Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection Fall 2010 Swatches

Let's just jump right into swatches, shall we?

A recap of the indoor skittle swatches:

And the individuals (in sunlight):

Color So Hot It Berns. Bright clean red creme. A little Christmassy looking. I like these types of reds. Bright and crisp. Very simple and classic. Not much else to say about it!

Cuckoo For This Color. Sparkly medium blue-green shimmer. It's darker than it looks in this picture but I think this picture shows the sparkliness really well. It is similar to China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, but Cuckoo seems more blue to me. Almost a teal.

Diva Of Geneva. So pretty. In my top five for this collection. Medium shimmering gilded plum. It's like a really red-based purple (mixture of purple and red-plum colored pearl) and lots of gold pearl, almost like a duochrome, you get glimmers of purple and gold depending on the angle. I had originally thought that LA Colors Pink Sizzle was a match for this color, but it turns out they're not really as close as I thought:

They looked really similar in the bottle to me, but as you can see LA Color Pink Sizzle is much lighter and pinker.

From A To Zurich. Dark rose berry. Not really my thing.

Glitzerland. LOVE this. It's almost a champagne version of Dazzled By Gold, but not quite as sparkly. Still majorly sparkly, though! It's practically a foil it's so sparkly. You can see each individual shimmer particle, makes me think of champagne bubbles.

I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic. This is not really the color I think of when I hear chocolate! It's more red than brown, much more of a dark brick or maroon color than a chocolate color. Not particularly flattering on me but still nicer than Color Club Charity Ball.

Just A Little Rösti At This. My favorite of the least-favorites, haha! Another deep wine berry shade. Sorry about the clouds. I know this picture is pretty bad :(

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! Marvelous, indeed. A smoky dark silver/grey foil. Near-foil really. Foils tend to blend into one sparkly sheet of color with hints of particles, but this one behaves more like a glitter showing every individual shimmer particle. Shimmer-glitter-foil! Similar to China Glaze Jitterbug.

Ski Teal We Drop. Oooh! A dark teal creme! We don't see these too often, especially not from OPI! I like. I like a LOT. Awesome color for fall. Makes me want to wear plaid.

The Color To Watch. Sheer light purple shimmer with strong blue pearl and microglitter. This is a pretty complex shade, lots of different colors mixed in. It looks like a duochrome but it doesn't seem to shift colors like one. I see all the colors at once. Blue pearl on top of lavender shimmer with silvery microglitter. This is the most sheer of all the colors- I used four coats.

William Tell Me About OPI. Deep, dark, luxurious, sexy vampy eggplant. Very nice. Very dramatic. I can see this one becoming the new Lincoln Park After Dark. In fact, I like this color better. This looks like it could have been in the Chicago collection!

Yodel Me On My Cell. This is my favorite of the whole collection. It's an aqua blue with lots of shimmer. It has small fine shimmer like a regular shimmer polish and then it has flecks of larger, more iridescent shimmer. Double shimmer! It makes me think of Catch Me In Your Net without the glitter. Has a kinda jelly-ish deep look. OPI does really good blues when they decide to do them!

The formula on these was nice and consistent. It wasn't too thick, too runny, it wasn't streaky or anything like that. The formula was consistent between shades as well. Nice to see some consistency in formula as they tend to be all over the place lately. The opacity was good- I did two coats of all but The Color To Watch, which needed 3-4 coats. I used topcoat on most of these because a few seemed to dry less than shiny. Good dry time, yet slightly longer than I'm used to from OPI. Overall strong formula, good brushes, I have no complaints.

I think I say this about every OPI location themed collection, but I'm not sure if these colors are really Swiss or not! Any residents of Switzerland want to comment? I think of red for Swiss Army knives (lol), brown for chocolate, white for snow-capped mountains, green for Tyrolean hats which are probably not Swiss but make me think of the Alps... That sort of thing. So perhaps these colors really are appropriate!

Not a bad collection at all! I love Yodel Me On My Cell, Diva of Geneva, Glitzerland, Ski Teal We Drop, William Tell Me About OPI, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and Cuckoo For This Color the most. I don't particularly care for the berry-type shades, but that's usually a given for me. I wish there was a snowy glitter or a true brown in this collection, though!

I believe the release date is August 4, so next week we should be seeing these in stores.

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. I really don't like The Color to Watch, but the others all look great! I probably won't get any of the reds, though.

  2. I only liked 2 of these...just ordered :)
    Thanks for the swatches though cause now I want one more LOL

  3. Gah! I have a feeling that August is going to be an expensive month for me. There are a few (4 or 5) of those I really want.

  4. Actually, CFTC and ChG Emerald Fitzgerald are pretty much identical. Except the OPI has microglitter and the ChG doesn't, but when opaque they look identical anyway. :) Try a side-by-side comparison! I had a feeling all the time that this might be the case, so I wasn't surprised when I tried it, have to say I'm much more surprised that none of you gorgeous gals who has the ears and eyes of the public has done comparisons of the fall collections to each other. :)

  5. Of all of them I would probably get: Diva Of Geneva, Glitzerland, and Ski Teal We Drop.
    I have to say Diva of Geneva is probably my favorite of the whole collection.

