Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Urban Decay Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette for Summer 2011

Let me tell you about my new favorite thing. The Urban Decay Rollergirl eyeshadow palette. It's new for summer, just like the Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Polish Set. Yeah, I love nail polish... but, frankly, I prefer the Rollergirl palette over the nail kit! I mean, just look at it.... It has shiny metallic gold foil with hot pink accents and the front of it has black and white photos of a super sexy roller girl. Shiny foil, black and white photography and hot chicks is a pretty unbeatable combination. It would only be better if the foil was hologram foil, and even better than that would be if the lady was wearing glittery holographic disco-ball skates and matching bikini.

One thing that I think is great about this palette is that it isn't just eyeshadow, but it's also not one of those nasty mixed shadow-and-gloss (or even the occasional cream shadow/liner) palettes where the gloss gets all covered in eyeshadow dust and becomes gross to look at after the first time you use it. This palette comes with its own mini lipgloss and mini eyeliner, independent of the palette. You can take out the eyeliner and replace it with a different color, or even a brush... I like that. I don't like that there's nowhere to store the gloss that comes with, but the glosses always end up in my purse anyway, so I suppose it's not that big of a deal.

With and without flash. This palette contains: Woodstock eyeshadow, Verve eyeshadow (exclusive to this palette), Suspect eyeshadow, Darkhorse eyeshadow, Whiskey 24/7 Eyeliner mini and a mini Lip Junkie gloss in Crush (not pictured).

All of this comes nestled in a fancy velvet tray with plastic sleeve, but I didn't get a picture of that.

Closeups of a few of the shadows:
This picture shows some of the sparkle in Verve and the bright color of Woodstock. Don't be afraid to click through to see the full sizes!

This one shows the sparkles/microglitter in Darkhorse and the texture of Suspect.

This is the mini size Whiskey liner that comes with the palette. It's a medium matte brown. It's slightly warm with nice autumn tones to it.

Wanna know something pathetic? I can't roller skate. When I have roller skates on, I just sorta... gently roll backwards and then fall on my ass. I can't figure out how to roll forward. I can rollerblade just fine, though I haven't done that since that one time I was walking my dog while wearing rollerblades. That activity ended up with me wiping out on concrete and scraping off/gashing open the tips of all the fingers on one hand, then bleeding all the way back to the car... That was a fun story! Anyway....

Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion. Left to right. Woodstock, medium to dark-ish hot pink with a satiny-shimmer finish, like satin ribbon. Verve, a light beige-champagne shimmer with hints of grey and pink frost. Suspect, a light bronze-brown metallic shimmer. Darkhorse, a dark neutral nearly-matte brown base with gold microglitter that doesn't show up when swatched or worn. Whiskey 24/7 pencil, which is warm matte brown and Crush Lip Junkie which is a creme semi-sheer hot pink.

The Lip Junkie is really cute in that tiny little tube. The formula of it is really nice. It's smooth and slick with only a hint of sticky, and it's in the medium-to-thin range in terms of thickness. It has a soft vanilla mint scent, like those chalky little buttermint candies that some restaurants have near the cash register. It tastes sweet and slightly minty. It has a little bit of a cooling feeling but not significant or strongly tingling. It's supposed to be a plumping gloss, but it doesn't have a sting, a numbing effect or a strong cold tingle like most plumping glosses. It doesn't wear for very long, but while it does it's very glossy and the color goes perfect with the shadow colors.

The eyeshadow is a mixed bag in terms of formula. Woodstock is a bit of a disappointment because it's hard, too tightly packed and not very pigmented. It's not very easy to apply, but the color is great. Verve and Suspect are perfect- silky, shiny, decent pigmentation but can be layered or used wet for more shiny metallic goodness. Darkhorse is a bit hard and a little chalky, it could use more pigment and payoff, and the glitter never shows up. It's not bad, I think it's a fantastic crease color and I like the neutral shade of dark brown, but it has to be applied a little more heavily to achieve the same darkness as the pan color.

The eyeliner is fantastic, but it's rare that an Urban Decay 24/7 isn't fantastic. It really does glide on, and once it's set, it stays on. Decent color payoff- it's not one of those shades that you have to keep going over to get it to show up, but it's also not super dense and bold like Zero.

