Saturday, April 26, 2008

Urban Decay Surreal Skin and De-Slick

Just a quick post since I don't have much time today!

I'm in love with Urban Decay Surreal Skin foundation and De-slick powder.

Applied with the Beautyblender, Surreal Skin gives me great coverage but feels light and look luminous! I'm surprised. You don't usually think of great foundation when you think of Urban Decay.

De-Slick seems to be just like the discontinued Hard Candy O-Blot-Erate, and I love the lavender tint that seems to even everything out.

What I want to know is why both companies (Urban Decay/Hard Candy) discontinued all ther most unique and awesome products? Nail polish and lipstick, which were the first two products people loved (I still have Hard Candy Piglet and Skitzo lipstick!)... All the cool shades of everything are long gone... Lip gunk! Why would they discontinue Lip Gunk?! And the lipstick that looked like bullets was awesome!

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