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LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Collection Summer 2012 Swatches and Review

Tiny little kit from LORAC for summer 2012. Not quite as cool as last year's kit, but still pretty good. It has four shades of shadow, a bronzer/highlighter and a gloss just like the last one, but the colors in this set are more toned-down, soft and earthy.

LORAC Wild for TANtalier Bronzing Powder
A rosy, warm, tan-colored bronzing powder striped with champagne metallic shimmer overspray.

LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Eyeshadow Palette
Fierce (peachy-gold shimmer), Tigris (warm deep copper shimmer), Panthera (warm golden-bronze shimmer) and Saber (dark plum-bronze shimmer).

Shadow and bronzer palette ingredients. Click to enlarge.

LORAC TANtalizer Lips with Benefits Gloss in Raoul
Four different shades swirled in one tube. When mixed together, they create a frosty peach-nude.

LORAC's Lips with Benefits glosses are really cool. They're swirled and tiger-striped with several different colors and finishes of gloss, but when you remove the wand from the tube, it mixes them together into one color. It's really neat. The one downside to this is that the cool swirly design isn't permanent. Within a few uses (pictured above at three), the stripes begin to deform and eventually all blend together.

What I liked:
  • Shadow formula is soft, pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. The colors all go really well with each other. I really like them.
  • The bronzer design is cool looking.
  • Bronzer color isn't too dark for my fair skin.
  • The Lips with Benefits gloss smells amazing. It has a realistic caramelized sugar scent that makes me think of the sugar on top of crème brûlée.
  • The Lips with Benefits formula is smooth and non-sticky. It's very thin but it's not slippery or slimy feeling.
  • Love the swirled design and metallic copper cap on the Lips with Benefits gloss.
  • The palettes each have their own mirror. That comes in handy if you like to carry your makeup with you for touchups.

What I didn't like:

  • The shadow seems to lose some of its shimmer after a few hours of wear. It looks almost metallic when first applied but loses intensity throughout the day. It doesn't fall down onto my cheeks, it just... disappears.
  • The bronzer is quite shimmery. The shimmer can be blended away during application, or removed from the product altogether (wipe it off with a tissue, it's overspray).
  • The Lips with Benefits gloss in Raoul is extremely frosty when applied normally. When I wear it, I apply it like normal, but then blot away a bit of it and that removes some of the frostiness and makes it more wearable.
  • The bag is a little on the ugly side. Plain, boring canvas with a horn-shaped wooden toggle. Not glamorous and flashy like the gold bag from last year. I get what they were going for with the styling, but who wants a plain canvas makeup bag?
  • The palettes are cardboard. They aren't flimsy, but they don't feel like they'll hold up forever.

I like the eyeshadows the best out of anything in here. The texture and payoff are both satisfactory and all the colors blend together beautifully. I've been wearing it a lot this summer because it's so fast and easy to do a two-color look that looks like it took more effort than it really did. I've been wearing Panthera on the lid, Saber in the crease, sometimes with a little Fierce on the inner corners. Two minutes, done. Another thing I really like about the shadow palette is that it goes extremely well with blue mascara and eyeliner. No joke. If you have super dark brown eyes like mine, you need to try copper and bronze shadow with blue-black (or just plain blue) eyeliner and blue mascara. You'll be amazed.

This limited edition set retails for $39 and is available at Sephora.

(This was sent for review.)


  1. I love that lip gloss, it's a pretty color and it looks great on you! That eyeshadow set looks very nice as well, though I'm afraid I probably already have similar shades... :(

    1. I have similar shades in my collection, too. But definitely not a bad set to grab if you didn't already own a lot of copper and bronze colors!

  2. I really like the design of the bronzer. I don't own anything by Lorac, but maybe I'll take the plunge with this set.

    1. If you like sparkly things, check out their Multiplex 3D glosses, they're my favorite thing from LORAC! Their baked eyeshadows are also the best I've ever used and the Front of the Line Pro black eyeliner is also really nice ;-) (And they're always on Hautelook!)

  3. I really like this! I am intimidated by the brightly colored shadows and I feel like these would be much more wearable for me. I do have dark brown eyes, my coloring is very similar to yours, so I'll have to try that combo you suggested! :)

    1. I love super bright obnoxious eyeshadow on my brown eyes, but I can see how it would be intimidating! Nothing like a bright green or purple to bring out some color in my eyes :D

      Copper is really good on our eye color, too, and it's easier to pull off- L'Oreal HIP makes a great copper eyeshadow duo that I love just as much as any high-end copper, you should check it out!

    2. I think the bright colors look awesome on people like you, who are good at applying them, blending, have all the proper brushes, etc. I can't seem to master the skills required to do intricate looks, plus I don't really go anywhere that I could showcase such looks, so when I even wear makeup at all I stick to more neutral tones that are harder to screw up, lol. :) Thanks for the tip, I'll look for that L'Oreal! :)

    3. Ok, is it "Darling", "Precious", or "Gilded" ?

    4. The one I like is Charged, but those other ones are pretty nice too

    5. Didn't see Charged, got Darling, the Covergirl mascara in Royale, and a dark blue eyeliner, plus my first eye primer (L'Oreal De-Crease).

    6. Did I do ok for a newb? Lol. :)

    7. Oh no, I just read your review on these from 2010 and you said Darling was a dud! Hope I have some luck with it. I'll keep an eye out for Charged at other stores.

    8. You did good! I haven't tried L'Oreal De-Crease, but I've heard lots of people say they love it. Probably should pick up a tube one of these days.

      I can't remember much about Darling (don't think I've used it since 2010, oops!) but I love almost every HIP shadow duo I have. The ones labelled "Metallic" seem to be better quality than the "Crystal" ones, just as a general guideline. I don't have all the ones they make, but out of the ones I do have, the Metallic are the best!

  4. What blue mascara do you use? And is it a navy-ish blue, or a brighter primary blue? I'm intrigued because my eyes are so dark brown, they're pretty much black and I'm always looking for ways to give them some life!

    1. I was using Lash Blast Luxe in Black Royale (blue-black with blue shimmer), but have recently been introduced to MAC Zoom Lash in Blue Charge and I like that even better (it's more obviously blue and doesn't have shimmer). I prefer the MAC, but I've been happy with both.

      Now I'm on the lookout for other brands of blue mascara since I I've been so impressed with how nice it makes my black-brown eyes look. I think Hard Candy might make one too.

      Another thing that I've found to give my eyes a little more life is grey eyeliner- Stila Alloy is what I currently use, but Milani makes a good cheap one that's just a bit darker. Makes my eyes look a little more brown and less black :D

  5. I'm sure they don't have Lorac in the UK, which is a pity as I really like those eyeshadow colours. They are more 'normal' looking than the colours I usually use so that's saying something. The bag isn't very inspiring.

  6. The tiger-stripe design in the lip gloss is something you don't see every day, so that's cool. Too bad it goes away after you use it, but...I still love the idea behind it. :)


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