Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MAC Beth Ditto Collection Summer 2012 Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner Swatches and Review

MAC Shade and Smoke Shadow/Liner in Drag, Strip
Smokey navy liner/pale blue shadow (limited edition)

MAC Shade and Smoke Shadow/Liner in Little Miss Moffet
True black liner/true white shadow (limited edition)

Navy greasepaint side of Drag, Strip used as liner.

What I liked:
  • Umm.... the names are kinda cool, I guess.
What I didn't like:
  • Slanted shadow side is excessively chunky-looking and impossible to blend on the eyelid.
  • The shadows had some sort of weird speckled lint all over them ??
  • Greasepaint side is weakly colored and doesn't want to stick to the skin. It leaves bald spots no matter how many times I go over the line.
  • Neither product is smooth, even or blendable.
  • Poor pigmentation and payoff on both the shadow and the greasepaint.
I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do with these. The shadow end doesn't work as a shadow and the liner end only barely works as a liner. I could neither shade nor smoke with either product. The texture of the shadow looks chunky, chalky and uneven and it's quite uncomfortable to apply to the eyelids. The greasepaint is smoother, but it's not any more even or pigmented. Both of them have a weird sticky yet dry texture and creased badly during the short time that I wore them. The one thing that I have successfully used these for is as a lower lashline shadow base. I lined under my lower lashline with the white slanted side in Little Miss Moffet, blended some of the chalkiness away with a fingertip, and then topped it with a powder shadow. 

As a liner, it's mediocre. As a shadow, it's rather sad. I'd say save your money and just buy a regular eyeliner and eyeshadow. I wouldn't pay $22 for one of these.
The MAC/Beth Ditto Collection Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners are $22 for 0.85 g / 0.03 oz. All four shades (Drag, Strip, Little Miss Moffet, Beth Mask, Beth or Glory) are limited edition.

(This was sent for review.)


  1. Eeesh. What's scary is that it's not just one person over at MAC RnD who thought these were great. These had to go through an entire process-worth of people to be greenlit. Which indicates, to me anyway, that thee is something severely wrong with the MAC culture if people weren't willing to speak up along the way and state the obvious.

  2. i love your 'what i liked' section, ha!

    what a shame. i love greasepaints by themselves (or i have in the past - the original black one i use all the time as a shadow base); it's too bad these suck so hard. what a fail of a cool idea!

  3. Whenever someone tries to make a dual-ended Smokey/shadow pen it always ends up to be a big ball of suck.
    MAC, how disappointing.

  4. Ouch, and despite it all, you still manage to make an effortlessly amazing look with them. Ohh how I adore your skills :)

  5. You do the most amazing job on your eyeshadow application! I love reading your blog! :)

  6. The pictures really speak for themselves. This product was a bad idea from MAC and I'm glad to see that it's not out of the ordinary to have a terrible experience with these.

  7. refreshing to read such an honest blog about a MAC product. FAR too many bloggers preaching what they may think is the truth but coming off as more kissing MAC's ass for more samples. thanks girl!

  8. Thank you for saving me a bundle of cash, that light blue looked so promising!

  9. even though you say you had a hard time, you still made it look amazing! Thanks for being honest about the "all mighty MAC" not alot of people are. Your rock Scrangie.

  10. But despite the products being a disappointment, you still manage to work magic with them. I LOVE the way you do your makeup!

  11. Ouch! Really what are those spots on the white shadow?? I wiped off my monitor cuz I thought it was my screen.
    Really a shame cuz the navy color looks beautiful in the tube.

  12. I has a sad... drag strip looks SO pretty. No way I'm going to buy it now though.

  13. I stopped buying MAC as soon as I found out that they now do animal testing in China. Sounds like their quality is suffering as well. What a shame.

  14. I stopped buying MAC as soon as I found out that they now do animal testing in China. Sounds like their quality is suffering as well. What a shame.

  15. Sorry to hear the product is mediocre, but that look is absolutely gorgeous on you!

  16. Haha I liked your list of what you thought was good about the product. ;)

  17. so pretty! but a bummer that the products sucked :/ i'll know not to buy!


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