Like I said above, this is my new favorite palette. For one, the colors all go together so there's nothing to think about. My brain is very fuzzy lately and I can never quite figure out which colors to put together when faced with a drawer of shadow singles or even a bigger more varied palette. Since there's no guesswork, I can use this as one of those superfast I'm-in-a-hurry-but-still-want-to-look-good shadow looks. Verve is just super pretty and flattering and you could wear it on its own and still look 'done'. Here's one easy look I've been doing with this palette:

This is:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Verve all over lid and in inner corner
Suspect on outer half of lid
Darkhorse in crease
Woodstock on lower lashline using Morphine 24/7 Shadow pencil as a base
MAC Vanilla shadow on browbone
Milani Liqif'Eye pencil in black
Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss as liner (these things seriously rock)
Benefit BadGAL mascara

Another thing that I've been doing is using Woodstock wet as liner on the top instead of on the bottom. It works much better wet, especially with this Pixi Eye Liner Sealer stuff I've been using as a mixing medium.

No, the colors aren't crazy bright and neon or packed with glitter or duochrome, but I still love it. It's neutrals that don't look boring plus a little hit of color. I think Urban Decay did a great job with that theme in this palette. I think that's also the reason I liked the Sustainable Shadow palette so much, too... Nice easy neutrals with a little pop of color. I do wish Woodstock was smoother and more pigmented and that the glitter in Darkhorse didn't disappear, but those are my only complaints. Not too many overused repeat shadows (I didn't have Woodstock yet, so that was a bonus), either... No Baked / Half Baked / Twice Baked / Smog / Shattered for the millionth time. Thank you, Urban. I do love those colors... but they seem to be in almost every palette you make, which means if you collect all the palettes like I do, there's a ton of overlap. I love getting new/exclusive colors in palettes.

I ordered mine from Sephora, but I think everyone that sells Urban Decay is carrying this now. This set costs $32 and I'm pretty sure I remember reading that it was limited edition, but now I can't find where it said that... Anyone know?


  1. Haha, I have that leaf dish! I use it as a soap dish in the bathroom - it's pretty :D And I looooove Woodstock.

  2. very pretty colors. I love the bold pink with the neutral lid

  3. Thanks for the review! I want this like crazy, but haven't had the funds for it. Its sad to hear that Woodstock isn't very pigmented, but I would but this for Darkhorse alone, love that color! And YAY for an UD palette with NO CHUNKY GLITTER!!

  4. I don't wear eyeshadow but I looove seeing it on people. Beautiful as always!

  5. Glad to see u are back! Awesome colors!

  6. I totally want this palette! You did an AMAZING job on your eyes! Love it!

  7. I am trying to resist this palette and it is really not working for me. I think I'm just going to have to buy it!

  8. I'm really tempted by this since I think that i could use Woodstock as a blush and therefore bypass the fact that i don't use pink shadow at all...

  9. OUCH to the rollerblading incident! Sounds really painful.

    Back in elementary school, my best friend tried to teach me how to rollerblade. My problem was going way too fast and then I'd always wipe out from being overconfident.
    - Mary

  10. I just found your blog and I really can't get enough of it! I've been eyeing up this palette for a month and a half now so you just inspired me to pick it up. Thanks!!! =)

  11. That looks gorgeous on you...i love this palette, probably even more than the NAKED one, love the pop of pink!!

  12. Oh how pretty is this? Now I have another new lemming jeez!!!

  13. Very pretty eye look. The "Rollergirl" name makes me think of the movie, Boogie Nights. I think the eyeshadow palette is better than the polish set as well. Frankly, UD's foray back into polish has been sort of lame so far. They made some really funky colors in the old days. The new colors are nothing by comparison.

  14. The pink colour it's soooo cool =)

  15. One day I will have the mad liner application skills you possess. It will be a good day for my bright eyeshadows who sit in the dark waiting for me to get confident enough to use them!

  16. I love the look you got with these products! Very pretty!

  17. I'm really glad to see the look you put together with this palette. I have the palette and like it. I think I like Too Faced's Mess in a Dress better than Woodstock, but I definitely thought Woodstock was pretty. Verve was so pretty I was surprised by it. It's a nice set of eye shadows that works well together :)

  18. Scrangie, what brush do you use to put eyeshadow under your lower lashline? It always looks so smooth and neat when you do it.


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