Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Polish Kit for Summer 2011

Hey, Urban Decay's doing nail polish again... This summer we have the 70's roller disco themed Rollergirl Nail Kit. I'm still waiting for the re-release of Toxin, Id, Bruise and all the rest of the old classics, but this will have to hold me over until then. I refuse to accept the possibility that that might not happen...

The Rollergirl Nail Kit is a set of six mini (5ml /0.17fl oz) polishes displayed in a floral-printed tray. The tray is pretty sturdy, but there's no lid or anything, so you will probably need to keep the plastic outer box to keep the bottles secure.

The back of the box. I like the combination of the hot pink with the shiny gold foil. Though, I must say... It reminds me of the wallpaper in my mother-in-law's house.

Fame. Faaaaame. Makes a man take things over. This shade is a pearly, frosty beige-nude with some little silver microglitter.

Love Train. This shade is a pearl white with a seashell/mother of pearl effect. It has subtle pink, green and gold duochrome at certain angles and you can bring out the duochrome more by layering this over a dark color. It is sheer at one coat but opaque at three.

Miss T. Gorgeous bright neon fuchsia with silver and violet pearl finish. You don't usually see brights with a pearl finish, so this one is pretty special. Apparently it's named after one of Wende Zomnir's friends, but part of me wonders if it's a nod to that line about Wende competing for Miss Texas as a teen. Purely speculation, of course... Speaking of brand history, the article that contains the Miss Texas comment also says this:

"One day, long ago, Sandy Lerner (cofounder of Cisco Systems) couldn't find the right shade of purple nail polish to satisfy her alternative make-up tastes. Her lamentations over the fact that there were 500 colors of pink polishes, but no greens or purples motivated her to create Urban Decay Cosmetics. A woman of action, Sandy teamed up with David Soward "the token suit" and Wende Zomnir "creative dynamo". They collectively unleashed her vision on the cosmetics world in January of 1996. The line of alternative colors, which began with 10 shades of lipstick and 12 shades of nail enamel, appeared in a memorable advertisement with the tagline, "Does Pink Make You Puke?""

Hmm, not enough greens or purples... I miss that Urban Decay. When the colors were edgy, not just the names. And now I've gone on a tangent. On to the next shade...

Superfreak. Light gold foil. I think Rick James would approve.

Woodstock. Bright neon pink creme. If this looks familiar, it's because it was also in the Summer of Love Nail Kit from last summer.

Xanadu. Man, Kubla Khan sure can decree some hot glitter polish. Sexy. Stately, even. Wow, that was bad. Really, really bad. Yikes. Anyway. This has a sheer purple base with different types of purple glitter. There's a little silvery lavender glitter to enhance the sparkle. Super awesome. Also very similar to the brand new Finger Paints Peaceful Purple shade.

The formula on these was thick. Woodstock and Miss T were the easiest to apply and the most opaque. I used three thick coats of each shade in these pictures. Xanadu, Love Train and Fame needed all three, the rest were opaque at two. The brushes are a little too short to hold enough polish for a smooth application, tilting the bottles helps. The drying time is average, except for Superfreak which dries lightning fast for some reason...

Overall, really nice mix of popular shades for summer, but most of the colors are a bit... dupe-able. Miss T and Xanadu are gorgeous and I really love the mother of pearl look of Love Train. The packaging is nice, but I have to say that I miss the cute glittery bags the previous two sets came with. I like sparkly bags!

This is currently available on Urban Decay's website, but I'm sure it'll soon show up at Sephora like the other sets did.

I know I'm not alone in begging for Urban to re-release all their vintage colors... Every time I hear they're going to do a new nail polish set I get this rush of hopeful excitement that maybe they'll put a couple of their original shades in it. Same for you? I want some vintage duochrome goodness... Oil Slick, Id, Asphalt, Bruise, TOXIN. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

(This was sent to me for review.)


  1. Those are awesome! I love that neon fuchsia one!

  2. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not."

    (Dinner for Schmucks? Anyone? No? Lol)

  3. I'm with you- I look at these and all I see is a pale facsimile of their former glory. These are perfectly nice polishes, but my disappointment prevents me from liking them more.

  4. Haha, Leslie!

    (Saw the movie and that line was pretty funny. And how appropriate!)
    - Mary

  5. wow i actually was thinking of getting this set but now i'm not that into them...

    thanks for the swatches!

  6. Gorgeous! I must own Miss T. and Xanadu!!!

  7. I'm not super impressed. I think there needs to be more glitter in a 70s disco rollergirl collection.

  8. Burnout. Don't forget Burnout.

  9. Zzzzzzzzzzz. I went to HS in the 70's, where'd they get this boring stuff? The only similarity I see is to John Travolta's suit in Saturday Night Fever. White, how original.

  10. Well, Xanadu is great but not even that is enough to make me spring for these. The packaging is super cute too :)

  11. I just got the Rollergirl eye shadow palette thingy (which I love) and it would be cool to own Woodstock so I could wear it with the matching eyeshadow & lip gloss... (maybe you could do a Woodstock EOTD/NOTD for us?) But agreed, overall this collection is not that awesome :/

  12. Ooh lovely colors... I love Xanadu, Miss T and Woodstock :)

  13. And my X, and Asphyxia, and Bruise, and Cash, and...

    The new polishes just depress me because they used to be so brilliant and now they're barely distinguishable from the rest of the pack. (And there's so much pink!)

    I also miss the Skitz-o-styx lipsticks madly, too.

  14. Sing me some Bowie! I'm skipping these. Seen them all before. I want the old polish shades. These don't fit the original concept.

  15. You are totally not alone! What the hell is UD's problem, anyway? They know what we want, but they won't give them to us- they must not care about making money...(or us, their loyal customers!)
    OUR UD NAIL PLEA= Please bring back your duochromes!!!! Stop boring us to death!

  16. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good dupe for Superfreak. I want the perfect gold polish...

  17. I am so glad to have this review before purchasing. I really like the idea of the small bottles but even then I'm not sure if I'd use up the entire bottle despite it's liliputian size.

    I still want this set! It's going to look great on my nails for my Disneyland vacation next month.


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