Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Nail Designs from Fing'rs EDGE!

Halloween is this weekend! I know that a lot of people are using fake nails as part of their costumes, and I recently received some new styles of press-on artificial nails from Fing'rs to try. Some of these styles would be great for Halloween (or just every day)!

Here's the 31388 style and the 31194 style.

31388 is a sheer nude base with a hot pink french tip and a black diagonal grid design. They're inspired by International Recording Artist Mylin, who I'll admit I've never heard of, but she looks kinda like Jackie Warner. I think these would go great with an 80's/90's Prom Queen costume!

The 31194 style is a sheer nude base with white french tip and black polka dots. Very retro-50's looking, maybe these would go well with a retro glamour girl costume. I really wanted to wear these. Boo. They're so cute.

As much as I was looking forward to putting these on to review, I couldn't. To be completely honest, these are too short for me to even wear. As I was sizing the tips and getting ready to apply, I realized that these nails only covered about 3/4 of my nail bed. I would literally have to cut off my fingertips to wear these... so, sadly, I can't show pictures of these on my nails. When they say short, THEY MEAN IT! Hahahaha. I have long nail beds with fairly 'skinny' nails so many press-on nails don't fit me exactly right. I think these are better suited for someone with naturally shorter nail beds and wider nails.

However, one of the styles just barely fit my fingers!

Style 31269. A sheer nude base with deep blue metallic tips. Really cool looking. The tip is kinda glowy and reflective. Would make a good polish color. I wonder if I have a polish that matches this color? Hmm.

Here's how they look on me:

Pretend that you don't see my middle and pinkie nails sticking up over the top of the fakes. I had to file my nails down as far as they would go without bleeding to wear these, but my pinkie and middle were still just a bit too long.

I think they look pretty good, if not a little too wide for my nail beds. I can handle a french manicure when the tip is a fun color, and this blue is really fun. You can see in the flash picture that it's very reflective. It always has a section where the light is hitting the tip and there's a lighter stripe. It moves as you move your hands. Really fascinating!

I used the included glue to apply these, but they also come with stick-on tabs. The tabs are great if you only want to wear these for the night, as they remove *very* easily with warm water. The glue will give you a week of wear if you wanted to keep them on for a while.

For some tips on application, check out my older press-on nail reviews! But really, the two things you really need to know are:

Don't use too much glue. Just a little on the center of your natural nail. Otherwise the glue will get EVERYWHERE and you'll glue your hands to things unintentionally. Not like I'd know... *cough cough*

Press down hard! If you release the nail before the glue is dry or your pressure is uneven, this can cause air bubbles. Air bubbles not only look obvious with a sheer base nail like this, but they can collect moisture and condensation which can lead to some nasty things growing under your nail.

Other than that, these are fun and easy to use. A quick way to change your nails for an event. Best suited for people with shorter nail beds. I myself prefer a much longer nail, but I've heard from many people when I do my fake nail reviews that a short length is preferred for them. So, your mileage may vary!


  1. These are really cute! I like the French w/fun tip colors...I can't handle the ubiquitous "White Out" manicure. If I could wear fake nails, I'd try these because I lack the time & patience to do a French on myself. Alas, my nails are kinda weird shaped too. But thanks for sharing these, I got a lot of inspiration from the designs!

  2. These are the only Frenchies I can take. They are cute. Too bad they're so short. Usually fake nails are too long. I also never heard of the girl on the cover.

  3. I used to be a chronic nail biter so i did falsies like these for special occasions, up until i took a real interest in polish and started painting instead of nibbling :) but i could never get the french ones to fully adhere to my nailbed. no matter how hard and long i pressed i always had air bubbles and it always looked a mess - i guess my nails are too flat for them. So i just used the fully painted ones. But these are reallly cute. I esp love the blue shiney ones - def a smart soloution to broken nails or biters. Ive found that these can also help ppl stop biting if they wear them all the time until their real nails grow out enough to be paint-worthy (but keep removing and switching sets for cleanliness of course-or they get gross underneath).

  4. I like these, can you get them at places like Wal Mart? I've done my nails with the pink tips before, but by myself, not with fake nails.

  5. they are very pretty and would be fun to try out sometime!

  6. Those polka dotted tips are so cute!

  7. Your nails! Too short! Haha, that's too short for me, but I like the blue and pink ones.

  8. I think they look really pretty:)

  9. These are really cute!
    I really like the blue ones.

  10. Say it isn't so!! You filed down your natural nails to put these on? I couldn't bear the thought of doing that to my own nails (takes me FOREVER to get a perfect 10!). You are BRAVE! ;)

    ps. your natural nails look infinitely better! ;)

  11. Very cute - love the blue tip. I've worn several fake sets by Fing'rs Edge, similar to the ones in your past posts. I was at this random dollar store in Atlantic City one time, and found a huge heap of these kits for $1 a piece - I bought 9, obviously.

    Have you ever used a brush on nail glue? They sell a few at Sally Beauty, I think mine is IBD brand. I think it's a LOT easier to control than the kind that they give you with these kits.

  12. I agree with Patricia...say it isn't so! You filed your nails down short?! Your nails are more perfect than perfection - don't do that for stupid falsies! :-)

  13. The nails that did fit looked cute on you!

    With the small size,I would probably need to double up and wear two per nail. ;)

  14. wow they look really good on you i wasnt so sure when you said stick on but they look fab! A perfect quick fix !

  15. I almost bought these but thought they would be too short too. glad I didn't!! I did get the decals you posted last week though. I have butterflies on my ring fingers!! :D

  16. Ella Runciter, nah, I can't either, they look so tacky with the white out tips! I like the designs Fing'rs does, but they need more sizes!

    Lucy, me too. Colored tips are fun!

    SassyJeni, awe, that's cool! Congrats on not biting! :D

    JustSomeNailsByMJ, yep, Wal-Mart, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens I think... pretty much everywhere!

    Mama Jen, I end up taking them off after a few hours, lol! But some have such awesome designs!

    Asami, I agree, oh Queen of Nail Art <3

    Arianne, lol, yes, way too short!

    Sanna, thank you <3

    Phyrra, I liked the blue too, I haven't seen any blue-tipped frenches on anyone so they stood out!

    Patricia, lol, I'm really not attached to my nail length, mine grow extremely fast and I'm always changing my mind about how long I like them :D But thank you! I agree, I like my natural nails a lot better!

    Ann Loves Beauty, sweet deal! I've been randomly raiding drugstores for cool fakes I'll probably never wear, haha! I do love IBD brush-on glue, I'll have to use it when I try these again!

    Coloruza, awwweee! Thank you! I don't mind filing down every now and then, my nails grow very quickly :)

    Paintedladyfinger, I can just picture that... it would look like scales! Hahahaha!

    Beauty Shed, I agree, great for a quick fix! You can get this on in like 5 minutes and no waiting for drying polish!

    Anotheremptysky, I'm really shocked at how short these were. I've tried some others from this brand that weren't quite as short so it was really surprising! Though I reeeeealllly love those decals, I have them stockpiled! XD

  17. I have wide, flat nail beds of moderate length, so while I rarely have trouble getting press-ons to fit, they always lift at the edges (due to the flatness of my nail beds) after a day. I have found some recently that are made for flat nail beds, which made me oh-so-happy.

    Of course, I've had gel nails pretty much continuously for -- oh, 5 years now. (I have hypothyroidism, which wreaks havoc on my natural nails; they're so brittle and dry that they won't grow without cracking and peeling.) But I use press-ons when one (or two) of my nails breaks and I can't get in to see my manicurist for a quick fix.


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