Monday, July 18, 2011

Finger Paints Peace and Love Collection Summer 2011

Oooooh I'm so late in posting this. I hate getting this behind in my posts... Sorry :( Better get started then... This is Finger Paints' Summer 2011 collection, a retro-themed set of brights and glitters named "Peace and Love". And love it, I do.

All You Need Is Color. A gorgeous turquoise glitter. It's shiny and sparkly and has good opacity. One thing worth noting about this polish is that it's very thick- I thinned mine. It needed it. Aside from the formula, the color is beautiful... Makes me think of how plants look underwater. Mermaid glitter.

Give Pink A Chance. I find it highly amusing that this polish is not pink! It's coral, it's a pink coral, but on my skin it is more of a red-orange-coral than a pink. That said, it's a very pretty coral: bright and saturated, a very LOOK AT ME!!! type of coral. Creme finish.

Groovy Green. This is a different take on the spring greens I've seen lately... It's a light yellow-toned green base, but it has silver frosty shimmer! I can't say I'm really in love with it, but it is different from everything I've seen lately. This one was also really thick and needed to be thinned.

Outta Sight Orange. This. Just... Look at it. I don't even know what to say about it. It's AWESOME. Flaming bright orange with DUOCHROME GLITTER. It's more glass-fleck glitter than big traditional glitter, but it sparkles all the same. Super gorgeous. Bright orange + glitter = love.

Psychedelic Sunshine. I feel the same love for this one that I do for Outta Sight Orange. This is a yellow jelly with iridescent yellow glitter and it is BEAUTIFUL. The glitter is so delicate and shiny. It shifts from pastel shades of yellow and pink to green and orange- it reminds me of BB Couture's glitter- know what I'm talking about? That delicate iridescent green-based microglitter? The only thing that I didn't like about this was the formula- like some of the other shades, it was incredibly thick. I used an entire dropper of Seche Restore before I could use this. The color is worth it. So gorgeous.

Peaceful Purple. A soft purple jelly base with purple, silver and iridescent glitter. If you're thinking this looks familiar, it is- it's a dupe for Urban Decay's Xanadu. Xanadu was the best shade in the Rollergirl kit, but it only came in mini form... The Finger Paints one is much more cost effective and you won't run out as fast! This one was not as thick as the other glitters and I didn't need to thin it.

The formula... eeeehhhh... It was thick. Really thick. Not on all of the shades, but on most of them. I needed to thin them, but once they were thinned, they were perfect. Great opacity, great dry time. They're a bit rough, being so packed full of glitter as they are, so a good thick topcoat is a must. Or even better, a coat of Gelous applied before your quick dry. Gelous + Seche Vite leaves a completely smooth finish.

I love the glitter colors. A lot. They are fantastic. I know I complain about having to thin brand-new polishes... Out of principle, I shouldn't have to do anything to a new polish to use it. These are worth it for me. Glittery orange, purple, turquoise and yellow... Awesome. Give Pink A Chance is nice, but there's not glitter! And I don't really care for the frosty finish on Groovy Green. But the glitters... they rock.

Seems like I can always trust Finger Paints to make some nice glitters. I'm trying to remember back... When was the last time they did a collection that didn't have glitter? I can't even remember! Now I'm dying to see what kind of glitter they're going to do for fall and winter.

These are only available at Sally Beauty.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I got All You Need is Color and I LOVE it! I passed on the rest.

  2. Picked up Peaceful Purple and All you need is color at Sally's for $1.99 a few weekends ago! I love them.

  3. These are all gorgeous! I love the glitters, especially Psychedelic Sunshine.

  4. Oh wow, I like All You Need Is Color. So far I only own one Finger Paints nail polish, but might have to get this glitter.

  5. Nice swatches, they all look great!

  6. Wow! All those colors are so pretty! I love me some glitter...hee hee ^_^

  7. These are really pretty, I really like the first one but I found a dupe for it, and I really like Give Pink a Chance but I don't know if it's unique enough. But I still really like the collection, and your pictures of them are beautiful.

  8. I love these! My favorites are All You Need Is Color and Psychedelic Sunshine.

  9. Wow these are gorgeous! Thanks for your beautiful pictures.

  10. This is a fantastic collection. I love both the oranges. That orange glitter is really something.

  11. You have the best swatch's ever. If I ever want to see something I always look in your blog. You make every color look so amazing! Especially these glitters!

  12. I tried out some fingerpaints polishes, and have to say,they suck!!! the application was a pain, and it was thick and gloppy! I returned them to sallys and will not purfchase them ever again :( whats the easiest way to set up a blog page like this one?


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