Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lorac Multiplex 3D Lipgloss Swatches and Review

I don't even remember where I first heard about these. I totally missed when they were released at Sephora... I think I just randomly stumbled over a mention of these of Makeup Alley or something... But the minute I heard about them I knew I *had* to have them.

I am a huge duochrome lover. Nail polish, makeup, whatever- if it's duochrome I instantly love it. I was just thinking the other day about these duochrome eyeliners I used to love from Physician's Formula... I went looking for them the other day but I don't think they make them anymore! Bummer. Okay, veering off topic slightly. The gloss. You're supposed to be talking about the gloss, Scrangie. You have the attention span of a fly, I swear. SO! Lorac Multiplex 3D Gloss.... some swatches:

In sunlight and indoors, left to right: Vivid, Cliche, 3D.

Vivid is my favorite of the bunch. It is a warm light pink base with very strong gold, yellow and green duochrome. The duochrome effect seems to be always visible and gets stronger at certain angles and in certain lights. Super super awesome, I'm completely in love with this shade and I want to wear it every day!!

Cliche is an appropriate name for Cliche- it's a medium candy pink with blue duochrome. It has little pearls of silvery shimmer that reflect blue quite strongly but the duochrome isn't is strong as in Vivid. One thing worth noting about Cliche is that it stains. A lot. I wouldn't have expected it from such a light shade of pink, but it will leave your lips stained a pretty shade of pink after it wears off. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you color outside the lines. It's like a lipgloss with a bonus lip stain built in!

3D is the most subtle of these. It's a sheer copper with pink reflective/slightly duochrome sparkles. They're a little bit like MAC Dazzleglass sparkles but they seem bigger and more defined. Not gritty or glittery either for such large particles. Almost takes on a rose-gold look in a lot of lights instead of a copper with contrasting sparkle.

I find that these three particular shades seem to suit my skintone well, with Vivid being the easiest to wear and easiest to coordinate with my eyeshadow. Cliche is very pink and slightly darker than I anticipated it being and I felt a little overdone wearing it with a smoky eye but it looks great with green shadow. 3D seems subtle enough on my lips to go with just about anything.

The formula on these is beautiful. It's thin and silky, no stickiness at all. My hair does still get stuck in it on a windy day, but there's not sticky residue on my lips after it wears off and it washes off my coffee mug easily. Despite the thin texture I find the staying power to be excellent. Thin gloss usually means it wears off quickly, but these pigments really seem to hang on and resist transferring onto things. They're one of the longest wearing glosses I have.

The scent is nice too, it's a subtle kinda... fruity... nondescript pleasant smell? Fruity, almost tropical... Maybe peaches and cream type of scent? I can't seem to pin down a distinct note in it but it's sweet and fruity and a little hint of vanilla seems to be there as well.

The packaging is really beautiful:

It has a black chrome metal cap encased in clear acrylic, a silver hologram band (which is a little scratched already, sadly) and a smooth round tube with beveled edges on the inside of the tube to make it a little bit jewel-like. A little flashy, yeah, but definitely not generic looking! The brush is short and a little on the stiff side but gives me no problems with application.

My favorite thing about the packaging is the wand stem. It's a clear plastic that picks up a little sheer layer of the duochrome pigments and sparkles like a real hologram, it looks amazing:

Click this picture to enlarge it. It's so pretty. It's little touches like this that I really appreciate... It's just packaging but it really makes the product so much more fun to use.

The only thing I don't like about these is the price. They're $22. They're even more expensive than MAC Dazzleglass or Superglass, but at least they're not as much as YSL Golden Gloss. These contain 0.17 fluid ounces of product, and I don't even want to think about the math on that one.

However, having used them for about a week now, I can say I'd definitely purchase these again. I feel that at least Vivid is worth the price for me. It's a shade I'm completely obsessed with now and can see myself wearing all the time. I might even end up finishing it and that's something I don't think I've ever done. Cliche and 3D are cool, but... Vivid is awesome.

I ordered them online sight unseen and got lucky with these three shades... I'm contemplating getting another one but I'll definitely have to check it out in person first. Anyone else have any of the other shades? Are they super duochromey?


  1. Thank you so much for the swatches! I'm waiting for my first one to arrive (just shipped today), and now I'm lemming at least two more. I'm so there with you on anything duochrome!

  2. I have Intermix and I love it! I think it's definitely a shade you have to be able to wear with your skintype/clothing though, because some days I can't wear it. I too was kinda put off at first by the price, but it's very much worth it and I definitely want to get more. LOVE IT!

  3. Pretty! The middle one wouldn't look good on me, but the other two are awesome. I love that Lorac is Carol backwards - I laugh every time I pass Sephora! :)

  4. I like these! Duochrome is always so cool!

  5. These look gorgeous! I don't wear lip gloss, but if I did I would definitely be wanting these.

  6. Polished is a pretty awesome color. I have that one and Vivid and I love them both.

  7. These are really pretty. I love glosses with duochrome look also. Vivid is especially lovely. I will resist them since I have so many glosses.

  8. It's strange, I wasn't much of a lipgloss junkie before, but I have become so in the past few months. These are definitely on my lemming list especially after seeing your swatches. I think Cliche is the most appealing to me b/c of the duochrome. Speaking of duochrome, the Blue Brown MAC pigment I bought a couple weeks ago was a complete impulse buy b/c I was so enamored of the duochrome effect. :-)


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