Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eye of the Day with DuWop Payoff

Lately I've been making an effort to take a picture of my makeup every day... Now I have a ton of eyeball pictures to post! I think with all this practice I'm starting to get the hang of taking makeup pictures.
Thought I'd post today's since I'm using the DuWop Payoff I just got and the memory is still fresh in my mind.

Took a million pictures of this one to try to show the neat red sparkle in Bare Escentuals Cherry Coco Truffle!

This is:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Fyrinnae Half Elf Hottie on lid (mixed with DuWop Payoff and applied wet)
Bare Escentuals Cherry Coco Truffle in crease and lower lashline (mixed with DuWop Payoff and applied wet)
Fyrinnae Finnegan's Wake as highlight
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero
Cover Girl Lash Blast

So... this Payoff stuff. I used it yesterday with liner and today with my shadow. I like it but I'm not seeing much of a difference between it and MAC Water Based Mixing Medium. Well, I do see one big difference- the price! DuWop Payoff is $17 for .25 oz and MAC is $18 for 1.7 oz. I haven't compared ingredients yet as my MAC bottle seems to be lacking an ingredients label... but for that price maybe they should change the name to DuWop Ripoff... Kidding, kidding. It's not bad at all, just overpriced- you get nearly 2 ounces of the MAC for only $1 more... A bit more economical, don't you think?

That Bare Escentuals shadow has a really pretty pink-red sparkle to it that I tried to capture. I find that the red sparkle doesn't show up unless I apply this wet, and I hate applying crease colors wet for lots of reasons... But luckily this shade is easier to blend after applying wet than most I've tried.

I think it even brings out the color of my eyes a little... Sometimes I wonder, "what color?" as my eyes seem mostly black to me.... But this seems to compliment dark eyes and even pull out a few warm reddish golden tones that I don't usually see. Yay!

Also tried out the sample of Stila One Step Makeup that came in my Sephora order yesterday... I think I like it! It's smooth and not very heavy and has a nice silicone texture like primer. I'll have to see if it makes me break out. I haven't been wearing foundation lately. This shade might be too dark for me though.

One more note- Shiseido eyelash curler is amazing. I'm never going back to Shu. I'll post about that later.
I'll have to remember to keep posting these, I did a really pretty taupe look on Sunday that I liked and I want to show you!


  1. I really liked this :)
    Heheh, I have dark eyes and feel the same way, except when my hair is red. It really helps to pop some color out.

  2. Love the look. I have hear wonderful things about the Shiseido curler. I think I will try it after my Shu one wears out. It'll be easier to get once Shu is no longer available in US stores. At least I can still go to the Shiseido counter at Macy's.

  3. Your look is gorgeous. I love the color placement and blending.

  4. Gorgeous!! Lucky you posted that about the Shu curler! I was just about to buy one. I'll go with the Shiseido instead.


  5. What a great look! Is the DuWop Payoff like Smashbox's Off Set, Avon's Transforming liquid eyeliner and some other transforming solution by Laura Geller (lol)? I'm taking that it's a product you use to make a shadow into an eyeliner, right?

    Love that BE color too.

  6. Your eyes really pop with this look!

  7. Kaz, the one thing that really bugs me about the Shu is that they don't sell replacement pads! And none of the replacement pads I've bought fit it. Boo! And the Shiseido is not as curved as the Shu so it doesn't pinch me!

    Kimberly, it's a similar idea but it's water based. I was hoping it would be like Smashbox Off Set, that was my favorite but I can't find it anymore! The DuWop is thin and not silky/sticky, almost identical to MAC water based

  8. Uh, could you please stop showing us your EOTDs? It really makes the rest of us feel like butterfingers. Thank you.

    Now, seriously, I love your EOTDs - I've said it before: you have skills I have only in dreams.

  9. Oh this is just lovely and perfect :) so love it

  10. These colours look lovely on you. I also have quite dark eyes so I always get really excited when I find colours that make them seem brighter.

  11. Lovely metallic look. Honestly, I just use water when I want a shadow to be a liner or to enhance the look of a metallic pigment. It's free and works fine especially when I have a shadow base like a MAC paint pot or Smashbox Lid Primer.

    Scrangie- do you use the UD 24-7 liner for the waterline? I need a black eyeliner that won't wash away and/or make my eyes water.

  12. I am loving the new mix of your postings. Great eye look! I have dark brown eyes and love to see colour mixes that might work for me.


  13. Love the shadows! I can see the pink sparkles, very pretty. Great eyeliner also.

  14. Old post I know, but I wanted to say how much I love EOTDs.


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