Friday, July 20, 2012

NARS The Multiple in Undress Me Fall 2012 Swatches and Review

NARS The Multiple in Undress Me ($39)
This is a cream-textured product in a sheer cool pink with silver flaky glitter.

I have never used a NARS Multiple before (cream blushes aren't really my thing), so let me quickly highlight some details and observations on the product:
  • This is a wide diameter cream stick that comes in a twist-up tube.
  • The texture is creamy but not greasy. It's almost like a gel, but it's not wet or oily/liquidy at all. It feels very silicone-heavy and smooth.
  • It's a multi-use product (hence the name). Can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips, and body.
Here's NARS' official description of the product:
François Nars' iconic innovation, the original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents, contours or dynamic highlights on all skin tones.

*Apply with fingers: the skin’s warmth allows for perfect blending.
* Mistake-proof color; quick and easy to apply
* Sheer, natural finish for eyes, cheeks and lips
* Enriched with Vitamin E and açai oil for antioxidant benefits

What I liked:
  • The texture is great. It's the nicest-feeling cream blush product I've ever used. It's not sticky, not oily, not greasy. Feels like a creamy, cool, gel-like silicone primer.
  • Very easy to apply and blend with the fingers. Does not require any tools (or skill).
  • Doesn't stain.
  • Generous amount of product in the tube.
  • You can apply it to the cheeks over foundation and powder and it won't get weird/chunky/unblendable like some cream products do.
  • Looks great when worn as an eyeshadow or over your current eyeshadow to add a little silver glitter.
  • Good shin and collarbone highlighter.
  • The silver glitter is really pretty.
What I didn't like:
  • Don't believe the official description of "silver shimmer". This is full-on glitter. Chunky, flaky, distinct pieces of glitter. And I don't dislike glitter at all, but it can be difficult to wear such a heavy glitter on the cheeks. You have to have perfect skin to pull it off and the rest of your makeup has to agree with the glitter.
  • When worn on the lips, it can feel a little dry and rough/chalky. The silicone texture doesn't have enough slip to make it feel like a lipstick.
  • When wearing this on the eyes, wear it over a primer because it will crease otherwise.
  • The pink base color doesn't show up on my face after blending despite my fair skin tone.
  • This is rather expensive- $39.
While I don't like this color much as a blush, I do like it as a way to add glitter over eyeshadow and as a collarbone highlighter / body glitter. I bet you could even wear it in your hair, but I haven't tried that. It has such a nice texture that I would definitely wear one as a blush in a different color. It feels really nice, it's very easy to apply and blend, and is much easier to use than other cream/gel blushes I've used. You can wear this shade on the face if you like glitter, but I'd personally keep it confined to the orbital bone area or the very top of the cheekbones. Glitter all over the entire cheek can tend to look more like an accident than an intentional look, but if it's applied with precision, it can look magical.

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  1. Have you ever wanted to really like a product because there is so much hype about it, but then just couldn't? This has always been me with Nars Multiples. This looks so pretty in the tube but I know it's too glittery for me to use anywhere other than on my eyes...and I can do a better job of that with cheaper products. Such a pity because it looks gorgeous!

    1. This is my first time ever trying a Multiple and I really like the formula, but I agree... too glittery to easily use anywhere but the eyes. Unless you like body glitter, which I do occasionally. I'd love to try this in another less-glittery, more blush-like color though!

  2. I have the NARS multiple in their Orgasm shade (a classic) and I have to say I actually LOVE that thing...but I don't love the look of this color? I wanted to like it, because the multiple is my easiest go-to product, throw some on the cheeks and a tiny bit on my eyes with some mascara and I'm good to go.

    1. I should try that one. This one doesn't have a whole lot of color to it (it's very light and sheer), but it does have a lot of glitter. And I love glitter, but not always on my cheeks. I need to see what other shades they have in the Multiples. I think I want to try a light bronzer shade!

  3. Thanks for your detailed review on this and your great photos, Scrangie!

    I agree with you - chunky glitter on the cheeks is pretty hard to pull off and make it 'look right'. I'm also not a cream blush wearer - I prefer powder blushes.

    Have a good weekend! :)

    1. Yep, powder blush for me too! I used to really love the Tarte Cheek Stain things, the little gel sticks in the push-up tubes... But somehow my skin doesn't agree with them anymore :( Those were great, and they were all scented. Another thing I bought just because I liked how it smelled. lol


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