Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Illamasqua!

Two of my favorite British things turned a little older this week.... Yesterday it was Gavin, today it's Illamasqua!

Illamasqua turns one year old today. How cool is that?

I've been kind of in love with Illamasqua ever since I laid eyes on this:

Illamasqua Rampage

Happy birthday, Illamasqua! I hope there's many more years of dark, edgy and awesome nail polish and makeup to come!


  1. Shibong rules Halloween!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see Halloween marshmellows fall off their magical tractors and get stuck in orange lampshades!!! GO SHIBONG QUISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous. Glossy and properly green and not black. Love your photos. And you apply your polish beautifully - if only all bloggers were as meticulous!!

  3. I'm just on my way back from Illamasqua in London. It was a great atmosphere at the counter and the MUA's halloween make up was out of this world. I also had a sneak preview of 2x new nail varnishes. Totally breathtaking. Best ones yet.

  4. I love Rampage. Happy Birthday to them!

  5. What a beautiful green!!! I strictly wear OPI polish, not to be a brand snob, but having that one little rule limits how much money I spend. It was green that did me in though, I waited and waited for Aragon but when I saw it was so black, I caved and bought the entire Nubar Greener collection. Green is my downfall.

  6. After looking at all of your Illamasqua posts, I decided to get a few of their polishes (including Rampage, of course) from Sephora just before their F&F ended. I can't wait to try them for myself! :D

  7. Just a beautiful green. I must get this one. I ordered two from Sephora and I hope it was this one. I forget what I ordered!

  8. That green is too beautiful for my eyes!

  9. Shibong Quisha, YEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! GO SHIBONG!!!!!!!! <3

    Jaljen, awwe, thank you!

    Helen, I'm so jealous!!! Ahhh! Lucky girl!!

    Nail Fanatic, it's perfection!

    EJSelf, oh, it's a slippery slope! So many good greens! I'm a green addict as well :D

    Tiffany, congrats! You'll love them, they're so smooth and buttery and perfect. I'm impressed and addicted, lol

    Lucy, shopping amnesia! I get that, haaha :D You need this if you like green, it's fantastic

    Glockoma, isn't it?! I'm in love!

  10. I normally don't gravitate towards green polishes. I just haven't ever been drawn to them. I tend to get reds, pinks, dark blues and very dark purples. THIS I love though. I kept coming back to your blog to look at it, and I broke down earlier today and ordered it. Finally, a green I think I will enjoy on my fingers! Thanks so much!


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