Friday, April 15, 2011

OPI Femme de Cirque Soft Shades Collection Spring 2011 Swatches and Review

OPI's annual Soft Shades collection is circus-themed this year. I have to say, I like the theme! No Soft Shades collection can rival my love for the old Princess Charming collection, but the names of the polishes in this set are fantastic.

In The Spotlight Pink. A soft, squishy-looking milky pink jelly. This pink is mostly neutral in the bottle, but it does border on warmer/peachy-toned against my skin.

So Many Clowns, So Little Time. This name seriously cracks me up... It's going on my list of all time favorite OPI names. The color is a creamy off white with a slight splash of pink and grey. Reminds me a bit of the whiter version of Bubble Bath.

Step Right Up. This one has a similar finish to So Many Clowns, but it has more pink and peach in it. Very pale, very white-based, slightly muted, like there's one drop of grey in it.

My favorite part of this collection is the glitter topcoat, I Juggle... Men. Well, it's not quite a glitter, but it's a sparkle. It's sort of like... maybe Orly Fifty-Four or CND Sapphire Sparkle, but it's even more like the duochrome shimmer in OPI Unripened / Nicole Blues In The Night. Funky irregular particles, like mini-flakes... Broken crushed flakes... Super duochrome gorgeous. It wouldn't show up on camera all by itself on my nails, but it's really intended for layering anyway, so I've layered it.

OPI I Juggle... Men sparkle topcoat over In The Spotlight Pink.

OPI I Juggle... Men sparkle topcoat over So Many Clowns, So Little Time.

OPI I Juggle... Men sparkle topcoat over Step Right Up.

As you can see, it's subtle over the sheers, but it adds a nice touch of blue/purple duochrome sparkle. It really shows up best over darker colors. It's especially nice over Color Club Total Mystery.

The formula on these was difficult. I found it to be somewhat watery but goopy at the same time, a texture similar to early Big 3 Free polishes. I did have a hard time applying these. They wanted to run into my cuticles. The Pro-Wide brush seemed smaller and flatter than usual and that added to the difficulty. These are meant to be worn as sheers, but my nails are way too stained to wear them that way, so I did five coats of all. When worn sheer, they are very subtle, providing only a slight milky wash of color.

The exception is the I Juggle... Men topcoat, which is a nice thin, even texture. It dries very, very fast and quite shiny, which leads me to believe it is actually a topcoat, quick-dry even, and not just for layering. It's fantastic.

These would probably make a nice, soft, natural looking french manicure. One that looks like clean natural nails with a touch of softness.

While the colors aren't really my thing, I do love that glitter topcoat and I love the names. They're very, very sheer so if you're someone who is only into subtle tints on your nails, these might interest you.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I Juggle is the only one of these that intrigues me. I sure don't think sheer pinks when I think of the circus.

  2. I Juggle...Men is my favourite from the bunch. Do you have any other OPI glitter top coats that are similar? I have a few and would skip this if there's something similar enough.

    I also appreciated the name, So Many Clowns So Little Time. Cracks me up.
    - Mary

  3. Totally gonna ship these. :(

  4. I had no intentions of getting these because I assumed they'd be way too sheer, but they look great on your nails and I can't see any VNL So I just might have to pick a few of these up this monring when I head over to the beauty supply! Hoping they will have the china glaze summer ones in too (finally, I hate when they put nail polish collections in the April flyer for example and they aren't actually available til half way through the month...)

  5. I've been really in the mood for a shimmer top coat so I might pick up I Juggle...Men at some point.

  6. I love I Juggle..Men. I've been wearing it over different colors all week. It's really nice over dark colors. However, think I'll skip on the rest of them.

  7. i like Step Right Up, but im not sure i want to apply 5 coats to get it to that color. I might have too skip these as well. Beautiful colors, but just a little too sheer for me =/

  8. I sure don't think sheer pinks when I think of the circus.
    - KarenD

    Me, either!

    It's like Pastel Pirates. Many opportunities here wasted.

  9. Would you say the formula is similar to the cremes and shimmers in the Texas collection?

  10. I'll probably only get I Juggle Men. I will not dignify the ellipses. In the Spotlight Pink is nice and I have been looking for a nice, squishy pink, but I may turn to Essie for that since you said that the formula on the OPI is so bad.
    Thanks for the swatches!

  11. LOVE the colors but I can't believe you had to use 5 coats for this! I don't like sheer polish, so I probably won't be buying these. If they could look like that, but with 2 coats, I would ABSOLUTELY get In The Spotlight Pink. I LOVE the color!

  12. I love I juggle.., the sparkle/shimmer in it is actually the same as in Opi Ink, I was wearing the topcoat at the shop and by accident started comparing then. They have the same duochrome effect, but in an extreme angle there's also a little hint of orangey/yellow-y shades to be seen.

  13. I really love In The Spotlight Pink and I Juggle Men. They're very pretty :)

  14. I really like the first one in the spotlight pink. which is unusual cause I'm not big into the pink.

  15. I Juggle...Men is a pretty glitter top coat! I was surprised by how much I loved it!

  16. i would consider getting these if they were 2-3 coaters, five is just too much for me.

  17. I was suprised by the colors of this collection. I don't think of these light shades when I think of the circus. I think of strong, bright colors. Lots of glitz. I won't be buying any of these.


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