Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reader request: Silver Holographic Comparisons

Ack! I've been meaning to post this for over a week, but my life has been crazytown and I just haven't gotten a chance.

Here's a couple of comparisons between some silver holographic polishes.

Index and middle: Color Club Magic Attraction
Ring and pinkie: OPI Paris Couture For Sure

Index and Middle: OPI Paris Couture For Sure
Ring and Pinkie: OPI Designer Series Coronation

The biggest difference between Paris Couture For Sure and Coronation is that Coronation is slightly darker and more grey with more scattered looking holo, while Paris Couture For Sure is more silvery with somewhat more uniform holo .

Index: OPI Designer Series Coronation
Middle: China Glaze OMG
Ring: Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup Crystal Ball
Pinkie: OPI Paris Couture For Sure.

Sally Hansen Crystal Ball is by far the most "holo" holo I own. I don't own Chanel Holographic, but I can see them being close in level of holographic awesomeness. I don't even know why I put the two OPIs in this picture because, as you can see, they don't even begin to compare.

Hope this is helpful! I have a lot of things I want to post this week. Let's hope I can actually be able to sit down and post them :)


  1. Now I need the Sally Hansen polish... ;D

  2. thanks so much! hehe i need to get either omg or the sally hansen one..... :) soooo preettttyyyy

  3. Thank you SO much! Great swatches, I "really" need OMG and Magical...:)

  4. Now I really need to get Sally Hansens Magical crystal ball....

  5. thanks so much! I can't wait for you to post pictures of the rest of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope and OMG collection!!

  6. Is the Sally polish still available or was it LE?

  7. Sminkan, it is totally worth tracking down, I've never seen anything like it! :D

    Aiko Scheu, You're welcome! :) OMG is much easier to find, so you may have better luck with that one :)

    Helen, thank you!! I love those polishes :)

    Lina, yes! They need to re-release this, it should be a crime to discontinue a polish this beautiful!

    Anonymous, you're welcome :) Those are coming up soon, I've been working on photographing them all :D

    Aziajs, sadly, it is discontinued. I think it's been discontinued for a really long time, too, but it's been showing up at discount stores lately!

  8. I'm dying to see a swatch comparison between Gosh Holographic and Chanel Holographic. I reckon they might be dupes.

  9. Maybe it's my imagination, but the holos (at least in this picture) seem to make your nails look longer!
    OMG is one of my all time favorites - thank you for the comparisons Scrangie!!

  10. NFU OH #61 is even a BETTER holo than the SH Crystal Ball Magical...

  11. Well, Sally Hansen is on its way to Sweden! ;D
    Your blog is dangerous, but I love it!

  12. Hi Scrangie, thanks so much for the comparisons! :) It's rather difficult to get OPI Paris Couture and looking at the OPI DS Coronation, I think it's close enough as a substitute.

  13. Mazoo, I want both of those, but I think I'm just dreaming ;-)

    Jason, awesome! That's definitely a good thing :)

    GoldenAnkh, AHHHH I NEED IT!!! :D

    Sminkan, so awesome, you will LOVE it! And I love your blog too, your nail pics and EOTDs are amazing!

    Holographie, I think they're reasonably close :) Coronation needs fewer coats, too :)

  14. Scrangie - definitely get that Nfu-Oh! It's similar to Crystal Ball, but SO SO SO much better. Except for the chipping, which happens on both!

    Now, I need to get myself a bottle of Chanel Holographic!

  15. GoldenAnkh, hahaha I just ordered it! Thanks :D :D :D

  16. Im so thankful to see this comparison done, im new to the world of holos and i realized there have been a whole bunch of holo collections that are carring basically the same colors but apparently have different shimmer/holo styles so i was unsure of which collection i wanted to splurge on. The only other collection i wanted to see compared here aside from the opi DS, and the CG OMG, was the color club holos from the catwalk queen and femme fatale collections i believe, the ones that have fashion addict and revvvolution and all those others they recently came out with. Where do the color club holos fall in between these? Does it lean more glitter or more holo, with consideration to indoors and outdoors. And how does the formula compare? thickness, coats needed for opacity, etc. Thanx!

  17. Elle D, ooh good question! The Color Club holos are closest to China Glaze OMG, but not *quite* as holo. They're in between the original Designer Series and the OMGs. The formula is much better though- very dense, very opaque, very smooth. They are nearly completely opaque in one coat, but need two. I love the formula on them!

  18. You have to update this- what about OPI Standing Room Only & OPI Designer Series Shimmer, they are both sooo much better than coronation and couture for sure was always crap!

  19. Anonymous, umm... huh? This was a request! I posted what they requested. Paris Couture For Sure does not suck, it's one of my favorite glitter polishes ever!


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