Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nail Care Tips

My nails are starting to become claws again. I like the way they look, but they keep getting caught in things, like in between the keys of my keyboard. They're really not *that* long, but they're longer than I usually keep them. I measured. They are one-third of an inch past my fingertips.

I physically can't get my nails shorter than a few millimeters past my fingertips. If I try to go any shorter than that, they bleed and hurt like crazy. I used to work with a habitual nail-biter, and if the habit itself wasn't disgusting enough to keep you from doing it, her nails sure would. Gross. Stubby bloody little nubs that didn't even come up to her fingertip. Just thinking about them makes me a little nauseated.


I do have a few tips to keep your nails long and healthy.

1. This is the most important. Solar Oil. Constantly. I keep a mini bottle with me wherever I am. Nightstand, car, purse, kitchen, couch, bathroom, desk... Put it on whenever you see it. Not only does it keep your cuticles looking nice, but it helps your nails stay conditioned. I'm sure you can use whatever kind of cuticle oil you prefer, but I have the best results from Solar Oil.
2. Always keep some sort of polish on your nails. Nails can not "breathe", they don't need to "rest"... What they need is to be protected. Polish keeps your nails protected. If you don't feel like having color on your nails, just use treatment like Nail Envy or Nailtek.
3. Use a nail treatment as basecoat. If you're going to wear one, why not have it do something good for your nails at the same time? If you're worried that they don't make good basecoats, let me just say that Nail Envy prevents chips on me way better than Bonder or Stickey ever did.
4. Your nails are not screwdrivers or paint scrapers or crowbars. Do not abuse them.
5. Even if you want your nails very long, you need to shape them. It applies to hair, it applies to nails. Shaping them with a glass file every now and then can actually prevent peeling at the ends and keep them looking nice and not ragged.
6. Wear gloves when doing housework. Scrubbing toilets, doing dishes, scouring the bathtub, whatever. It's hell for your hands and nails. Splurge on a 99 cent pair of rubber gloves. Ha. Anytime you have your hands in water for an extended period of time, put them on.
7. Don't peel off your nail polish or over-buff your nails. This takes off layers of nail and really weakens them. Occasional buffing is good, especially if you have stains or ridges, but every time you buff your nails get thinner.
8. Take your vitamins. Especially Biotin. Do it every day. Fish oil, too. And no, drinking Knox Gelatin or eating Jell-O does not make your nails grow.
9. This almost doesn't need to be said, but be careful. Digging around in your purse or rummaging through drawers, carrying groceries, that sort of thing. This goes with number four. Don't blatantly abuse your nails, but also be careful of inadvertent damage.
10. I'm not sure I can think of a number ten, but the list doesn't look right ending in nine.

Now that you're all sick of me playing self-proclaimed nail Guru.... A quick comment to my googlers.


Is it some sort of fetish? I don't get it. I get a bizarre number of hits on any combination of the words slutty, nails, slut and red... (Oh great, now it's going to double.) Are you looking for pictures? Is there some sort of movie or book with that title? Or do you just like hearing someone say red nails are slutty?

I get almost as many hits on "Carol's Daughter moldy" and I can only hope they're talking about beauty products.


  1. I'm guessing it probably is a fetish.

  2. I am hoping that by 'I physically can't get my nails shorter than a few centimeters past my fingertips' you meant milimeters. A few centimeters would be more than an inch :\

  3. Ruthy, holy old post, batman! Haha, yes, I most definitely meant millimeters. I don't even remember writing this XD

  4. I like this post. So many people will say that nails need to "breathe"....they are basically dead horn-material. Of course if they dry they peel and split but that's why you take care of the *cuticle* that grows them. I've decided to read your whole blog from the start. So, I'll be around for a while.


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