Saturday, April 19, 2008

Debunking the Myth: Acrylics are Bad For Your Nails

Ok, I am so tired of hearing "Acrylics are bad! They will ruin your nails!!"

Seriously people. Enough already.

Even I might have said this in the past, but it's just not true.

Want to know what really ruins your nails?

Going to a cheap salon to get acrylics, and then removing them yourself.

Why does going to a cheap salon ruin your nails? Because they use that damn e-file (like a dremel) and completely destroy your nail plate. They practically grind it down to the bone, not to mention cut the skin around it. I know some nail techs can probably use one correctly, but come on. You won't find one going to a place called BEAUTY NAIL. I won't even get into how they lie about what products they use. But hey, if you want a full set for $30, go ahead, be my guest, better your nails than mine.

Why does removing them yourself ruin your nails? Tell me, have you ever had acrylic or gel nails and one of them broke or lifted or you didn't like them or whatever? Did you pick or chew it off? I'll bet you did. You somehow pried off that nail and it took half of your natural nail with it. Then you had thin, sore, peeling ruined nails for a month and you blamed it on the enhancements.

Don't get me wrong, I love my long, strong, beautiful natural nails. I have nice nails, and it's just easier this way. I have nothing against acrylic nails at all. I just don't need them.

To prove a point, I did a few liquid and powder on myself. After soaking them off properly, surprise, my natural nail looks exactly the same as it did before. No damage. If anything, it was more protected while I had the enhancements on.

In conclusion: STFU, n00b.


  1. and not to mention the fact that in those cheap salons the "adhesive" used to apply the tips before the acrylic is applied is actually illegal which the salons buy from the black market. i forget what its actually called but they get it from the black market. thats why most people will say that when they get their nails done in a cheap salon as apposed to a more expensive one, they "last so much longer and dont break off at all"......yikes. i had a teacher tell me that she was walking up her stairs she tripped and hit the very end of her finger tip on the edge of the stair and it didnt break off. ouch. it shouldve though. yikes.

  2. Kalee, it's true! Except, it's not the adhesive they use for the tips, it's actually the liquid they use to make the acrylics! The illegal kind is called MMA and it's horrible!

  3. Scangie, darling, sweetheart...
    I Love you already!! <3

    All those so called nail-artist with their e-file....
    The only way you use that thing is when the natural nail underneath is a bit dingy, for clean up only! Never ever on top of the natural nail! Not even with french!

    I'm an old school nail-artist and I've seen to many nails who were ruined by this e-file.

    Too bad, because when a costumer is not satisfied, she won't look for another nail-artist.
    Once bitten, twice shy!

    All the woman whom I get in contact with, my advice, never ever go to a salon that uses the e-file.

    So dear scangie, thank you for bringing this to lots of peoples attention!

    Greetings from a "smiling" old school nail-artist...
    (Who by the way works faster than those so called e-file artist, so my prices never go through the roof! YEAH!)

  4. Okay not all cheap, crappy nail salons are fucking Asian.

  5. I totally didn't know any of this! I'm new to getting into nails. Where did you learn to apply acrylic? My nails break constantly, as soon as I get them to the right length. Is it something you can learn at home?

    Wonderful post, and I'm really enjoying your blog! :)


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