Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zoya Spring 2010 Teaser

Here's the first little peek at what Zoya has planned for next year... This collection is called Reverie:

All I know about this collection is that it's set for Spring 2010 and it'll be a set of six colors.

First impressions? I love the bright, sunny, hopeful look of this picture. The sun is rising and shining with bright colors. That seems pretty symbolic to me, and I really could use a giant dose of happiness right about now. Really looking forward to seeing the actual shades! Model seems to be wearing a metallic coral or pink.... hmm... We shall see!


  1. I could use a double dose of happiness myself :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing these.

    How is your diet going?

  2. Caitlin, I can't waaaaaaait to see what the colors are! Suspense!

    BarcelonaChair, me too! And uh... I'm not on a diet? lol I think you have me confused with someone else!

  3. Mmm, that picture is the first that's made me long for summer since fall started. I love wearing dark fall/winter colors, but around Feb or so, I'm itching for some summer stuff. But this promo pic and your description of it made me long for the beach. Thanks Scrangie : ).

  4. ooohh, I have been looking for some news on Zoya now that I'm hooked...and yes, your awsome swathces are to blame ;)
    Cant wait to see a bit more about the spring collection!!

  5. Pretty! I agree with newsystyle...what is it about February that makes me long for summer colours? I think the shortest month is the most bleak in an odd way...

    Hope the dose of happiness lasts for a while. Hang in there!!

  6. I'm sorry scrangie, I got you and my other fav blogger mixed up.

    My apologies :)

  7. Hi Scrangie :)
    I know this is about the nail polish but I loved the eye shadow the model is wearing, too bad nobody has that skin without photoshop lol

  8. Newsystyle, I want to see some snow first, maybe one good week of pristine white snow... and then I'll be wishing for summer, hahaha :D

    Jackie853, awe, I'm glad I could help!

    Melli, thanks <3 Last year winter made me go crazy- still freezing in March- I was convinced it was never going to end and we were going to freeze forever! O_o

    BarcelonaChair, haha no problem! :D I was worried for a second that maybe my fingers were starting to look chubby, lol

    Sharon, Zoya's models always have such good makeup. Second only to Color Club's models! But I would love to have that faux-skin! :D

  9. wow this looks exciting :O), i cant wait for the launch, looks to me like they maybe bright metallics or douchromes ?

  10. Is it too much to hope for more metallics and / or duochromes?

  11. there is going to be a duochrome! Purple and green, I heard.



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