Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Zoya Color Box Gift Set for Holiday 2011

Zoya has a new item for Holiday 2011: The Color Box gift set. Normally they do little sets of mini polishes and treatment products, and those make great gifts, but this year they have something a little more luxurious. The Color Box gift set is a trio of polishes presented in a velvet Zoya jewelry box.

The Color Box gift sets are available in several styles:

Classic Contrast, which has Raven, Trixie and Luna.

Classic Reds: America, Sookie and Carmen.

Bold Greige: Caitlin, Kelly and Freja.

Soft Greys: Harley, Marley and Dove.

Rich Reds
: Isla, Sasha and Sara.

Perfect Greens: Yara, Edyta and Envy.

Bold Pinks: Layla, Gilda and Lola.

Beautiful Beiges
: Avril, Mia, Addison.

Classic Purples
: Anaka, Moxie, Brie.

Deep Purples
: Jem, Roxy, Casey.

Delicate Pinks: Laurie, Erika, Madison.

And I have the Spectacular Sparkle Color Box here to review.

The Color Box gift set comes wrapped neatly in black and white Zoya tissue paper.

Removing the tissue paper reveals a glossy black protective box.

Inside of that is a black velvet jewelry box with the Zoya logo printed in white on the lid. It looks dusty here, but that's just the camera flash playing with the fluffy, shiny velvety fabric.

The top flap opens to reveal three Zoya polishes nestled in a secure foam tray. The tray can be removed if you wish to use the box for something other than storing three polishes.

The polishes in the Spectacular Sparkle set are Ivanka, Charla and Alegra. I have swatches of the Sparkle Collection here.

The Color Box gift sets are $24 each. Or, you can buy just the box for $9 and pick your own selection of polishes if you don't like the pre-made trios.

Even though it's just nail polish, the presentation of the three bottles displayed in the soft, fuzzy velvet box seems really special. It's like jewelry, but for your nails.

These are available now on Zoya's website.

(This was sent for review.)


  1. I really love this idea, the boxes look so nice. Perfect gifts, as they were intended to be!

  2. Scrangie, I never thought I'd ever see you write the words "even though it's just nail polish"! :P Hehehe!

    This is a great idea from Zoya. I like how elegant it looks presenting nail polish in this type of box.

  3. The presentation is fantastic! I was lusting over Charla for ages until I found a near-dupe here (Essence Choose Me in case anyone else can't get Charla either) - but I really like the sound of the purple sets! Gorgeous gifts x


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