Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jordana INCOLOR LipShine Glaze Brush-On Gloss Swatches and Review

Jordana is a new brand to me. I've always heard people mention it but, until very recently, I'd never actually seen it in person. Earlier this year, I stumbled across a small, mostly empty Jordana display at a Walgreens and bought a glittery gloss that turned out to be rancid. That's my one and only experience with the brand; I'm a blank slate when it comes to Jordana. So, when a package of Jordana items unexpectedly landed on my doorstep last month, I was incredibly excited to finally be able to try what they had to offer. Here's my first ever Jordana review!

This product is the Jordana INCOLOR LipShine Glaze Brush-On Gloss. You can view the full range of shades via the above link, but pictured here are 01 Pink Grapefruit, 02 Watermelon Punch, 03 Raspberry, 04 Mochaccino, 06 Pina Colada, 08 Candy and 09 Vanilla Bean.

The INCOLOR LipShine Glaze is a lip gloss that comes in a click pen tube with a soft brush applicator. If you've ever used a Stila Lip Glaze, you'll be familiar with this style of packaging. If not, the product is dispensed through the brush by twisting the base of the tube- it clicks with each turn so you don't accidentally keep twisting until all the gloss comes out.

Left to right: Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon Punch, Raspberry, Mochaccino, Pina Colada, Candy and Vanilla Bean.

01 Pink Grapefruit is a light coral pink shimmer with a pink grapefruit scent.

02 Watermelon Punch is a sheer red-orange coral creme with a watermelon candy scent.

03 Raspberry is a sheer mauve pink shimmer with a true raspberry scent.

04 Mochaccino is a brown shimmer with nude pink tones and a creamy chocolate coffee scent.

06 Pina Colada is a clear with white shimmer and a pina colada scent.

08 Candy is a sheer light candy pink with silvery iridescent microglitter and a bubblegum scent.

09 Vanilla Bean is a sheer brassy gold with iridescent microglitter and a buttery, rich vanilla scent.

These contain a very small amount of product: 0.058 oz / 1.7 ml, but they're very modestly priced at only $1.99 each so it's not a bad deal at all. Very affordable.

What I liked:

  • Thin, shiny formula has a minimal amount of stickiness.
  • Awesome scents and flavors, especially Vanilla Bean and Mochaccino.
  • Colors are pretty and not too sheer to show up.
  • Nice product for such a low price.
  • Compact packaging.

What I didn't like:

  • I'm not really a fan of the click-pen gloss packaging, it tends to get messy.
  • Some of the shades (the super sparkly ones) felt a little gritty on the lips.
  • The thin texture of the gloss makes it unexpectedly runny and it's easy to over-dispense gloss and make a mess because of the clicky pen packaging.
  • Short wear time.

But, despite the click-pen thing, I really liked these. I'd buy them again. The thing that sways me the most is that they're all scented, and each have their own individual scent. Can't tell you how disappointed I get when I buy a gloss and find out it's unscented, or that it has a really bad flowery scent. These are fun to use and are super inexpensive. For my first impression of Jordana products, I'd have to say that these have made me want to try more things from them.

Jordana products are available online and at select drugstores, and are now available at Walgreens.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Awesome review and swatches! I'll have to pick some of these up the next time I'm in Walgreens (even though lipgloss and I do not get along well, but they're just so pretty!). You should try their Easyshines next––they're sheer gloss-lipstick hybrids that smell and taste great and give a lovely wash of color. My favorites are Sweet Strawberry and Watermelon, but all the ones I've tried have been great.

  2. These are nice. I'm a lipgloss addict, so I'll buy them anyway :)(Mochaccino and Vanilla Bean are lovely!) Thanks for swatching these!

  3. I have the first two. I like 'em, they're nice little cheap glosses.

  4. I have some Jordana polishes that I bought at a Dollar Store. They were fine. I haven't tried any of their makeup.

  5. nice review, I am also not a big fan of clicking pkg. because sometimes it come out too much.. What camera did you use for taking pics? swatch pics are very nice and clear! thank you:)

  6. Love Jordana, I have some single eye shadows by them and those gloss sticks as well. The colors of the gloss sticks are similar to these as are the scents. They make some nice stuff for really cheap and are worth hunting down. Thanks for the review, I'm gonna keep an eye out for these.

  7. Jordana has always been available at Walgreens. Also, your rancid lipgloss was probably the result of a lazy Senior Beauty Advisor who doesn't have the patience to rotate or order new stock.

  8. I have Candy. It smells disgusting, like bubblegum medicine. One click puts on globs of gloss.


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