Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeup Monday: Ulta-Exclusive LORAC Multidimensional Beauty Kit

I was so excited to get this when I ordered it, and then things got crazy and I never got to finish my post.... I'm still excited about it, actually, and I've had it for a couple months already.

LORAC Multidimensional Beauty collection. This is an Ulta exclusive and I'm pretty sure it's limited edition. In case you can't tell from this picture, the box is HOLO:

See?! How cool is that?? I know it's just a cardboard box, but it's a hologram cardboard box and you know what a sucker I am for good packaging.

But the outer carton isn't the only thing that's holo-esque... This kit comes with a metal-plated makeup bag that is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. My only complaint is that it's not big enough to carry as a purse. I took a million pictures.

The left hand side of the bag has a rainbow pattern that's always visible, but the right hand side has no stripes.

It changes colors depending on the angle. It's mesmerizing to look at. See down toward the opposite edge of the bag, where it looks like it's lighting up aqua? It looks even better in real life. Holo makeup bag. Gaaaaah so awesome....

Okay, enough about the bag already. Here's what's inside:

Three full sized eyeshadows in 3D-Luxe, 3D-Mension and 3D-Licious plus an Ulta exclusive shade of LORAC 3D Multiplex lipgloss in Ulta Glam.

3D-Luxe is a light ivory with peachy tinted duochrome and subtle iridescent sparkle, 3D-Mension is a plain metallic bronze and 3D-Licious is a MAC Club dupe (red toned brown with green-blue duochrome shimmer).

3D-Luxe is my favorite one... it's so gorgeous, none of my pictures come close to capturing how beautiful it is. It has such delicate iridescent sparkle and just a faint sheen of duochrome across the color...

If you enlarge these, you might be able to pick up a little of the depth of the color. You sorta have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.

The Ulta Glam shade of Multiplex gloss is just as mesmerizing... I think the purchase of the kit was worth it just for this beauty:
Ulta Glam is a copper rose shimmer base, sheer, with strong brassy gold duochrome at one angle and darker pink-rose duochrome at another angle plus lots of iridescent microglitter that also adds to the color-shiftiness. The best part? There's BLUE MICROGLITTER. Blue!!! Glitter!!

Swatched dry over bare skin: 3D-Luxe, 3D-Mension and 3D-Licious shadows and Ulta Glam Multiplex 3D gloss. You can kinda see the blue sparkles in the gloss, right?

This also came with a gift with purchase that I thought was pretty neat:

A sample of LORAC's new Multiplex 3D Lashes mascara that comes on a holo card, in a tube with holo text. Yep, no denying it, I'm easily swayed by how much holo foil comes on the package... The mascara itself it's something I'd normally use. I like the curved plastic pointy bristle brush, but the formula doesn't add any volume. It makes your lashes super long and defined, but doesn't add any thickness. It kinda seems like it makes them curl like those old curling mascaras, but it could just be my imagination....

The formula on the shadows seems consistent with the other LORAC shadows I've tried. Like I've mentioned before, I'm really new to LORAC shadows and I'm still not sure if this is the normal quality and texture or not. The texture is disturbingly soft and loose- I say disturbing because it seems like it loosens so much product every time I touch it with my brush that I could use the entire shadow in a week. Very loosely pressed, soft and powdery. Medium pigmentation and payoff, not super pigmented or opaque. Suitable for wet use to intensify the payoff and color. I'd recommend wet use if you like your colors intense like I do. They don't seem to wear very well due to the super soft light texture; they tend to fade a bit and wear off by the end of the day (I always use primer and it behaves the same over all primers I tried). The colors themselves are pretty and go well together and they look light and luminous on.

The gloss is amazing. I love the Multiplex formula. It's smooth and silky, lasts a reasonable amount of time and tastes/smells amazing. Is it lychee? I have no idea what the scent is, but it's light and fruity and soft and I really really like it. The Ulta Glam shade in this kit does not disappoint. It's super duochrome but also full of microglitter so it's sparkly on top of being duochrome. The only downside is that the glitter is kinda gritty.

I love this kit. I really hope LORAC keeps doing the whole multiplex 3D theme. They enable me in my duochrome addiction... Just wish they'd lower the price on their Multiplex glosses!

This is gone from the Ulta website already, but I've seen plenty of kits still in stock in-store recently, so you should be able to find one if you have an Ulta nearby. The whole kit is only $35 so it's an excellent value- a Multiplex gloss alone is $22 (and no, I won't stop complaining about the price) and a LORAC shadow single is $19.


  1. I really wanted to get this kit, but I'd already gotten a bunch of stuff over the Holidays. Besides, I don't anywhere where that makeup geared more towards nighttime would be needed.. although now that I see swatches, this would work daytime too. I thought 3D-Licious would have more green to it, from the description.

  2. I usually hate when kits come with bags, since I rarely use them...but that one is way cool! Love the gloss as well!

  3. those shadows are gorgeous! is having a sale on lorac cosmetics right now too!

  4. i luv the whole kit and that bag is gorgeous..I really like the whole 3D thing with is very cool

  5. Pretty! From my experience with my own Lorac shadows, the ultra soft, buttery, almost melts when you touch it thing is normal. I don't find the wear all that bad, but like you am afraid if I look at them too hard, they will be gone.

  6. Would love to see you do an EOTD with this, everything is just so awesome! I am a sucker for holo too, whether it be packaging or product :)

  7. Actually if I had seen it around I would have bought it for the make-up bag alone. I love the feel of those types of metallic covers, and the colours on it are just gorgeous.

  8. hm that bag is quite mesmerizing lol. I buy the set just for it :)

  9. Please please please do an EOTD!!!!
    I bought this when it first came out - no little mascara :( but I love this kit and wear everything often.
    I really love the red/green. It looks great when you pile it on. Very dramatic. If you wear it more lightly it's fine for work. I love lining it with a dark forest green.
    This kit is most definitely worth the price!

  10. I have 2 of the Multiplex glosses and if you like Ulta Glam, you'd loooove Vivid and 3D. That bag though is to.die.for.

  11. pretty! I want to see some EOTD's with this, since you do such great shadow liner combos :)

  12. OMG THE BAG AND THE GLOSS!!!! Far out I wish we got cool stuff like that here! So awesome!

  13. Could I just...hold the bag for a little bit?

  14. My shiny-things-weakness tells me I need this.

  15. A holographic Glomesh bag?? *breathes into paper bag* I have to sit down...

  16. Awesome set! Of course, I would like a nail polish that looks like that bag...yep, I'm obsessed! :)

  17. I would love a big bag like that makeup bag! That's just a thing of beauty. I would buy this kit just for that. The gloss is super pretty.

  18. I want it just for the bag. I don't care about the makeup. At all. I WANT THE BAG, SOMEONE SELL ME A BAG!!!!!


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