Friday, December 12, 2008

Rihanna Smiley Face Nails!!!


Look at this awesome picture of Rihanna I just saw on BellaSugar:

Smiley face nails! You may already know that Rihanna is one of the few celebrities I like because of her unique sense of style and complete creativity and fearlessness when it comes to her nails and makeup... Now I think I love her even more! (Even though I've never heard any of her music...)

She's one of us! How awesome!


  1. I love her! And I think her middle fingers have unhappy faces haha.

  2. Yes Rihanna's middle fingernails bear frowns, not smiley faces.

  3. That yellow isn't a shade that most people could pull off, so I commend her for being a brave nailista.

    But...I have to say that I really dislike her music. There's one song that starts off with the lyrics "You look so dumb to me" and I think she has another song with lyrics like "Shut up and drive". :( So...not the best writing there. Doesn't do anything for me except annoy me.

  4. Katee, I agree! She's the hottest celebrity ever!! I'm jealous. Sooo unfair lol ;-)

    Steph, I thought so :D

    Kim, LOL you're right! I love it!

    Watcher, hehe I just noticed, cute!

    GH, me too! She rocks!

    Atomica, agreed!
    I don't really like that type of music- I usually try to avoid it as much as I can! I like to look at her, at least. LOL

  5. It was seeing her with orange nails that convinced me to pick up Finger Paints Orange Kick this summer. I LOVED it on my toes.

  6. Phyrra, isn't that awesome? I remember seeing her with a polish that looked like Color Club Wild Child and I think I said "YES!!!" out loud, lol


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