Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoya Spam

I swear I've been living under an (internet) rock or something because I only just found out about the Zoya Exchange for 2010. In case you haven't seen all the details yet, the full scoop can be found here on Zoya's website.

Basically, you can trade in old bottles of polish instead of throwing them away (*clutches chest* *gasps for air*) and you'll get some brand new Zoyas at a discount in return.

So what better time to post some random Zoya swatches? Cause I've been getting eleventy bajillion hits on "zoya swatches" this week. Figured I'd make myself useful and swatch some stuff that doesn't seem to be swatched as often as the Zoya superstars like Yasmeen and whatnot.

Here goes...



Brizia (like a purple version of Pasha)




Danielle. You might want to view this full size, it has great little glitter flecks.







Gigi. Sunlight and indoor/shade. You may need to view these full size. It's a soft pink with lots of teeny tiny silver glitter!





Lexi. I have to say a little bit about this one. This is one freakin' cool polish. In my personal opinion, it's one of of Zoya's hidden gems. It looks like a metallic smoky rose or a mauve, but it has blue and green duochrome. You tilt your hand up and it's blue, down and it changes to green. Sadly, it didn't really show up in my pictures. The shimmer color shifts most in indoor light.

Lola. (It's neon)




Melodie. Glitter!




Raine. *refrains from making FFVIII reference*





Tobey. (neon)


*passes out*


  1. Wow. Some of these colours are so amazing o_o

  2. Thanks for showing us all these! I'm gonna do the Zoya Swap and was looking for some Nude colors. Looks like Zoya has a lot!

  3. Ahhh I love these so much! I don't think Canadians can take part in the swap though so no Zoya's for me :(

  4. Thanks! I want to participate in the swap but already had all the zoyas I knew I liked from seeing swatches. Thanks for showing me some more I want to get now! <3

  5. I'm so nuts over those barely there with iridescent shimmer shades!!! Raine and Gigi (which I'd love just for the name!) and Dovey! And Susanne is gorgeous too, that blue toned lilac/pink/lavender thing... I love layering those shades over every dark color I have, it increases my collection exponentially! in my mind at least ;)

    Also, NORRA!!

    thank you for giving me my color fix for the day!

  6. *drool* More Zoya lemmings =) I don't know if I have enough polish to get rid of to get all the colors I'd like LOL

  7. I think I'm getting Mimi, Charla, Alegra, Gilda, Bijou, Michelle, Hope, Anaka, Nova, Brooke, Lola, Soho Punch and Sirena :)

    Lovely swatches!

  8. Do you own all of Zoya's polishes? :) Seriously awesome swatches, and I appreciate the spam.

  9. Wow. Marathon post.
    I like Melodie.
    I'm a Jennifer and I'm disappointed with the thusly named polish.
    Of academic interest only to me in England. No Zoya for me.

  10. omg, thank you SO MUCH for this post! i wasn't even considering brie, skye, and tobey before, but now i waaaant them! *adds to wishlist*

  11. Damnit Scrangie! ;) I totally had my list all set. Now, after viewing all these lovely polishes, I'm going to have to start over.

    These were some seriously gorgeous swatches. Thanks for posting them. I love your Zoya posts.

  12. Thank you so much for these!! I really appreciate seeing Zoyas that aren't often mentioned much in blogs or message boards.

    I have to admit, I giggled when I saw what you wrote next to Raine :) I love that entire game series.

  13. I recently exchanged and I ordered Lexi! (:
    I'm so glad it looks nice because I was hesitant and on a maybe with Lexi but I'm glad I stuck with it.
    Meadow looks really nice.. similar to Happi and some other one that's really similar.
    Purity looks like a white matte, is it or is it just a white creme?
    Raine looks really nice but sheer :\ & I have ugly nail lines haha :\

  14. Thanks for this, I think I found a few that I just love!

  15. Whoah! Thanks so much for all the pix!

  16. Thanks for all the swatches! Yay! So many gorgeous colors.

  17. Thanks for posting so many gorgeous colors!

  18. Hi,
    we are sending U "I love your blog" Award

    Klub Lakierowy Team

  19. Great!! Just added 5 more colors to my list of wants!! :)

  20. I think Zoya probably has lots of under-rateds hiding in their regular line!
    Thanks so much for this post!

  21. Thanks!! I'd already placed my exchange-order and sent in my polishes when you posted this; but you do the best swatch-photos I've seen, and it was nice to see good shots of Brizia, Diem, Fawne, Lyric, and Raine.

  22. Thanks so much for posting. I have been looking for good Zoya swatches. There are some amazing colours here, like! I simply must have them :-)

  23. Really cool of you to post these! I'd never have noticed most of them if it weren't for your swatches =)

  24. You're such a wonderful person. <3 I'm really interested in a couple of the nudes, and Raine. Hmmm.

  25. Zoya has neon shades? I never knew. Thanks for posting these lovely swatches!

  26. The colours all look so gorgeous, you make me NEED to go out and buy my 1st Zoya polishes!!

    I want your polish collection >.<

  27. Thanks for these! I've looked all over at swatches. I have so many Zoyas that I thought there wasn't possibly another color in their collection that I would want, but I haven't seen some of these before! You're the best!

  28. you're crazy !!
    why did you post up these pictures again! it's tempting me and making me go mad because i'm on a self-ban ! i MUST resist, besides, i can't get those as i'm not based in USA. but oh look at all those pretty colors. you've got me bad !

  29. ooh aaah calypsoooh is really pretty!

    i have Uli it is gorgeous and i got it because my dog's name is Uli (altough he is a boy...hmmmm)

  30. I am in loooove with Skye its sooo rich and smooth looking. Then there is the polish that I would love for it to have been a pretty color cause its my name---Jennifer, but dang it that color sux!

  31. Thanks a bunch! I seem to miss out on these exchanges and am finally on top of things. But they have soooo many colors, its difficult to narrow down because some look pretty from the pics of the bottles but then I see it swatched and it looks totally different.

  32. I must admit, I was quite a few of those google hits :)

    Thanks for the swatches, going to put in for my round 2 of exchange orders.

  33. hey, by any chance, do you know whether this exchange thing is USA exclusive? im suspecting that this service isnt avaliable for hong kong (international) polisholics, sigh...

  34. Scrangie, I think I love you. thanks for this!!!!

  35. Awesome post. I don't even have to go color-choosing now for summer.
    Thank you, Scrangie!

  36. WOW!!! Thanks so much, this is exactly what I've been looking for!

    I've been trying to decide on a good nude/neutral shade to get from Zoya that would match my skintone...but no one ever swatches those colors so it's hard to decide!

    This helps a lot :)

  37. Thank you Scrangie for the swatches! You are the best!

  38. Lexi is gorgeous, thanks for the tip and Persiphony as well, both of which got added to my list after seeing this post. I also think Tess is much overlooked and often mis-categorized as a frost when it's really a foil with amazing shimmer.

  39. This is awesome that you did this! I have to go and check out more of your links to see what else you have done. :)

  40. YAY! So happy to see that you put Lexi girl in there! And you also mentioned that she has an awesome duochrome effect! So cool, deffinetly doesn't get enough love. I will get her someday, especially since it has my middle name! (well it's Alexis but my family calls me Lexi ^.^) Thanks so much for all the swatches, must take a lot of time and patience, so I appreciate for all the swatches and detailed reviews that you constantly, and with lots of care, provide for us fellow polish fiends in arms. Really appreciate it :)))


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