Friday, July 29, 2011

Limited Edition LORAC Tantaleyes Palette Summer 2011

LORAC is making me change my mind about baked eyeshadows. Almost all the baked eyeshadows I've ever used have applied flaky or unevenly pigmented... These are different. But before I talk about how much I love the shadow formula, let me first rave about the packaging:

It's holographic. I mean, seriously... does it even need saying? Of course I'm crazy about this packaging. You all know me well enough to know that I'm insane about cool packaging, especially anything holo or shiny.

And this one is holo all the way across. It's made of a soft, cushiony gold chrome vinyl that shows crazy hologram rainbows when you tilt it. The LORAC nameplate is a solid gold colored metal that adds to the luxe, gold-plated look of the palette.

Inside the palette is even more gold. The inside is entirely covered in shiny gold metallic foil.

Even the shadows themselves are dresesd in gold. Each shade has some gold metallic sparkle to it.

Here they are swatched over bare skin. No base or primer at all and look at how vibrant they are! The first shade is an olive green with antique gold, the second is a dark copper-bronze-burgundy metallic, then a brassy bronze and the last is a white gold.

This palette comes paired with a small tube of LORAC Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer:

This is what it looks like halfway blended on my arm. My skin tone is on the fair side and has pink undertones and this is absolutely the wrong color for my skin. It shows up oddly red-toned, very orangey bronze and very shimmery. There's a ton of gold shimmer in this so it looks a little iridescent on your skin. The upside to this is that it smells amazing. A cool, creamy vanilla scent. Reminds me of the scent of MAC Chromeglass. I adore the smell, they should take out the orangey bronze pigment and sell this as a body lotion! Keep the shimmer, though, cause it's pretty.

Here's an easy look I did using two of the colors from the palette:

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
White gold shade all over lid
Green shade in crease and on lower lashline
Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liner in Flash as liner

Looks pretty on brown eyes, but I think that golden/brassy color would look amazing against blue eyes.

What I liked:

  • Eyeshadow formula is AMAZING. Best baked shadows I have ever used. Intensely pigmented, soft, creamy, easily blendable, completely flawless.
  • Shadows have a brightening/illuminating effect on the eyes and eye area.
  • Palette design is insanely cool.
  • Great color palette, all colors go well together.
  • Tantalizer bronzer smells really good.
What I didn't like:
  • Tantalizer bronzer is the wrong color for me. It's really dark and earthy-orangey.
  • Price is a little high ($36) for only four shadows, but the quality and design are worth it.
  • The outside of the palette is really delicate and gets scratched and dented very easily.

There wasn't a thing I disliked about the shadows. I had no idea LORAC had such great baked shadows. They're so silky and shiny and the payoff is fantastic.

This is limited edition, but it's still around. You can get it directly from LORAC, or at Ulta (but it's not online there anymore)

(This was sent to me for review.)


  1. I love this palette. I ended up giving away the bronzer without using it because I knew it wouldn't work for me, but these eyeshadows are amazing! It was definitely worth the $36!

  2. I have this palette and was so surprised with the quality of the shadows! You're right - most baked shadows are chalky or poorly pigmented, but not these. I love the gold sheen to the shadows and how buttery smooth they are, yet have no fallout. LOVE!

  3. I have this palette. And what suckered me in is that amazing white gold! So pretty. I'll be wearing this well into the fall as well.

  4. LOVE the shadows and especially the pigmentation but wow that price is a little steep :-/

  5. Beautiful palette. I've got to get this one! Love your eye makeup look. I love greens this shade. So gorgeous.

  6. I've had this for a while now, love it! :)

  7. Beautiful colors, thanks a lot for sharing !

  8. Such pretty colors! I love the green especially!

  9. Beautiful palate! The pigmentation is off the charts...

  10. I love your EOTD! ugh! always so inspiring.

  11. I know this is an old post but I wanted to let all the fans of this palette know that it's on sale for $16 at Lorac.


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