Wednesday, April 23, 2008

China Glaze INK Collection 2008 Swatches and Pictures

I really love the China Glaze Ink collection!

I took some pictures of it... Wanna see?

Flying Dragon, Blue Sparrow, A Rose Among Thorns, Japanese Koi, Sacred heart

Shocking Pink, Pink Voltage, Purple Panic, Celtic Sun, Turned Up Turquoise

And last, but not least, Ink.


  1. I don't know, but when ordered Turned Up Turquoise from head 2 toe, I got a bottle that said it was the colour in question, but in truth, it was nowhere near turquoise :'D

    My bottle is GREEN. it's almost like middle dark green with a hint of turquoise..

    I don't really mind though. I'll take a pretty green over turquoise any time. I was just wandering did many people get a green bottle instead of the actual turquoise.

    (or maybe h2t oversold the colour, and thought that a green would keep the girls happy, even though they wouldn't get the colour they ordered : D)

  2. where can i buy the ink collection? i cant find it anywhere!!!!...


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