Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sephora Collection Ultra-Shine Mini Lip Gloss Set for Holiday 2011

This was one of the things I picked up during Friends and Family. I remembered liking some of Sephora's new lip gloss colors when I was in the store last time, and a $22 set of eight seemed like the best way to try a bunch of shades at once without committing to full tubes.

This set contains eight 0.1 fl oz glosses in:

  • She Sparkles (gold shimmer)
  • Sassy Soiree (red with gold sparkle) - exclusive
  • Fresh Peach Shimmery (shimmering golden peach)
  • Perfect Nude (sheer neutral beige shine)
  • Pop Princess (creamy pink shine) - exclusive
  • Pink Diamond (baby pink with sparkle) - exclusive
  • Purple Red (raspberry with opalescent shimmer)
  • Cinnamon Spice (burgundy with smooth shimmer) - exclusive

Funny how some of them have names, like Pop Princess or She Sparkles, and some are just color descriptions like Purple Red or Fresh Peach Shimmery.

They have a very interesting applicator. It's soft and fuzzy like the standard doe foot lipgloss applicator, but it's curved, wider at the top and slimmer in the center. I don't find that this changes application at all despite the unusual shape.

Left to right, with flash and without. She Sparkles, Sassy Soiree, Fresh Peach Shimmery, Perfect Nude, Pop Princess, Pink Diamond, Purple Red, Cinnamon Spice.

The formula is smooth and medium thickness. Not thick and gooey, not thin and slippery. I like it. The glosses are scented with a floral-fruity generic smell, I can't pick out a specific note and it doesn't resemble a single fruit or flower that I can think of. It's not bad, but it's not great, either.

What I liked:

  • Good value; 8 0.1fl oz glosses for $22.
  • A bunch of nice colors in here.
  • Glosses are scented.
  • Sleek packaging.
  • Interesting applicator.
  • Nice formula, not sticky and not slippery.
  • Good wear time.

What I didn't like:

  • I am not big on glosses with floral scents, but these aren't obnoxious.
  • Wish there was a wider range of colors- a lot of pink and peach. Some brighter colors mixed in would have been nice.
  • Some of the shades are more sheer than I thought they'd be.

I like this set. It's not my favorite one of the year, but it's a really good variety of colors and finishes for such a cheap price tag. The formula is nice enough that I'd be interested in buying some of Sephora's other new colors now. My favorite shades in here are She Sparkles, Cinnamon Spice and Purple Red. Would have liked to see at least one really bright or vibrant color along with these sparkly yet muted shades. Some of the colors listed on Sephora's website are described as having holographic and opalescent sparkle, and there's a really cool looking sheer black sparkle one I'd like to try... Think I'll go to Sephora and take a closer look at the other shades now.


  1. great review! This looks like it would make a great secret santa gift or a stocking stuffer! :)

  2. Adorei todos! Será que vende na Austrália? Vou passar uns tempo por lá! Obrigada por mostrar coisas lindas.

  3. Pop Princess looks like such a nice colour - I wish Sephora was more readily available in the UK!

  4. great review but i still wish you did lip swatches, i'm wondering how the gold would look on the lips.

  5. I'm such a sucker for anything like this. Good thing I didn't see it when I was shopping online. I have so many lip glosses that it's embarassing! These are pretty glosses.

  6. That peachy one looked really pretty!

  7. My full-sized gloss is .11oz, so this becomes a really great deal! #27 Reflex Black Energy is really gorgeous. It's nearly clear but is great for deepening looks, especially layered over lipstick.

  8. This gloss is PERFECT! nothing bad to say about it! i dont wear gloss everbu..t this is like liquid beauty!!!! ur lips look nice and nourished! not sticky like wax


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