Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nicole by OPI Collections for Summer (and Spring?) 2010

It's technically still summer, even though all the fall collections are coming out now. So... I realized that I never posted the Summer (or Spring?) Nicoles!

These are two separate collections. I don't think I know the names of them, or if they even have names at all... And I think maybe the big collection is the spring collection? And it might be called Hypnotic? I think they're the Target ones. I can't find my info. But here they are anyway!

First, the smaller and in my opinion awesomer of the two collections. Yes, I made up a word.

A New Kind of Blue. Dude. This is awesome. It's a super-rich deep blue foil!! It looks amazing indoors and in sunlight. It reminds me slightly of Sation Suede Shoes, but this is richer and not as slivery.

Nail Ya Azalea. Is it just me or is that name a little dirty? Heh. The color is excellent despite the hilarious name. It's a deep pink glass fleck shimmer! Lots of iridescent glass fleck particles, you can see them in the bottle in this picture but I couldn't capture them on my nails in this picture. Blah. Wish this photo had turned out better.

Oy Oy Oyster! Punk rock oyster! XD Another color I couldn't quite capture- this is a sheer pale ivory base with lots of pink pearl flash and it's filled with iridescent pastel opal glitter. Pretty, fairy-like and delicate. I love it even though it's super princessy! I like opal glitter.

Rent A Magenta. Mmmm glass fleck. Bright magenta (though actually this looks fuchsia to me) with iridescent glass fleck particles. Lots of sparkle!

Traffic Cone. An orange! A glass fleck orange! How perfect. This color is utterly spectacular. First of all, it's orange and I love orange. Second, hey, glass fleck! It's not a creme! Nothing wrong with orange cremes, but we don't see orange shimmers that often! I am excited about this color! Lots of exclamation points!!!

Yum-egranate. Last and definitely least.... This may go down in history as one of OPI's worst names. Yum-egranate?? Seriously?? That's the best you could come up with for this color? I refuse to believe that this was the best name on the list. Honestly. The name bugs me so much that it's detracting from an otherwise pretty color. A deep magenta with pink-violet flash.

Those were pretty great. Glittery glass fleck goodness. Here's the other ones now:

Note: I am missing one of these- "I Have A Plum Thumb"- and I don't know what happened to it! But if I find it I'll add it to this post.

Don't Cloud Me. This is a super bright clean shimmery iridescent white. In the same family as Zoya Ginessa and actually really similar to that Nicole polish from last spring... I can't remember the name. But it was a lot like this! This is a really gorgeous color though, it's so dreamy looking.

Honeydew You Love Me? ....Do you love me? Have you ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe? Anyway... horrible, horrible, frighteningly awful picture, I know... I'm embarrassed to even post it... But! This is one of those cute shaped glitters that I like so much. It's a sheer base with opalescent glitter specks and shiny turquoise blue hearts. I'm wearing it over Lemon Lime Twist, which was probably a bad choice as it looks pretty funky over it... I should have gone with one of the pink cremes for this picture... *sigh*

It's A-May-Zing. Medium magenta shimmer with pink flash, somewhat washed out in this picture but a pretty standard color.

Lemon Lime Twist. This is really more green in real life, but for some reason my camera is only picking up on the yellow. It's actually really cool looking and pretty! Almost electric looking. Light bright crisp green and yellow fusion. A little frosty. Pretty, though, really springy!

Loyalty To Royalty. Deep blue shimmer metallic. Close to being a frost. Frosty shimmer. It looks a little duochromey in the bottle but it doesn't show up on the nail.

Mango Maven. Ooh orange! Maybe it's more coral. It's a bold orange-coral with a gold duochrome shimmer thing going on... I think it's pretty fancy looking... I'm a fan.

Poised in Turquoise. Turquoise metallic shimmer. Another one that looks pretty duochromey in the bottle but you can see a little bit of it on the nail unlike Loyalty To Royalty. Borderline frosty, really tiny fine shimmer. Blue-green shimmer particles. Oceany.

Pop of Poppy. Really washed out picture, yay! I was really not on my game for these, was I? Pinky coral bright creme.

Something about Spring. Bright cool candy pink creme. Touch of purple.

Spring Romance. This is over Take a Powder Pink. It's more complex than Honey-dew You Love Me?. This is a clear base with tiny red flakes, iridescent opal glitter and hologram pink hearts. The little red flake pieces are really cool! I like them a lot!

Take A Powder Pink. Pale creamy baby pink creme. I do actually kinda like this... it's looks like 60's lipstick. I would probably not wear it too often but it is pretty cute looking.

Formula was good. I don't recall any sort of application issues. My only complaint is the Nicole melty bottle! It makes the brush seem too short and the bottles don't line up nicely on my polish racks or in drawers.

Can't remember what else I wanted to say about these... I think I'm having writer's block. All I know is I love the first six and a couple of the 12-collection. Nicole is doing a lot of those sweet shaped glitters lately. I wish they'd do some more shapes- I want lightning bolts and shamrocks and squares and triangles and... and... spirals! Spirals would be kinda cool.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. These are all so pretty! I love the glass flecked orange of Traffic Cone, and yeah! Spirals would be really cool!

  2. Oh my goodness! Traffic Cone just made my "to buy" list!!!

  3. Holy...! Those first glass flecked ones are BEAUTIFUL! Where can I buy them online??? (International shipping, please! ;_;)

  4. Nail Ya Azalea and Rent A Magenta remind me of the pink glass fleck pink from OPI's flutter collection?

    I have to grab Traffic Cone, I love the name and the color :)

  5. A New Kind of Blue and Nail Ya Azalea are so hot!

  6. Bahaha!! I'm Old Gregg!! ;) You like Bailey's? Mmm, creamy. Soft, creamy beige.
    Omg, you're awesome. I totally have to watch that episode now!

  7. CuteyChao, I'm sorry, I don't really know of a good online Nicole supplier!

    Sarah, *high five* :D

  8. Ahhh I want all of these - they aren't sold in my country, so Ill have to pay outrageous shipping costs!

  9. Does Nail Ya Azalea compare to Flit a Bit from the Summer Flutter Collection? I love Mango Maven, it has that lovely bright gold shimmer!

  10. Oh my god, theyre all so pretty *__________*

  11. Ooh, I really like Traffic Cone! It's such a pretty glass-flecked orange, and it makes me think of orange soda. :) I also like the heart glitters.

  12. Boo... ;_; Guess I'll have to wait till my next US vacation then! Hope I can find those beauties next year!

  13. You are killin me!!! I want all of these!!! ;-) nice swatches.

  14. I love the shimmery ones!

  15. I agree with you on the first six. Love glass flecks and foils. I don't own any Nicole's. Do they sell these anywhere online?

  16. Do you love me? Are you playin' your love games with me? ;)

  17. They're all on sale at my target. Score!

  18. old gregg reference ftw!!! creamy beige! <3 gorgeous swatches

  19. Nicole by OPIs tend to have even worse names than OPI...ugh, they're horrible. I like a few of these, but lightning bolt glitter sounds fantastic!

  20. It's attached to your rod mutha licka! Love me some old Greg!


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