Saturday, April 19, 2008

OPI Mod About Brights Dating a Royal and Green-Wich Village, Part 1.

I have a few of the new OPI Brights collection!

Dating a Royal and Green-wich Village.

I'll have pics as soon as I can find a camera, but for now I'll describe:

Dating a Royal is a beautiful blue/indigo creme color, not exactly what I would call "bright" but it's pretty unique. I haven't seen this exact shade before.

Green-wich Village is a muted grassy green creme shade, very similar to China Glaze Tree Hugger. It's greener, but no shimmer.

They're both gorgeous, but I'm not sure why they're classified as "brights"...? I don't remember what the name of the collection is.. Mod Brights?

Anyway OPI 2008 Brights. Pics soon.

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