Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oops... Barielle sale

I was totally disappointed by the lack of good Cyber Monday sales. So disappointed that I completely missed this email sitting in my inbox...

Until December 2nd, get 20% off your entire order at Barielle! Plus buy 2 get 1 free and free shipping over $50 as usual.

The email doesn't specify a code, so it might just apply automatically.

I don't have too many Barielle swatches (Fall 2009, Fall 2008 and Summer 2009) but you can take a look here if you need help.

The only other polish-related Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal I saw was Essie giving away a sheer pink polish on Friday and a 2oz lotion on Monday. lol. Better than nothing I guess!

EDIT: Holy crap, apparently Zoya had an awesome 'Green Friday' sale too.... I totally dropped the ball on that one. I guess that's what happens when I don't pay attention to my email or Twitter over a long Holiday week/weekend! Boo :(


  1. Did you see Zoya's "Green Friday"?

  2. It did just apply automatically. They didn't seem to have a big selection, so I skipped it.

    Did, however, go for the Green Friday deal at Zoya. 9 polishes for $27 shipped? Count me in!


  3. I caught the Zoya email, and made my purchase, I'm so excited because I don't have ANY green polishes...its like St. Patty's day in December :)

  4. Hi Scrangie!

    I didn't get any good cyber monday deals either :/ Everything I've been wanting is regular price, so maybe that's why ;p

  5. Seriously, $27 for 9 polishes is awesome! Especially when 6 of them are GREEEEEN. :D
    I've always been a little skeptical of the quality of Zoya polishes, so I hadn't tried any, but this deal was too good to pass up!

  6. Gah. I was gonna take advantage of Green Friday (even though I, um, already have four of those colors) and I completely forgot about it. Family parties kind of got in the way, heh.

  7. Hi ya! :)

    I didn't buy a thing during the BlackFriday, so I decided to enjoy the discounts finally on CyberMonday.

    I got a ton of things from E.L.F. with a 70% (yes, 70%) discount on all of their mineral products. Total made up $67, but I paid only $30 incl. shipping. (I got some extra non-mineral products, so it looks just 50% cheaper.)

    I hope all goes fine. Can't wait for my haul! Yeaaah! :D

  8. I got the Zoya Green Friday deal and Barielle's. Squee!!!!!

  9. I did the Zoya Green Friday thing! I guess it ships from really near where I live so I got my package today. So excited! I hardly have any Zoya.

  10. when I heard of zoyas green friday, I was so excited - only to find out Zoya does not ship internationally, so no chance for me to get those lovely green polishes *sigh* I have to order them all one by one *sigh*
    in Germany there is nothing like a black friday or cyber monday thing, no sales, no goodies, no freebies, nothing. nothing even remotely similar.

  11. Wow, I totally got the Zoya deal. I was highly excited except that I tried from like midnight on Thanksgiving when it started until about 2 p.m. on Black Friday before I could get my order to go through. They had to put up extra servers to control the traffic. According to twitter there were like 43000!(yes forty-three THOUSAND) orders that day alone! I had three of the greens but think that for the price they will be great gifts to my cuz! AND THANKS TO YOU DEAREST AND YOUR FAB SWATCHES I PICKED OUT SOME OF THE COOLEST COLORS!!

  12. I ordered the Green Friday deal, I just could not let that go. I don't have any of those greens, so this is an amzing deal for me! I am anxiously waiting for the order to come!!

  13. i'm so mad! I missed out on the Zoya deal. I was like, a day late. :( :( :(


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