Monday, April 18, 2011

Makeup Monday: Cargo Voyages Gloss Collection Spring 2011: Voyages Gloss Set

While I was flipping through the new Ulta sale flier this week, I noticed that there was a new Cargo Voyages kit for summer in there. It's almost time for the summer collection and I still haven't finished posting the spring collection that I have to review! Eep! Well, there's still time.. here it is!

The Cargo Voyages Gloss Collection is a set of five travel-sized glosses in cute travel-themed packaging.

The five shades are:

Serengeti, which was in the Safari kit as well. It's a sheer peachy shade with microglitter.

Tokyo, which is a sheer shimmer-free warm rosy pink.

Las Vegas, which is a sheer champagne shimmer with golden microglitter.

Morocco, which is a sheer plum mauve with microglitter.

Paris, a sheer rose mauve with frosty shimmer.


Paris, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Morocco and Serengeti. You may need to enlarge these to see the pretty microglitter. Las Vegas and Morocco are especially sparkly.

The formula on these is smooth and thin. It's slick feeling and the glitter shades are a touch gritty. It's not large, chunky glitter, it's very very tiny, but you can still feel it if you rub your lips together. Due to the thinness of the formula, it's not a very long-lasting gloss.

There's no particular strong or detectable taste or scent. Once they're on your lips, there's practically no scent at all and only a light unflavored gloss base taste.

While the gloss formula is nice and the colors are pretty, there are a few downsides for me.

The most noticeable flaw is the size of the gloss. They're tiny. There's an optical illusion created by the thickness of the plastic tube that makes them appear larger and fuller. However, when the wand is removed, you can see that the tube is barely half full of gloss. These each contain 0.45g / 0.015oz.

On one hand, this is a flaw if you are expecting something bigger. On the other hand, this is convenient if you bought these for travel. They're small enough to take on a plane, they're tiny enough to fit in a pocket, and you could conceivably finish them during the trip and not have to take them back with you.

The other downside, for me at least, is that the colors are very sheer. They add sparkle and shine, but not much color. Only a sheer tint.

And, lastly, again, this is my personal preference, but... They're not scented! Plain, unscented gloss is boring for me, I'm a little disappointed that they're so plain.

This set is priced at a very affordable $22 for the five. But, I must mention... that's $22 for only 2.25g / 0.075oz of product. For comparison, a single MAC Lipglass is 4.8g / .17oz and costs $14.50. Basically, you get half the amount of product as one MAC Lipglass for $7.50 more. I think what you're paying for here is the travel-sized convenience.

So, to recap: Cute package that looks like a postcard, tiny travel sized sheer gloss, good texture but not long lasting, no scent.

This set is cute and the colors are nice, but it's not as good of a deal as that awesome Safari kit from this spring Voyages collection. I'd recommend that kit just for the gorgeous Coral Beach Beach Blush alone. Either way, both the kits are still available from

(This was sent to me for review.)


  1. I have so many lipglosses that I will probably never use them all. I kind of want these just so I can use them up and be proud of myself for finishing something for once! Haha! But the slight grittiness would annoy me. I don't care how fine it is, if I can feel it, it bothers the heck out of me.

  2. I saw this in the new Ulta too! There is also a kit like the Safari kit but it's blue and has a Whale charm as well as different products. I much prefer the Safari kit and I just ordered it yesterday!

  3. Cute set, but I think I will pass. I always take my regular stuff when I travel, anyway. Thanks for the swatches, though!

  4. I like products that are tasteless and scentless ('m very allergic to scents to the point of hives and migraines) so that's a bonus for me. I don't think I'll get this as I'm saving up to purchase full sizes of my Dermalogica skin care routine. I love that you put up a review even for something that isn't to your liking.

    Thank you for being so honest.

  5. Cute packaging, but I prefer scented gloss too :) and the grittines would annoy me. I don't mind the size though, the smaller, the cuter!


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