Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini Glitter Collection Holiday 2011 Swatches and Review

Looking for an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea? These Hard Candy Just Nails mini nail polishes are only $1 each. Sure, you can get a full sized Wet n Wild polish for a dollar, too, but... These have shiny heart rings on them. Either way, they're cute and affordable. They come in eight different shades, none of which seem to have names, and each one has a matching heart-shaped ring on the neck of the bottle.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Black with silver glitter.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Blue foil.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Gold glitter in sheer yellow base.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Green jelly with green, gold and blue glitter.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Pink with silver foil particles.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Purple shimmer with pink microglitter.

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Red with gold foil sparkle (looks like Hard Candy Lava).

Hard Candy Just Nails Mini - Silver foil glitter in sheer silver shimmer base.

The formula on these is a mixed bag. These are not the same formula as the full sized Hard Candy Just Nails polishes. Some applied flawlessly, like the pink foil and the red foil. Others were thick and gooey, like the gold glitter and the black glitter. Some were watery, like the purple with microglitter. Application wasn't so bad, but the formula wasn't consistent. Neither were the brushes. The weirdest thing about these is the smell. It smells exactly like being sprayed directly in the nostrils with a can of Silly String. You know that smell? What, you've never been sprayed in the face with Silly String? Man, you haven't lived until you've experienced a face full of Silly String.

It was green Silly String... nobody knows how he got it. Black market maybe.

Overall, not the greatest quality polishes, but not expensive, either. They look just fine on the nails and the glitters layer well. My picks would be the green jelly glitter, which was a huge surprise. It's really pretty. Then I'd say the purple with microglitter seems pretty unique. And if you don't already have Lava in the full size bottle, the mini look-alike is insanely gorgeous and you should at least see it for yourself, if not own a bottle. The others aren't all that unique and they smell kinda crazy, you could probably pass on them and not be missing out.

These are available exclusively at Walmart, are limited edition and retail for $1 per bottle.

(This was sent to me for review.)


  1. The purple is soooo pretty!!! It reminds me of Vivid Violet from Avon, except this one has microglitter. I love it.

  2. I can only find the blue, green, gold, and purple!! I guess I need to try another location. They're too cute and fun to pass up! I still have my original collection of the Hard Candy polish rings from when I was in middle school!!!!! = ]

  3. most of these look similar to the gift packs they had last year for christmas. I purchased 2 of the packs last year, one had 4 full sized polishes and the other had 4 mini.

    The weird thing is that in Canada they don't sell the regular full size line of Hard Candy polishes :( I was so excited to find the sets last year, hopefully they have some other gift sets for this year :)

  4. all are great shades gold glitter and Green jelly are my fav among all

  5. Oh thank goodness I dont want any of it! :)

  6. I am loving all of the foils,and that green jelly polish!

  7. These are pretty! I wonder why the formula was different for the minis though? So odd! And that is crazy about the smell! haha. I'll probably pick a few up as gifts =)

  8. When will companies realize that "sheer yellow" is NOT a good look? Urine hands, anyone?

  9. So I had never really tried Hard Candy, but I won their latest "collection" and was seriously impressed with their formula. It surprises me that these aren't great since their regular sized polishes were just fine.

  10. They are realy cute!! Are they sold online?
    Kiss XX

  11. Thanks, everyone :D

    Danielle, I know they have at least one gift set this year that has four mini glitter polishes, but I haven't seen any others!

    Laura, haha, agreed! Though it's really not so bad if you layer it, you can't tell the base is yellow. Whew!

    The Lacquered Lady, well, these aren't *terrible*, but they're definitely not the same as the full sizes. I have a bunch of those and they smell and feel and apply completely different from these minis.

    Bárbara, I don't think so! At least when I tried to find them online before, it said you could only get them in store. I'm sorry!

  12. Hy! Its a pitty..
    Well I just found them on ebay.. quite expensive!
    But they are indeed super pretty =D

  13. My favorite is the purple color! But I hate watery polish... And I have inconsistent polishes even more. I like to buy a complete collection every time I can (having solo polish is kinda sad for me...), but I wouldn't spend money on something unreliable! Thank you for this review!

  14. i've been looking for a super cheap, glittery red - i think i just found it! thanks for posting :)

  15. To be honest, I want these just for the decorative value. I love that first photo with the bottles line up lol.

  16. I just LOVE the blue foil and the gold glitter jelly. Which is the biggest surprise for me since I don't like yellow polish. I don't own one yellow polish, that yellow might be my first yellow polish ever haha.

  17. Found a couple bottles of the gold and one of the green today! SO glad I looked -- thanks for the head's up!

  18. What happened to Hard Candy? In the 90s I rememeber having to go to a posh department store miles away to get them. I bought Pimp, Angel and Jailbait, and I still have them. But nowadays they seem kind of mainstream, to me.

    1. I'm pretty sure they went through some type of restructuring a few years back- either they went out of business completely, or they were bought by someone else. The whole brand was entirely re-done and now it's kind of an overpriced but still sorta cool drugstore brand. Walmart-exclusive, actually. They have changed a LOT over the years :(


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