or short vampies. Nothing exciting! boo!

  3. More colorful nails to the people:D This reminds me of when me and my sister went to a fabric store a few days ago. the woman behind the desk had neon pink nails:) And so did an older woman who was sitting next to me on the bus. Not neon but bright pink, it looked so good and I smiled to myself:)

  4. I'm startled whenever I see someone here (Norway) with something else than red creme and sheers - doesn't happen very often!
    I was very surprised when a friend of a friend had these awesome fakes, not french but glitter! It was so sparkly and nice, more sparkly than any polish I have ever seen. I had to comment and admire :)

  5. Pretty girl AND pretty nails? Lucky duck.

    I'm sure you're the same way, but I hate when I see a gorgeous girl with really scraggly, chewed up nails. Gross.

    And yes, color rules. I haven't worn anything crazy lately, but I am wearing the Pama Essie color, which I was pleasantly surprised by. It's a really pretty jelly-like red. And it was free, so WOOT!

  6. Scott, exactly!! I much prefer the colored tip to the plain white, but I do see that everywhere now. At least they're making progress, lol

    Katee, if I had a dollar for every set of thick, tacky, chunky pink-and-whites here, I'd be a very rich lady. LOL

    Sanna, yes! Color to the people!! That is so cool to hear :D

    Ane Kristine, I think I'm going to compliment every set of nice nails I see from now on. I'm normally so shy, but I just love seeing beautiful unique nails! I wonder if people don't wear them more often because it's so reinforced that you're only "supposed" to have French. Hmm...

    Grace, I know! I was a little envious :D I *just* got my Pama, too! I thought it was never coming. Essie does reds really, really well. E! Live From The Red Carpet totally changed my mind about Essie reds. It's a masterpiece.

  7. I have two friends who do the pink-and-whites and I NEVER EVER see any color on their nails! I mean, if they are taking the time to go get fills, why not try some color once in a while????? I see that a lot here in So. Florida. I did a funky red and silver "Christmas" french mani today, and the girl at my butcher shop noticed and complimented me. I always compliment people on their nails; it was nice to hear it back today. :)

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  10. Good for you! Glad you complimented the girl! I, too, usually shy away from saying anything. But when I do say something, the girl is always pleasantly surprised.

    Btw, my level of "BOOOOO!!" for thick/fake/french tips has gone way up since reading your blog. I really thought I was the only one who wanted to slap those girls on their wrists. (oh, and I just read Katee's comment... seems she and I are probably seeing the same chicks with boring nails!)

  11. Jene143, how awesome! That sounds really cool- I'm glad someone complimented you on it! I'm going to make it a point from now on to compliment nice nails :D

    Fauxfun, it's really hard for me to get past my shyness, but it's worth it to compliment someone :D

    I'm happy you feel the same way about the thick fake frenches! Ick, ick, ick! :D

  12. Scrangie, one word: "exactly!".

    Polish, especially fun, bright colors are just plain fun! I also compliment someone when I see that they have taken care of their nails and have them neatly polished. They really seem to appreciate someone noticing.

  13. HAVE to tell you...
    my 15yr old niece asked me last night if I liked French manicures! I almost threw up on her because I immediately thought of the thick nastiness I see when I'm out and about. She said she thinks they look nice, as did her mom. The 17yr old niece said, "My art teacher has a French mani and SHE doesn't look tacky!" After explaining my mental image associated with "French mani" (porn stars, plastic surgery, and ghetto-whackness), they thought I was crazy.

    Whatever... YOU hear me, don't ya, Scrangie?? ;)

  14. i would love to always have color on my nails, but for work, it's either french or nothing. :(


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