Friday, December 18, 2009

Another little super-quick Zoya Reverie preview

Just got some little swatches of Zoya's new Reverie collection- very interesting!

They all look duochromey/iridescent. Adina is by far the best, with a rich purple base and strong green/teal duochrome. Not a dupe of Ki, but similar feel to it. Best color I've seen in a while. Closest thing it comes to is Nubar Peacock Feathers, but it's not a dupe of that either. Very rich color.

Here's a couple quick shots of the swatches- hopefully I'll have the real thing to swatch soon! I know, they're blurry and glare-y, but I had like two seconds to take the pictures, sorry :(

Flash, shows the gold duochrome, click to enlarge.

Indoor ambient light, really shows the nice duochrome on Adina and accurate representation of the colors of the rest. Click to enlarge.

Closeup of Adina.

They all look pretty in person, but I'm most excited about Adina. It's awesome.


  1. I love the complexity of Zoya colours. Many brands have shimmer or duochrome but when Zoya formulates them, they have a very sophisticated effect.
    I can always identify a Zoya polish because of that.

    I wait with bated breath for your swatches.

  2. Question:
    1. If I put a shiny top coat on the matte velvet, will it dry shiny or will the color still be matte? Do I even need a topcoat for a matte?

    2. If I put a matte top coat on a shiny polish, will it turn the shiny polish matte?

  3. Thank you for the preview! Agree that one looks the best. My other picks are Happi and Laney.

  4. Adina really is interesting! I feel also Gwin calling my name. :)
    Thank You for these swatches!

  5. These look gorgeous! This and the new China Glazes are both spring collections I'll be buying the whole collection set, as opposed to bits and pieces, it's all so beautiful!

  6. Don't be sorry that they are blurry. It is super that you post stuff so much in advance. I love finding out first what is coming up. And your blog is where I come to check out what's new.


  7. could happy possibly be a dupe of china glaze "pink-rox-e" or opi "love me tender"??

  8. Adina does look lovely! Thanks for the swatches :)

  9. I think Happi may be my "Pink grapefruit" lemming! I'm so excited!!

  10. Oooh, love Adina! Happi looks so cute and pretty too!!!

  11. Hi :-) I love your blog! And I just read the interwiew at getcha nails did. could you post a picture of how you orgnize your nail polishes in Helmer?

    I'm desperatly trying to find a way to organize my polishes :)

  12. thank you for this Scrangie!! You do so much awesome stuff for us, and i love these quick and dirty previews :o)

  13. I agree with barcelonachair.Iam getting the entire set.

  14. I have a question!

    I am pining away for Sally Hansen's American Beauty, but since it's not available for the US buyers, do you know of any polishes that could be a dupe, or even close?

    Thank you. :-)


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