Friday, July 16, 2010

Stila Jewel Lip Glaze Trio swatches!

I got an email in my inbox this morning for Stila Friday Happy Hour sale for this week and they are giving away the Jewel Lip Glaze trio free on orders of $40 or more. I was all set to link to my swatches on Twitter when I realized I couldn't find them... and had never posted them... I had sworn that I did a review of these months ago! I don't know what happened! Stila sent me this set to review ages ago and I photographed them the day I got them and I must have dreamed about posting them because I can't find me even mentioning them on here... Ack. I suck. I dropped the ball =/

The code for the free Lip Glaze trio on is JEWELLIP.

So I took some new swatch pictures in case anyone wanted to see swatches/a review because of the sale.

Sunlight and indoors. Left to right: 01 Golden Topaz, 02 Pink Diamond and 03 Amethyst.

Golden Topaz is a warm medium peachy-coral orange with pink crystals and a slight duochrome effect.

Pink Diamond is a semi-sheer cool baby pink with slivery pink foily glitter particles.

Amethyst is a sheer warm dark plum purple with iridescent shimmering glitter crystals.

None of these have traditional metal circle glitter, the glitter in these is more like really thin flakes of a plastic-type material, somewhat small, all different shapes, a little like a foil nail polish in lipgloss form.

The texture of these is not as sticky as regular Lip Glaze. It's thinner and smoother with only a little stickiness. The glitter does feel a little rough when you rub your lips together, but not super scratchy and gritty like a traditional glitter. The scent is a very subtle yet pleasant faint vanilla-sweet smell.

I think they all look gorgeous, especially at night, but the pink can be a little frosty looking if you put too much on. These are *very* sparkly. I like them a whole lot, I just wish they weren't in that annoying clicky pen thing! These would be way better in a traditional tube-wand or tube-brush lipgloss package... heck, even a squeeze tube would be better than the click pen that takes forever to dispense and then suddenly oozes tons of product after you've already put it back in your purse...


  1. Wow, those look lovely, I love sparkles.
    I have to say though, I don't really like Stila's Lip Glazes in general, as they tend to go bad quickly in my experience. x

  2. These are gorgeous! The shimmer really catches the light well! :)


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