Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm sorry, I just have to ask....

Who just hit my blog by googling "exploding hookers"??

Do I want to know? Maybe I don't want to know...

Exploding hookers. Awesome.


  1. Ok I just googled "exploding hookers" and your site was the first one to come up LOL!!! Your post from April 4th was titled that :)

  2. people have got to my knitting blog by searching "grandma's i'd like to f*ck" and "photobucket n00dz". so i know how you feel!

  3. Exploding Hookers? Were they smoking Super Crack? If you've seen "Frankenhooker", you'll know what I'm talking about!

  4. I actually LOLed!
    Exploding hookers, O!M!G!

  5. I have to admit it.

    It was me.


  6. Scrangie! I think it's even funnier that you're shocked! You of the crazy OTT dare mani that belonged in a mental ward! I love it! I feel a little sorry for the exploding hookers ... Maybe they need advice on what color goes with potential explosion?

  7. Hehe someone once got to my music blog by googling "raping little girls"....I swear I have never written anything about raping anyone!:))
    So don't worry, we know you're a good girl:)

  8. I guess they wanted to see what an exploded hooker looked like... and those nails suuuuure come close! ;)

  9. and... when we all google again, it may pick up THIS very post, of you mentioning it! :-)

    so good to get the chance to admire your pics again...

  10. You mean this isn't a website about exploding hookers?

  11. this is totally unrelated but i just wanted to ask, scrangie i was thinking, how could i, with out making a blog because we havent decided yes or no yet on that, get closer to the nail phanatics like myself., siobhan,the new lady michelle and many many others. then i though "MUA, is where you all connect also, correct? but i would only be there for %99 nails, so would Ibe the only one there for only nails lol would i be out of loop, and what goes on over there? lol (sounds like im talking about the secret beauty club lol)

  12. Katee, OMG I totally forgot I posted that! Makes sense now, but still... Why were they looking for Exploding Hookers? LMAO

    Steph :D

    Jess, OMG! That's really... freaky! ...Yes, humorous. LOL

    Taffy, LOL It doesn't ring a bell but now I HAVE to find out!

    Aziajs, my thoughts exactly :D

    Masa_inn, I need to start using this phrase regularly. Dude, that's exploding hookers! Could be on to something!

    KimmyDarling, LMAO! :D <3

    Eve, hehehe you're totally right :D I love wackiness, and exploding hookers certainly are wacky...

    Anniemal, OMG that's disturbing! The internet is a scary and bizarre place these days....

    FauxFun, LOL I'm glad you agree :D

    Lydia, :)

    Fudge, Heh, I didn't think of that!

    Sanna, ;-)

    LadySlatternly, hmm, maybe it *should* be! :D

    Danielle, omg you have to join Makeup Alley! There's a whole section just for nails, and everyone is so nice! It's basically just like a message board, but everyone there really loves nails, you would fit right in :D

  13. April 6, 2010, you're still the first thing up for exploding hookers. LOL

  14. It's been over 4 years since your original post and it's still number 1 on Google IF you search for "exploding hookers" =D

  15. It's been over 4 years since your original post but you're still number 1 IF you search for "exploding hookers" =D


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