    Thanks for doing the swatches!

    Liz LUXE

  6. Loving Ski Teal We Drop. Not sure im crazy about the others. I think I'm going to run out and purchase ski teal we drop at CB this week.

  7. yeah that's not a bad collection :) i'm going to get three of those.
    Could you possibly compare William Tell Me More and Give Me Moor from the Spanish collection?

  8. I cant wait to get my hands on Cuckoo for this color, Lucerne-tainly, Loving Ski Teal We Drop and William Tell Me More. Is that launch date for the states? Any idea when they are expected in the UK?? Thanks

  9. William Tell one is a Gotta Have!!!
    Great swatching. :)

  10. Are Ski Teal We Drop and Suzi Says Feng Shui similar at all? Ski looks darker for sure, but for some reason my brain always thinks that shade of blue is the same. I had a hard time convincing myself that Sally Hansen Complete Grey by Grey wasn't the same as Feng Shui until I put them next to each other to prove it.

  11. Diva of Geneva and Ski Teal We Drop. Period.

  12. Kallie, Suzi says feng shui is completely different, much lighter and it is pure blue, Ski teal we drop is well...teal. But there is something about those two colours...they both seem to be a bit dusty/muted?

  13. I need William Tell Me About OPI. Soooo gorgeous.

  14. The Color to Watch is so pretty to me! I really like it!

  15. The Color to Watch looks the prettiest.

  16. I come from Switzerland!!
    So we were xpecting a red, and a white too :| yet Lucern-tailny Look Marvelous fills our need for a rock-silver, a kind of new version of our beloved (but sadly discontinued) Black Satin...
    Then I really had a laugh at the Glitzerland name, so cliché... but the color is stunning and it is gonna work well on the end of summer as it goes well with a little tan ;););)

    as for the red Bern, nice, we too expected the Chocoholic to be browner/darker, but I think your picture lightens it even more...

    and I'm a sucker for teal and blue-green polishes, so I'm happy to have my collector pack with every shade :p

    also the Diva of Geneva is stunning, the name alone is gonna make itself is the given town, and it's the most unexpected shade, as the duochrome effect was wayy more visible when I applied it.

    still, very cool to see your swatches and nice comments, we're just so proud to have our national collection, and if you ever want to visit Switzerland, let me know ;);)

  17. Thanks for the great swatches. I was wondering: The Color to Watch is pretty sheer - how would it look layered over black (or dark blue)? I'm always on the lookout for interesting polishes to layer!

  18. I love Ski Teal We Drop! Can't wait!

  19. I already placed an order. Looks like I have to buy William Tell Me About OPI. That's gorgeous!

  20. I love the William tell me about OPI a lot !!! Just wonderful color !!

  21. I got the William one today and the teal one. Love the teal one. But is the William one too similar to All-A-Bordeaux-the-Sled from last year? I tried to swatch it on paper, but that isn't really giving me a true reading.

  22. Hi! Have you done a comparison to china glaze shower together and ski teal we drop? How is the removal on STWD? I know shower together is awfully staining! Thanks :)

  23. hey scrangie, LOVE your posts. i gotta question...ok so i bought the opi yodel me on my cell and lucerne-tainly look marvelous on amazon, and i dont know if there fake or not. i googled it, and got results saying a bunch of things. My opi passed all the tests they said, except for one. There are three warning labels on the back instead of 4. Some people said thats a dead sign of fake, and some other people said the chemicals vary, so its ok. does yours have 3 warning lables on the back? (the little pictures, circle arrow, fire, and 24m thing) im like freaking out right now. these are my first opi's, i dont want them to be fake!! other than the warning labels, everything is perfect. the two steel balls, bumps on bottom ridge, gear shaped bump things inside cap, perfect font and address, serial numbers on top and on the sticker on bottom, and the little opi lettering thing on the brush. please reply!!

  24. Pooja, I think you got the fake. I have the same experience. Check this photos to compare fake and originals

  25. I love that you have this post. I bought this collect last night online even though it is a year old. I saw the whole collection for really cheap and was curious to see how the colors looked on the nail. I used your post as a guide and the colors looked amazing. So I bought the collection! Do you like this collection?

  26. Hi, the three warning signs are all the polishes realised after 2009 or 2010 i think, if they passed all the other tests, then it would be real, you can tel by the quality of the polish. Some limited summer/winter collections might have 4 warning signs. I've had the same worry before, but that's what they sell in the shops (approved reseller).

  27. Hi, all the opi's with 3 warning signs are not fake, if the order is correct then it is okay, and if they pass the other tests. They are the more recent release of polishes i think after 2010 if i remember correctly.


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