Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Ruby Supercool Nail Tattoos

Big Ruby is a new company who specializes in nail art. Not just any old nail art, though- they do nail tattoos. Not decals! I had the opportunity to test out some of the tattoos recently and I was really impressed with them. The name of their product is Big Ruby Supercool Nail Tattoos, and they really are super cool.

The nail tattoos come in a variety of designs, and they're really good designs. Not just boring flowers and hearts... They have things like rocket ships, bulldogs, owls (!!) and....


You get two sheets per package- one sheet with large designs (especially good for pedicure art) and one sheet with small designs. The designs are the same on each sheet but the colors vary a little bit. That way you can select your favorite deep sea creature in a small size for your fingers, and a larger sized matching seabeast for your toes. You can have a battle at sea right on your nails!

The directions are simple. It's just like applying a temporary tattoo. Cut out your design, place it on your nail sticky side down, wet the back and then peel away the paper and coat with topcoat.

The first design I tried was one of the supercool Skull and Crossbones tattoos. They're actually giving these away as a gift with purchase right now. The tattoos come in paper envelopes in plastic bags.

When you open the skull tattoos, you see this message. Perfection. I loved this little touch so much.

You get two sheets of the skull and crossbones, same size for each unlike the other tattoos. Half are beige, half are black.

Here's a beige one applied over my Zoya Anja mani and then topped with the Big Ruby Super Dry topcoat.

The application was extremely easy and the result was perfect and lasted until I took off my nail polish.

What I liked:
  • Application is way easier than traditional sticker type decals.
  • Designs are awesome. Owls, sharks, doggies, skulls, spaceships, octopuses, whales, lightning bolts, et cetera.
  • The excess material that surrounds the tattoo is clear when it's applied and doesn't peel or wrinkle up like it can with a plastic decal.
  • They are made in the USA.
  • The website is clean and well-designed, easy to navigate and the pictures are very good.
  • There's a dog on the front!
  • The packaging is cute, has a great design and isn't excessive.
  • The tattoos wear really well and I like the sizes and colors they come in.

What I didn't like:
  • The Super Dry topcoat isn't particularly quick drying or shiny... It seems really similar to Diamond Cosmetics' Super Dry, which I already know I don't like. Not a big deal, I can just use my own topcoat. I don't fault Big Ruby for it. The label is really cute, though.
  • The smaller designs can be tricky to cut out with regular sized scissors, I'd recommend using manicure scissors.
  • The price is higher than regular/traditional decals at $12 for 86 tattoos, but you're also getting unique designs with great packaging, made in the USA by an indie company who donates part of the proceeds.

I don't really have anything negative to say about them. The designs of the tattoos, the packaging, the fonts, the ease of application and quality... All fantastic. Two seahorse-clad thumbs up from me. I like everything about these. Because the application is so easy, I'd wear these more often than I do regular decals. They don't stick to your fingers, they don't pull up your nail polish if you have to re-position them, the edges don't peel up.

But the best part? Big Ruby is an animal-friendly, cruelty free company and every time you buy something from them, a portion of the proceeds is donated to The Kindness Ranch.

Super cool, indeed.

These are only available on Big Ruby's website. Each set of 86 decals (half large, half small) is $12. Shipping is $2.50 (includes delivery confirmation) for up to six packs, $4.00 for seven or more and they ship internationally. Plus, if you order three or more sets, you'll get the skull and crossbones for free.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. They're funny!!
    I love the designs!

  2. I am dying for the sea creatures sheets but I can wrap my head around spending $14.50 for them :(

  3. Thanks, Scrangie, I just had to go buy some. :) I pretty much don't do nail art, ever, even stencils. These look cute and really easy, though.

    I so wish I could come with an idea like this. It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that" things.

  4. That little bulldog face kills me. They've got so many great designs though, definitely a cute company

  5. I love the octopus ones! I'm getting more and more into nail art, so I'll need to try these sometime.
    - Mary

  6. Cool! This is a really great alternative to doing nail art by hand.

  7. They look fab but they work the same as a nail decal no? So I'm curious, what is the difference between a decal and a nail tattoo?

  8. Thanks guys! I thought they were awesome.

    Claudia, they're not plastic- they're actually temporary tattoos (like the kind you use on your skin), but for your nails. You don't have to peel them off or anything! They like completely flat, which most decals don't.

  9. Next check, the sea creatures are mine. Plus my boyfriend loves bulldogs, so how great that every pack comes with a couple!

  10. I have been debating on wether or not to buy these since I found these a few months back... and I finally ordered them today. Thank you for reminding me how much I love them! :D I got Sea Creatures and Tweet, YAY.

  11. Those look really cool! I love using stuff like that for my nails! ^_^

  12. so awesome to see some nail decals that aren't flowers or hearts :)

  13. Love these! Will hafta order a couple packs. :)

  14. Really interested in seeing how close Zoya Kelly is to Concrete Catwalk. I never purchased Kelly, always seemed like it was backordered.

  15. Erinsab, Kelly is more purple! I don't have my bottle right now to compare side-by-side, but Concrete Catwalk doesn't seem as purple toned to me. I think I remember hearing on Twitter that some huge percentage of every order placed with Zoya contained Kelly- 80-90 percent? No wonder it's backordered. lol


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