Thursday, July 28, 2011

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Collection Shimmer Strips Palettes and Liners

I've been drugstore makeup shopping a lot recently... I've been really impressed with how much drugstore makeup quality has improved since I stopped buying it ages ago. I've had some supreme misses, but a lot more surprising hits! Anyway, I've been dying to try out those Physician's Formula eyeliners with the gorgeous chrome packaging and saw these sets. I took it as a sign that I finally had to try them! These sets are a really good deal because you get the color coordinated Shimmer Strips eyeshadow plus the three liners for only $11.99. These were the only two my store had, but I'm curious to try the other eye color sets now.

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Collection kits; left one is for hazel eyes, right one is for green eyes. I have neither... heh.

This is the Shimmer Strip eyeshadow for the hazel eyes set. Nice shimmery taupes, silvers and greys plus a candy pink.

The green eye color enhancing Shimmer Strip. Purple, lavender, pink and green. Very shimmery.

I've tried Physician's Formula Eye Color Enhancing Shimmer Strips before, but I haven't used these ones yet. The other one I used was pretty nice. I just realized that the other one I have is the Hazel Eyes one, but it has slightly different colors!

The liners. Oh man, will you LOOK at that PACKAGING?! It's chrome! Bright, colorful chrome! This needs to win some sort of 'awesome packaging' award. Can't get over how awesome these tubes look. Sadly, the liners aren't shiny chrome metallic like the tubes, but they're still pretty great:

You're going to want to enlarge these photos. The first three are the green eyes trio colors, the last three are the hazel eyes trio colors. The black shades from each set have colored shimmer corresponding to the color of the band on the liner tube! The green one has bright green shimmer, the hazel one has pink/purple shimmer. Amazing.

I love the colors, but I have some minor complaints. The first being that they're not chrome like I had mistakenly assumed they'd be. That's okay. The second is that they're kinda sheer and I need to go over my line a few times to get the color intensity I wanted from them. They are nice and smooth but not as smooth as an Urban Decay 24/7 or Milani Liquif'Eye. They last just as long, they're waterproof but you can still smudge them a bit.

The shimmer isn't really that noticeable, but if you do a thick enough line you can see it when the light hits it just right.

I like these liners enough that I'd buy them again. The packaging ROCKS and the colors are really cool. I don't know about the shimmer strips because I haven't worn them yet, but I really just bought these for the liners since the set with both only costs $1 more than the liners by themselves. Next time I'm out I'm going to see if I can find the blue and brown eye sets.

So... heads up if you've been wanting to try the liners or the shadows, these sets are an awesome deal.


  1. ohhhh, me likey :) i have a few of their liquid liners. These swatches make me want to grab these too. lol

  2. I got this set at my Rite Aid on clearance for $6.50 a few weeks ago! It was weird because it was a full display where all the new makeup is...but they all had clearance stickers on them.

    I got the brown eyes one and the liners are awesome - totally agree. I don't wear a lot of shadow but tried it once and it was just OK.

  3. I love this packaging! Wish the actual eyeliners were chrome though.

  4. it looks like great palettes:)

  5. Ohhh...that green swatch! :O Love that kind of green!
    - Mary

  6. Oooh these look awesome!
    It's allll about the packaging!

  7. Have you tried these on the waterline? They're pretty, but showing up on the waterline is a must of me!

  8. I have the set for blue eyes and I love it! The blue/playful eyeliner color is a neat black-based blue, which is something I don't have. And I love the brown eyeliner!

  9. Man these are amazing! I can't believe how the quality of drug store makeup has changed.


    an example of how I used the one for hazel eyes, just the regular one. I used it like it says then I added the crease color to the lower part of my eye lid, right under the liner. It adds sort of a pop to your eyes


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