Monday, May 16, 2011

BB Couture Wild West Collection - The Ladies

BB Couture did another one of those complimentary two-part collections. One half for the ladies, one half for the menfolk. This one is Wild West themed, and today I have the ladies.

Belle Starr. A pretty dusty purple named for a female outlaw and convict whose murder still remains unsolved.

Frontier Woman. A dusty medium blue-toned green with little speckles of silvery-blue shimmer. Can't help but think of the Pioneer Woman when I see the name of this one. They should do a Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man set, haha!

Laced Corset. My favorite of the collection. The base is a dark blue toned purple that is lightened a bit by all the foily metallic silver shimmer. The very best part of this polish is the shiny red glitter. There isn't a lot of it and it's pretty subtle, but it's there and it's wonderful. There's a polish in the men's half of the collection that looks almost identical with a little more of that special red glitter.

Pistol Packin' Mama. Very pretty plum brown with gold shimmer. This is very very dark, it looks mostly black until you see it in sunlight. The base is a dark espresso brown with a hint of plum purple to it. The shimmer is subtle but gives a velvet look to the polish.

Saloon Girl. A magenta berry with some pink shimmer.

Wrangler. A frosty metallic denim blue. This really makes me think of denim. Reminds me of old Maybellines! It's a little on the frosty side, but I do love the look of it.

The formula on these was varied. A couple of the shades were very runny and hard to control while the rest of them were average nice BB Couture formula. I had the most trouble with Pistol Packin' Mama, Belle Starr and Saloon Girl. I did three coats of all in these pictures. The dry time was very good, especially quick when used with Seche Vite.

Part two consists of six shades from the BB Couture For Men line, with more masculine themed names.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I have Frontier Woman and absolutely love it! Formula's perfection and the colour is so beautiful.

    I'm excited about seeing the second part of the collection because I usually gravitate toward their men's colours - the more unusual, the better!

    Thanks for the review and all the swatches, Scrangie. You're the best.
    - Mary

  2. I love these, they are all gorgeous, especially laced corset! I want! These are definetly going on my wishlist.. some definetly ranking higher on the *need* list than others though.

  3. I'm so grateful for this post because I was planning on ordering some BB Couture polishes, including a few of these, and I love being able to see your swatches before I buy. Frontier Woman and Laced Corset are now secure on my list. Thank you for the swatches, and I look forward to the men's side.

  4. Laced Corset is gorgeous! And I totally second the Pioneer Woman / Marlboro Man collection! I <3 them!!

  5. I fee like BBC keeps making the same color collex with little variation over and over again.

  6. i love that first one, it would look so pretty with a glitter graident over it :)

  7. Belle Starr,Laced Corset,and Wrangler are my pics! So pretty!

  8. Wow - I am really loving Frontier Woman. They are all very pretty, though!

  9. Haha, I want pistol packin mama just for the name! Reminds me of my first big show - Annie Get Your Gun.

  10. Laced Corset looks amazing! The rest are gorgeous as well but probably not must haves for me :)

  11. I want Frontier Woman and Laced Corset. I usually jump on these collections. Glad I waited. I'll probably just order the two greens and the purple. Doesn't seem if there's anything new lately.


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