Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fyrinnae Purple, Green and Peach look

I haven't been taking any pictures of my makeup lately. Truth is, seeing all these macro pictures of my eyebrows made me a little neurotic, so I did something I know I should never, ever do... I sat down in front of the 16x magnifying mirror and over-tweezed my eyebrows. D'oh. So I've been growing them out again and they look really rough right now and I can't bear to look at them in macro.

But, I do have a lot of older pictures I haven't gotten around to posting. This one's from July and I really liked the peachy-gold and purple combination with my eye color:

This was (to the best of my memory):

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions applied wet on lid
MAC Purple Shower in crease, topped with a little Fyrinnae Meerkat
Fyrinnae Dragon's Wing wet as liner
Cover Girl Lash Blast

Rapunzel Had Extensions is a Fyrinnae must have if you ask me. It's just so pretty and easy to wear. Peachy-pinky gold duochrome. Very lovely. Goes well with a lot of different colors.

I think I may have mentioned that I gave up on The Falsies mascara and I'm onto Revlon Grow Luscious now. There was nothing wrong with my beloved Lash Blast, but you know me... Always wanting to try something new even if the thing I currently have works just fine. But yeah, that Revlon Grow Luscious? AWESOME. I may even like it better than Lash Blast. It makes my lashes so... what's the word I'm looking for? Luxurious? Lush? Lush, that's it. Really full and lush looking. I'm glad I tried it. It was on sale at CVS and had a free eyeliner packaged with it so I had to get it. I like the eyeliner, too, it's a Color Stay black retractable eyeliner. Maybe I'll do a review. I want to, I get distracted easily so I always forget these things...


  1. I've just looked at my most recent FOTD and realised my eyebrows are totally wonky so you have my sympathy! They seem fine IRL though, weird. I'm going to resist the tweezers... for now.
    Gorgeous look! I wish I had MAC Melon pigment so I could attempt to recreate it!
    I'm sure you can use eyelash growth stuff on eyebrows too BTW, if you have the L'Oreal serum stuff!

  2. Really pretty. I like the color combo!

  3. Rapunzel Had Extensions is so awesome! You should try it with Shinigami, the sparkly purple! :) Recently I wore it with Sleepy Hollow.

  4. Gorgeous purples. Love the green liner with it. I recently let my eyebrows grow for 3 weeks. I have the 16x mirror and I'm always plucking something. They got just too thin. Now I plucked them some last night. I couldn't stand how thick they were. They still aren't all grown out and I hate it!

  5. you know I'm crazy about purple and gold...you have done a great job dear..your eye make is so beautiful.

  6. Maybe let your brows "grow in" then get them done professionally? I get mine threaded and they're very defined and even now - I do a minimal bit of upkeep with tweezers :-)

  7. How hard is the Revlon mascara to remove? My problem with Lash Blast was that it was such a PITA to take off.

  8. I love the colour combination! I hear you about the eyebrows - mine grow really fast, but I don't trust myself to tweeze more than a stray hair at a time. :) I get them sugared once a month, but wonder if it should be every week, lol! They will grow back soon, and we don't mind "old" EOTD pics, especially when they are this awesome!

  9. wow! you are amazing at this! i try to do it with my fyrinnae shadows, and they just end up in one big smudge haha!


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