Monday, December 14, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Spam

I was able to re-do a couple of Rescue Beauty Lounge swatches... Cause some of my old ones are pretty bad.... And I know lots of people like to look at swatches before a sale :)

Didn't get to do as many as I'd hoped, but still got a few done!

Atame. Sunlight, indoors.

Bruised. Sunlight, indoors.

No More War.

Plie. Sunlight, indoors.

Purple Haze. Not as blue in real life, but this is the best picture I've gotten of it so far!

Mismas. Again, less blue in real life.

Orbis Non Sufficit.

Sheer Red. Three coats. Looks kinda pink/coral-ish at three coats, probably best layered over white or silver.

Locavore. Damn, I love this polish.


Look Rich, Be Cheap.

And since a few people asked, here are my top ten favorite must-have Rescues (excluding discontinued ones, Scrangie and the other bloggers... cause... you can't vote for yourself and I'm not choosing favorites!) Though it must be said... All three blogger polishes are outstanding and I wear them all frequently.

  1. Recycle
  2. Locavore
  3. No More War
  4. Teal
  5. Dead Calm
  6. Purple Haze
  7. Look Rich Be Cheap
  8. Frugalista
  9. Grunge
  10. Stormy


  1. ahh thank you! you have given me like 3 more lemmings! uh oh...

  2. I'm looking for some way to afford ordering a few RBL polishes during the sale - I don't know why, but I seriously want all those glitter polishes!

  3. omg thank you you read my mind! I was just about to go search your swatches to decide what I want to buy tomorrow. Although, now I want some glitters, and I don't even like glitters

  4. I'm torn between Under the Stars and Dead Calm... It's nice to know which of those two made it to your top ten.

    Thanks for the swatches! I love your work!

  5. Oh man, I think this sale will finally make me break. I have yet to find an olive green like No More War, and Scrangie is just too pretty to resist.

    Er...I mean the polish there, but I know Scrangie the blogger is a beautiful doll too!

    I'll shut up now. ^_^

  6. Purple Haz and Locavore look gorgeous! I love all these beautiful glitters.

  7. Ooh I must have good taste! Between the ones I already own and the ones I'm getting tomorrow I have 9 of your top 10. I don't have LRBC because I don't wear gold. Thanks for the swatches!

  8. Can't wait till the RBL sale. I've been dying to get the Scrangie polish, but I'm on a budget. So tm I will be able to get it!

  9. If it's as beautiful as it looks (and is as wonderful as everyone sez) I could need 2 bottles of Scrangie since it's a limited ed. I know you can't vote for yourself, but help a sister out.

  10. thanks for your swatches. Is there any other teal dupes out there or do i need to buy backups lol.

  11. You are my favorite resource, especially for RBL! I just ordered a bunch along with a backup of "Scrangie" as a preventative measure because it's so unique. ;)

    I swear, if Ji has one more of these sales, I might end up owning every polish in the line...

  12. So excited! Just got Mismas, Teal and Killa Red! Can't wait!

  13. Jackie S- They were all out of Under the stars, so I only got 4 instead of 5. :)

  14. They were all out of Teal *sigh*.

  15. Also, I emailed customer service to ask if they would be offering more "Under the stars" and they responded "We're not sure"...YIKES!

  16. OMG I love "No More War," but I cannot find it online!! I did see that they have other colors, but at $18 a bottle, is it worth it? I have natural nails and color doesn't always last that long on me. BTW I love your site!


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