Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trind Caring Colors Swatches and Review

Trind is a brand new brand to me. Up until a few months ago when they contacted me, I had never seen or heard of them before. If you're like me and this is a new brand to you as well, here's a little background information: Trind is a Dutch company that has been developing hand and nail care products since 1988. Their products are designed to work with the natural consistency of the skin and nails in order to heal, strengthen, improve and maintain their condition without damaging them.

I have a few of the Trind treatment products to review (they're lovely) and today I'm going to start off with the biggest category: the Caring Colors nail lacquers.

Numbers 101 and 102 are the Caring Colors Base Coat and Caring Colors Top Coat respectively, and since they're just clear treatments, they're not pictured here. I'm also missing 116, 117 and 119 through 129.

CC 103. Out of all the shades, this is the only one that gave me application trouble. It was a little watery (you can see where it ran into my cuticles) and somewhat streaky. I did four coats here to even everything out. This is a pure white creme.

CC 104. This shade is a sheer fleshy nude pink. It is intended to be worn sheer, but my nails are stained so I applied four coats for this picture.

CC 105. This is a milky jelly pink. It can be worn sheer at one or two coats or built up to this jelly look with four coats like I did.

CC 106. This is a frosty pearl pink, semi-sheer.

CC 107. This is a sheer warm iridescent pink. I did four coats here, but I think this would be nice for layering to add a bit of a mother-of-pearl look.

CC 108. Hot fuchsia shimmer with slight blue/violet flash.

CC 109. Deep mauve frost.

CC 110. Iridescent cocoa mauve frost. Has a slight duochrome effect to it.

CC 111. Purple mauve metallic. Not quite a foil, not smooth enough to be chrome, but definitely metallic.

CC 112. Warm honey brown frost.

CC 113. Muted dark salmon coral frost.

CC 114. Medium coral shimmer.

CC 115. Bright sexy bombshell red creme.

CC 118. Velvety looking cool toned red shimmer.

CC 130. Light berry creme.

CC 131. Light yellow-green creme. A little murky. Darker than China Glaze Electric Pineapple, but similar shade.

CC 132. Gorgeous turquoise shimmer. The shimmer particles in this are very small but very bright and have a light aqua tint to them.

CC 133. Fiery red glitter in a clear base. Extremely sparkly and pretty. A little rough.

CC 134. Purple glitter in a black creme base. The amount of purple glitter makes this looks like a purple shimmer once it's on the nail. Similar to Wet n Wild Night Prowl.

CC 135. Stunning midnight blue shimmer.

CC 136. Perfect forest green, slight yellow tone, amazing shimmer.

The formula on these is great. The only one that wasn't perfect was the white because it seemed watery. The others have a nice even texture, a little on the thin side, but not runny. The dry time is average. Wear time is excellent, especially when used with the non-quick dry Trind topcoat. The bottles are very elegant. They're antique-styled bottles that have long, slender lucite handles. The brushes are on the small side but they are very even and give a good application.

Regarding the polish formula, here's a little snippet from the Trind website:

"Trind developed an effective mix of “actives” for its nail lacquer, to improve the condition of the nail. With the addition of ingredients like Acrylates Copolymer, Dimethiconol, Dimethyl Oxobenzo Dioxasilane and Mercaptopropionic acid, great results will be achieved!"

These are formulated to maintain the condition of your nails when used with the Trind treatment system. My nails usually stay in the same condition no matter what I do, so I couldn't really detect any changes when using these. I didn't necessarily see any positive changes, but I didn't see any negative changes, either, so I can't say for sure if they really improve the condition of your nails. Maintain, yes, but like I said, my nails stay pretty much the same no matter what I do, so.... The jury is still out. I can say that they're nice, gentle polishes that don't dry my nails and didn't seem to stain when I wore them.

The color range is slowly expanding. As you can see, the first half is all mature, conservative, subtle types of shades, while the higher numbers (newer shades) are more fun and colorful. I've heard that there will be some new shades for summer soon. I love the bottles and the formula so I'd be really happy if they offered more of a selection of interesting colors in their line.

So far, I really like almost everything I've tried from this brand. The color selection is small, but the blue, green and glitter shades are perfect and gorgeous. The bottles might be my favorite part. They don't look so plain and utilitarian like some brands, they look special and pretty that you don't want to hide them away in a box, you want to display them. The treatment products from Trind are the best, though. I'll review them separately, but I have to mention that the oil-free Cuticle Balsam is amazing. Some of the items are a little pricey, but the Cuticle Balsam is really worth it.

On a related note, Trind is increasing the discount for my readers. The code scrangie is now worth 25% off on Trind.ca. Just enter scrangie at checkout to receive the discount. This code is valid until July 14th, 2011.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Surprisingly I am love-ing the sheers, pinks, and reds... I will have to check out this company!

  2. The polishes from CC130 and up look delicious. =)

    I love Trind for their treatment products, I'm using the Cuticle Balsam, Nail Balsam and Nail Repair for almost a year now and I'm still amazed by how they make my nails look and feel!

  3. I'm not seeing a place on the site to order....

  4. I don't see a spot to order...

  5. Phew. I thought it was just me who couldn't find the online shop on the site! Any hints on where to go? These shades look lovely!

  6. Sorry guys, I fixed it! The site to order from is Trind.ca (Canadian site)

  7. I am really liking some of these shades (of course the non sheers for me). I am really interested in ordering because you stated you did not see any drying of your nails from this formula, which is a huge problems for me on my fingernails - just everything I try dries them out, despite I use gallons per day of cuticle oils. Thanks so much for arranging the disc. code for us. It might off set the increase in postage to US from CA.

  8. Never heard of this brand before even though I'm Canadian. Thanks for swatching all those polishes and reviewing the formula.

    CC 134 reminds me a bit of China Glaze Mummy May I, except the latter seems to have bigger glitter pieces and I don't think it's as dense.

    Didn't care for the pinks or sheers, but the rest were nice! :) Hope they expand and bring out funkier colours.
    - Mary

  9. wow 134 and 133 are gorgeous! but not for $16 a pop plus shipping,even with 25% off. that is RIDICULOUS! especially for run of the mill easy dupeable colors.


  10. CC 107, 133, 134 are my favorites! I love 136 as well!

  11. CC 131 and 132 look like Zoya Mod Mattes when a top coat is applied to them . Very pretty.

  12. Hot Fuchsia and the Muted Dark Salmon Coral Frost are pretty. The turquoise shimmer is GOOOOOORGEOUS. The Purple glitter is cute too.

  13. For the first half of this review I was thinking to myself "well, I know why no one talks about them" then you hit 131 and I was definitely more interested. The newer shades look great and the bottles are really cute. I think $16 is a bit steep, but then, I'm just cheap :P

  14. They're beautiful colors.
    I can't afford them though (even with the discount) and I wish they had actual names. I have dyscalculia, so numbered polishes are my sworn enemies. -___-

  15. All those mauves, eh. Getting better as you get down further. Like that purple.

  16. I've been trying the treatments and french nail kit but passed on the colors. None really jumped out at me but seeing them on your nails makes me wish I picked some up. The more colorful ones ofcourse. I really like the treatments but find I have to use others inbetween or my nails get too soft and start breaking/spitting more. It's almost too good.

  17. I really love 103, 132 and 136!!! Wonderful colors!!!

  18. to expensive . only one i liked was sheer pink creme .

  19. Hello,
    How do you order the nail polish?



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