Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery Collection Spring 2011 Swatches and Review

This is only one half of Color Club's spring 2011 collection, "Alter Ego." The Reveal Your Mystery set is a collection of light, un-intimidating sheers/neutrals/soft shades. It's practically a polar opposite to the dark, deep, mysterious and colorful shades in Keep It Under Cover.

Get A Clue. A soft pastel pink creme. This is actually a really nice pink because it has a hint of grey and lavender in it. It's very rare to find a pastel pink like this that actually compliments my skintone instead of making my fingers look dirty or bright red.

Give Me A Hint. Your standard grey/taupe/purple hybrid creme. This one leans a little more on the grey side than the purple side than some similar shades.

Incognito. A sheer, fleshy pale brown based nude. This seems neutral toned to me, and against my cool-toned skin it doesn't seem to pull particularly warm or cool. It's like a lighter version of Lippmann Naked.

Revealed. This is an interesting color... It's a warm peach creme base with some red and violet subtle shimmer. I really love how the shimmer lights up the color. It's subtle, but it looks almost like a duochrome when the light hits the shimmer.

Secret Rendezvous. A light lilac creme. This picture makes it seem pure blue, and it is quite blue in real life, but it definitely has some purple to it. I like the name of this because it reminds me if playing DDR. Random.

Sheer Disguise. A nice light grey. I love grey polish. This is a very pretty grey, though there's nothing particularly unique or different about it. It's on the light side and has a bit of blue to it.

The formula on these was great. I had no problems with the formula or the brushes or anything at all. Everything was smooth, fairly even, and perfect in three coats (I did three coats on all). A few can be worn sheer if you do only one coat. Good dry time, good wear time, easy removal, no staining or anything like that. Quite honestly, nothing to report!

The box set of this collection comes with a bottle of Milky White French Manicure Basecoat. I didn't take a picture of it, because, uh, it's clear. But not just plain clear! It's clear with a blue tint and it counteracts yellow tones in the nail. This is a genius product and I think everyone should have a bottle. I've been using it for years and I always make sure I have it on hand, just in case. I were to wear a sheer or for some reason go without nail polish, I would make sure to apply this as my basecoat. Not only will it hide the yellowness of stained nails, it will brighten and whiten the look of the nails and even fix certain types of old nail polish. Really. If you use it as topcoat over certain shades of polish, for instance, a glitter with a clear base that has yellowed with time, it will take out the yellow. Awesome stuff, seriously.

While these are all nice colors and I do like all of them, there isn't anything terribly exciting about them. Well, I guess I suppose that's the point of neutrals and sheers. Good formula and flattering colors, but the exciting part of the collection is yet to come...

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Oh, Get A Clue is a very nice color! I love those kind of pink! I still don't own one in my collection yet! Can you believe it?! I've always been so attracted to flashy, unique colors that I have neglected the neutrals/soft shades... :( Well, at least I know what's on my To Buy List! :P

  2. Love these colours, almost all of them! I need a pastel baby pink in my stash but I haven't made up my mind on which one yet. Get a Clue is so nice seen on you. Do you have any suggestion for a good pastel pink to go on a very light skin? The pinks I have had so far all look orange-y/peachy on me, which is something I hate. I don't want a peach, I want a pink!!!

  3. omg! Secret Rendezvous is perfection. I love that color for spring.

  4. Incognito looks like my kind of nude (and I don't usually go for nudes). That's an interesting collection - kind of muted, but pretty and feminine.

  5. I have this set since I have a soft spot for pastels and grayed out polishes, also sometimes after using a bold color I like to use a "palate cleanser". Honestly I've only used the gray so far, I didn't realize how pretty the other colors were until you swatched it! I think I'll be using the pink next since like you I have trouble with pastel pinks making my hands look super red.

  6. I like part two better. :-)

  7. Sheer Disguise does almost look blue, but that's probably also because it's pictured after all those pinks and purples lol

  8. Sheer Disguise is gorgeous. Probably my favorite from the collection.

  9. I really LOVE all of the colors from this collection! Where can I buy these???

  10. I can see my wallet emptying out rapidly. I didn't know about that Milky White. Great to know about it.


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