Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deborah Lippmann All That Jazz Trio Fall 2010

I have to get used to calling these "Deborah Lippmann" now instead of Lippmann Collection... Maybe I'll just refer to them as Lippmann from now on. Confusing!

Anyway... Lippmann's been cranking out a ton of glitter shades lately. Maybe after Happy Birthday became their best seller they're starting to realize how much we all adore unique glitters. Across the Universe was nothing short of genius. Very happy to see them experimenting with the rarely-disappointing jelly/glitter combination. This is the latest:

Lady Sings The Blues. This is a deep blue creme base with silver sequins and glitter. It's not quite a jelly... The base is a little sheer but it's also mostly opaque. I actually think this might have looked better if it was more sheer. The base is a little too dense and doesn't allow all the glitter to show through. It's not lumpy or chunky, but some of the glitter does get lost. Other than that detail, this is a very beautiful polish. Takes a page out of the Essie Starry Starry Night Polish Success Manual. Heh.

Razzle Dazzle. Had to get pictures at a couple different angles for this one. It's just too beautiful. In my opinion, this is the best one in the set. It's rich blackened raspberry jelly with magenta and red glitter. It is freaking spectacular. I can't get enough of this. It looks so sparkly and deep and dramatic, it's like pink lava or a river of gemstones on your nails. The only downside? It stains like crazy. I put it on when it arrived and wore it less than an hour (accidentally smushed it while cooking, had to remove) and when it came off, my nails were stained rose pink. They still are on my right hand, actually. I did not expect that. Staining really doesn't bother me because I'm never without polish on my nails, but people who are less accepting of staining might want to take precautions with this one.

Some Enchanted Evening. I feel like I'm always complaining about glitters that are this color... Whenever companies decide to do a pink glitter, 99% of the time it's this exact shade of pink. It's the color of Milani Disco Lights, to give you a reference point. Despite this, I actually love this polish. It has two kinds of glitter- fine and large sequin. It's in a clear base. It's ideal for layering but I actually prefer it alone, as pictured here. The effect it gives is positively magical. The glitter in it is very sparkly and sometimes flashes red and silver instead of just pink (as observed in the indoor picture) and it looks light and delicate all by itself. I am starting to actually enjoy certain sheer colors and this is one of them.

I compared Razzle Dazzle to Good Girl Gone Bad (from the Party Like A Rockstar kit) because they reminded me of each other. Turns out they're not really duplicates but they are somewhat similar:

Index and ring finger: Lippmann Collection Good Girl Gone Bad, four coats
Middle and pinkie finger: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle, three coats

Razzle Dazzle is redder, more opaque, has larger glitter and the glitter is red-based. Good Girl Gone Bad is quite sheer, is more purple toned and has tiny silvery glitter. They're both worth owning as they're completely awesome.

The formula on them was good. Not too chunky, not too thick. Good opacity and glitter density. I did two coats in these pictures but I'm sure a third coat would be even better. Drying time was longer than usual for Lippmann but still within acceptable range for me. They are not super bumpy but still look best with a coat or two of a thick topcoat like Lippmann Addicted to Speed (or Seche Vite, Diamont, Poshe, Barielle Mani Extender, the thicker the better!) The only flaw I could find with these is the tendency Razzle Dazzle has to stain. I did not experience any staining with Lady Sings The Blues or Some Enchanted Evening.

Currently these are only available as a set, but if the past is any indication of future events, they'll probably be available as individuals eventually. I don't know for sure, though... Just speculating. Though I'm sure that if you emailed them enough asking for them to be sold separately like with the Anniversary set from last year, they'd do it.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I wish Lippmann made Good Girl Gone Bad full-sized!

  2. They really did an awesome job with these! Lady Sings the Blues is amazing!

  3. Loving Razzle Dazzle, although they are all beautiful!

  4. Lady Sings the Blues and Razzle Dazzle are my favorite!

  5. I have them all, but haven't tried them yet. Razzle Dazzle looks amazing on you! I am probably going to layer Some Enchanted Evening over silver and see how it looks.

  6. Some Enchanted Evening is gorgeous! I love pink glitters!

  7. I seriously want those, they're so gorgeous.

  8. All of these are so stunning! I love her colors but it is so expensive :(.

  9. You make every nailpolish look amazing!

  10. I'm with you! Razzle Dazzle is incredible. But I've yet to see any bad colours on your nails. :)

  11. I am really digging Some Enchanted Evening!


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  13. Wow, love Razzle Dazzle and Lady Sings the Blues. Too bad I still have ALU and Bad Romance on my wish list...my poor wallet! :(

  14. I loooove Deborah Lippmann! These polishes are great! Why are these so expensive???

  15. Wow.. I have a hard time deciding now which one I love the most.. I think I would have to choose.. um.. GAH.. I cant choose.. I love Razzle Dazzle and Lady Sings the Blues.. that pink glitter one is beautiful, but not really my style :)
    I would pair it over something else I think..
    take care


  16. Is Some Enchanted Evening similar to CG Carnival Lights? Seems like a dupe.

  17. I LOVE these so much! I've been wearing Some enchanted Evening over a sort of coral-y rose color and it's really really beautiful. Appropriate for work, but just a hint of pretty sparkle to make it more fun :)

  18. Hi! I tried to post earlier but it seems my comment disappeared. I was wondering if you mixed the colors up on your last to pic, the ones with the comparison of Razzle Dazzle and Good Girl Gone Bad.

    Shouldnt it be the other way around, Razzle Dazzle on index and ring, and GGGB on middle and pinky?

    1. Nope! The way it's listed is correct. Good Girl Gone Bad is the one with the smaller glitter.


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