Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vacation Spam: Nicole by OPI Edition

More spam, anyone?

Nicole Texture Coat Crackle Topcoat in Black Texture.

Nicole Brilliant Idea.

Nicole Bring On The Tinsel.

Nicole Count On Me.

Nicole Dandy Lion.

Nicole Texture Coat Crackle Topcoat in Gold Texture.

Nicole Got Style?

Nicole Green Up Your Act.

Nicole He's A Keeper.

Nicole Iceberg Lotus.

Nicole I Love You Cherry Much!

Nicole It's Up To Blue.

Nicole I've Got Bieber Fever.

Nicole Make A Comet-ment.

Nicole Make You Smile over I've Got Bieber Fever, One Time Lime, My Lifesaver and "Baby" Blue.

Nicole Nicole's Nickel.

Nicole Not A Gold Digger.

Nicole One Time Lime.

Nicole Pink-nic in the Park.

Nicole Pink Seriously.

Nicole Ready To Run Away Love.

Nicole Shell Me The Truth.

Nicole Sounds Grape To Me.

Nicole Texture Coat Crackle Topcoat in Turquoise Texture.

Nicole You're S-teal The One.


  1. Gah, so many pretty ones! I have to stop reading you for a while, lol. I already just made my mom's bff go out on a hunt for the WnW Nails Inc dupes because they don't have them here. She apparently found 6 of them. So much polish...

  2. Ooh Iceberg Lotus & Sounds Grape to Me are GORGEOUS. Yet more for the wishlist! :)

  3. Sounds Grape to me ... come to me!!!!

  4. many of them are soo sooo pretty!
    would you be able to share some tips on how you
    take care of your hands&nails as you change nail
    colors that often? please please please !!

  5. Hope you're enjoying your vacation so far, Scrangie! :D

    I just love your 'spam' posts! So many pretty colours to gawk at.

    I need to track down Sounds Grape To Me after seeing your swatches of it. Looks like a gorgeous fall/winter polish!

  6. These are nice! Interesting how NOPI has a lot of metallic shimmers compared to other brands.
    Is the NOPI crackle not that crackly? The gold and the blue crackled didn't even seem to separate into pieces, just cracked a bit.

  7. Pretty, pretty! Your nails are flipping amazing! Seriously, I love to see someone who has nice nails and TAKES CARE of them. I know several ppl who have long, strong nails, but they always look crappy because they think they don't have to do anything to them! the "spam" keep it coming :)

  8. Why do i not own any of these!?! All the glitters and shimmers are now on my wishlist!!

  9. Count on Me is RIDICULOUS over black. Seriously. DO IT.

  10. Lovely swatches! A lot of these I hadn't seen swatches for, so thanks a lot!

  11. I own one bottle of Nicole. Not even a good one. So much beautiful polish.

  12. I love Sounds Grape to me, Nicoles Nickel and It's up to Blue! :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Count On Me, Nickel and Sounds Grape to Me looks beautiful!

  15. Dandy-Lion kind of looks like L'Oreal Amazon's Flash. I wonder how similar they really are?


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