Friday, December 12, 2008

Rumors about OPI South Beach Spring 2009...

Someone just sent me this description of OPI's Spring 2009 Collection (South Beach):

Done Out In Deco - Lilac
Clubbing Til Sunrise - Tangerine
Suzi & The Lifeguard - Pink
Conga-Line Coral - Orange-Rose
Overexposed In South Beach - Purple
Bronzed To Perfection - Brown
Party In My Cabana - Pink
Sand In My Suit - Nude
Paint My Moji-Toes Red - Red
Miami Beet - Violet
OPI On Collins Ave. - Red Orange
Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! - Flamingo Pink

Hmmm... Gotta say, it doesn't sound very interesting to me.

EDIT: Pics!!

Aw man.... How lame! I like one of the colors- Done Out In Deco- and that's about it. What the hell, OPI? The crappy 90120 collection was bad enough, but now this? Haven't you released these colors about 50 times already?


Special thanks to the lovely Emelie for letting me use her pictures!


  1. I think I would be a little more enthusiastic about the collection if i could see pictures. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands so I do expect the new collection to be great. I hope you get pictures because I would love to view the spring collection.

  2. I am going to reserve judgement until I swatch them... but so far I am underwhelmed.

  3. Repeats are not an issue for me, since I'm new to wearing polish this year. Looks like the Southbeach collection has alot of cremes I can wear to the office.

  4. I'm with you, Done Out in Deco is the only one that seems interesting. Not unattractive, but they give me that "I've seen this before" feeling.

  5. Is that the French collection again? I am hoping for a secret thrill like a duochrome or some unusual shimmer peeking out. Give me something more than a nifty name, OPI!

  6. ...guess i'll be saving my money on a different brand, yet again. i was completely bored by the France collection...where the hell is the originality?!

  7. Oh my god.. Those are the most boring shades of polish I've seen in a long time, being released in a new collection and all! I'm not planning on buying any of them at the moment.

  8. Some of them look okay but not good enough for OPI. Boo-ooo-oring..zzz..zzz. None of them really turns me on, I need vibrance, sparkle, holo, duochrome, anything!

  9. When I read your headline, I was super excited, but then I saw the description...and the lackluster picture. And funny, the only colour I'm interested in seeing is also the pale purple. But...yeah, the other colours totally look like repeats. I'm praying that they're different on the nail...Kinda like OPI's toyland collection - pictures were boring, descriptions weren't special, but some of them were kinda cool on the nail.

  10. BORING! Has creativity gone completely out the window, here? Are the lovely folks at OPI totally out of ideas or something?

  11. Diana, I love OPI too but it seems like they're dropping the ball lately. I'll have to see these in person before I can decide.

    Katee, while I am disappointed, I might change my mind once I see them in person... Hmm...

    Watcher, there you go, think positive :)

    Roberta S., I agree, they're not ugly, just not.... new? Interesting? Something.

    Redrunner, *yawns with you*

    Tarotbydiana, agreed! Come on, OPI!!

    The Asian Girl, exactly! France had one or two original colors but I can't say so much for this disaster...

    Chaosophia, I know! Isn't it a tragedy?? Maybe they'll be more interesting in person, but right now, BLAH!

    Badbomben, me too :)

    Atomica, I first thought of South Beach Diet when I saw the title (lol) but according to people who actually live there, OPI totally dropped the ball on representing the area! I agree. So lackluster and bland!

    Melanie, they must be, this is really disappointing! Maybe it's an early April Fool's joke, lol

  12. I might go against the crowd and say that I think I will like a few shades in it...but I'll need to see pics before I commit :)
    Thanks for posting!

  13. ugh, seriously- i can see france collex, mexico collex, opi & ap...OMG do u think they saw our fake azz posts on opi & ap & re-released it?!? LMAO that would be hilarious...the only one i want by looking at the pics r sand in my suit...hopefully its a nice nude color irl. DOID prob wont work on my skintone, but it looks like a cool color...other than that, they all look like repeats. WEAK SAUCE!

  14. hmmm....some of those look nice!

  15. The lilac one looks nice but I have one from Essie that's nearly identical...looks like I won't be abusing my sister's salon discount on this collection!

  16. I too think they discontinue and then come out with a "new" polish the same color, but different name. But then I thought, how many different colors of polish can you actually have? It's almost ridiculous that they come out with about 6-7 new collections every year!

  17. Stefanie, me too . Gotta see 'em first!

    Ocelot1, LOL, really makes you wonder, eh? Hmmm *evil grin*

    Hailey, the purples look decent, I'll have to wait and see :)

    Colleen, save your money for something super cool :) Not missing much here lol

    Anonymous, you would think they would come up with DIFFERENT colors instead of the same ones every time! *sigh*

  18. This collection is really boring. But the local department store (here in OZ) here has 'My Private Jet'. I couldn't believe it. I thought this was a discontinued colour.

  19. Yes, OPI's last collections aren't great. I'm French and I was rather disappointed at the France collection, could have found something prettier for us lol. Though French women tend to rarely wear nail polishes and when they do it's insipidious colors like that. Yes done out in deco is nice however I need a light purple and think I'll rather buy do you lilac it? it's a prettier light purple. Meanwhile I'm desperately looking for a nice pale yellow creme and I don't find a single one. Square pants by RBL looks nice but I can't buy it from France. Is Canary Diamond by Essie a yellow or golden?

  20. Anonymous, I agree. I think My Private Jet is now discontinued, so grab it while you can, it's so awesome!

    Anonymous, oh how interesting! Thank you for your comment, it's always great to get a different perspective!

    As for Essie Canary Diamond, it is a shimmery yellow-gold, more of a frost finish. Maybe not what you're looking for. If you can get Orly in France, Orly Spark is a nice yellow creme with a reasonable price tag. :)

  21. Well in fact I wanted a pastel yellow but I found on eBay the one I had years ago that I really missed. Somewhere that's good French aren't much daring for nail polish colors because I got it for cheap. It's just that it's a Gemey Express finish with a rather not great formula so I'd have preferred another.
    Disappointing! I just checked the OPI's website and saw great a new collection: "Fairytale Bride" but duh what's the point of these colors? Could have made pastel blue, purpleor even yellow or green (but personally I'm not a green nail polish fan lol but I know some of you like it) and/or glitters, something special.

    I have tons of pale polishes like that and I never wear them.

  22. Meyah, I agree! But you should take a closer look at the Fairytale Bride polishes, I just got them and discovered that they have contrasting color pearl shimmer :)

  23. I can't believe this... OPI could have done so much more with a collection named "South Beach", instead they choose to sample from the France Collection (Done Out in Deco is so Parlez-vous OPI pt. deux), and a whole bunch of 90s CVS shimmers. I'm especially disappointed because my one OPI summer color that was once unique seems to be common place now.

  24. Anonymous, exactly! The used to have such unique colors, but they've been boring us to death lately.


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