Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Layering Nail Of The Day plus Random Eye of the Day!

Need to take a little break from doing spring/summer collection reviews. I still have a lot of things left to post until I'm all caught up, but right now I just want to post something fun and random. How about a manicure and an eye look from last week? I really liked these...

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (one coat) over BB Couture Laced Corset (two coats). I started out with Laced Corset... It was the last thing I swatched (hope to have that review finished soon XD) and I left it on because I liked the color so much. But then I was thinking... It needs more sparkle. I wanted red. I actually wanted to do Revlon Slipper over it, but I couldn't find it. Ruby Red Glitz caught my eye and I decided on that. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted. The purple still shows through the red sheer base of Ruby Red Glitz, and the glitter in Ruby is sparse enough to not completely cover the base with chunky opaque glitter. Dare I say... this combination even looks a little 230-ish? Of course, nowhere near being a dupe or anything, but that red sparkle on top of purple with hints of gold sure makes me think of 230.

This is the eye look I was playing with last week:

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette:
Left Side Browbone shade on lid
Left Side Eyelid shade on outer lid
Left Side Definer shade in crease
Right Side Eyelid on lower lashline
Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Clash on lower lashline (as a base for Wet n Wild Eyelid)
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner in Indigo
Cargo Highlight from the Warm Neutral Essential palette as highlight
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

And hey... My brows are almost entirely grown back now! That took a while.

I've been doing variations on this look for the past couple weeks, trying it with different colors of upper and lower liner... Adding glitter... I love that Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello palette. Those shadows are amazing, Except... like Color Club Nothing But Truffle, this palette has accidentally given itself a new name due to the filename of a photo of it: Blue Had Meat Hello. Blue had meat, hello? Blue had Meat Hello? It's stuck. I can't help myself.


  1. wow, that manicure is gorgeous!!! i looove how that came out, you have nice nails too

  2. Why do I feel a sudden need to own Ruby Red Glitz? *sigh* Your nails are glowing, it's gorgeous!

  3. Love the layering combo, such a vampy look. Your eye makeup is always sooo pretty and perfect! I would love to see a tutorial one of these days ;)

  4. Amazing layering! Love the colour that you'v ended up with =)
    And the eye look is gorgeous =)


    sooo amazinggggggg

    greetz from your follower from germany

  6. I love how you to your eyeliner! I just bought an angled eyeliner brush and I've been practiing. I'm no where near to your "goddess" level of eyeliner yet!

  7. That nail-polish combination is so hot! I wish you'd come out with your own brand of polishes - you'd have a lot of customers (and people in debt...haha)!

    Love the eye look, too. Perfectly blended. And your eyebrows are so well groomed!
    - Mary

  8. Stunning nails! I like when you do random and fun and not only reviews. Then again, I like reviews too. I like your blog hatever you do. :D

  9. ooooooohhhhh preeeeettttty :) i think i'm hypnotized

  10. That nail color combo looks so pretty.

    And as usual, your eye look is simply stunning.

  11. Meeka, damn I feel the same way! I said I didn't need it, but I think I do now. 230 was exactly what I was thinking of when I saw this.

    Haahah, I totally remember the Nothing Butt Ruffle thing!

  12. Beautiful layering combination. Your eye makeup is always gorgeous.


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