Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nubar Finest Silks Collection Winter 2010

I don't think this is intended to be a winter-themed or holiday-themed collection, it just happens to be being released for winter. More thoughts on this collection after the pictures!

Charmeuse. A soft coral-mauve creme. On the warm side. Looks like dark muted pink with some orangey tones. A little too dated for my tastes but it may look good on someone with a warmer skin tone.

Chiffon. Soft, muddy, mousy grey-taupe. Love these types of colors. Looks more grey in the picture than it does on me in real life- it's more tan toned in real life.

Marabout. Another gorgeous taupe-grey-muddy color. This one is darker than Chiffon, more purple toned (but not purple-looking) and less warm. This one seems to suit my skin tone better but they're both nice.

Moire. This is an odd color! It's a brown-toned medium pink nude... Very difficult to describe. It's fleshy and earthy. It's like coffee with cream mixed with the color of ham. It's breakfast colored!

Organza. Sheer pearly white shimmer. More of a pearl than a frost. Still has the same brushstroke issues as frosts do but it has that shiny, smooth pearl-like reflection on it. I'm sure this is meant to be worn sheer and I think it would actually look better sheer. I bet you could layer it to add shimmer to these colors as well.

Pekin. The lighter of the two reds in the collection. It's a medium bordering on dark red and it seems blue based to me.

Sateen. This is the darker of the two. It's a red wine color with a hint of brown undertone.

Taffeta. Soft warm milky brown with a touch of warm orange or pink in it. Not a pure milk chocolate color, it's more of a pink chocolate. Or perhaps... a brown peach? Skintone shade- most likely intended as a nude color for a deeper, warmer skintone than mine.

The formula on these was just perfect. Dreamy. Flawless, effortless application. Excellent coverage on all shades except Organza (I used three coats to build opacity, it's probably intended to be worh sheer). Drying time is good and I experienced no problems with the texture, application or brushes. The formula was really, really great, I am impressed with it more than I am with the colors....

These are all very soft, conservative, office-appropriate types of colors. Nothing fun or wild or attention-grabbing. I don't believe they were intended to be. Normally I would blast a collection for being this bland and safe, but in this specific instance I'm not going to. The press release states that they were aiming for a collection of timeless colors for every skintone with the benefit of a two-coat coverage formula, and that's exactly what they've created. Seems like Nubar is trying to expand their line lately- adding lots of shades in the same color family but with that lovely new formula. Reds, the greys, the greens, the corals, the purples, the browns....

I do like a couple of the colors- Chiffon and Marabout of course, but I'm also intrigued by Moire. While the collection doesn't suit my personal tastes, I gotta say that the formula was amazing. Their creme formula seems to have been perfected- comparable to Rescue Beauty Lounge's perfect creme formula. So, if you are looking for colors like these I'd recommend based on formula alone.

Though, I must say I was really looking forward to some sort of sparkly, glittery colorful winter/holiday type colors for their winter release.... I am a bit sad that they've done nudes and wines for the winter collection instead. Oh well... Maybe they'll have something more edgy and fun for Spring!

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Gotta admit, none of these colors are really calling out to me the same way Mistletoe Kisses and the other China Glaze colors are. I've been looking for a nice red creme, but even on that I think I like China Glaze's Christmas offerings better.

  2. "It's breakfast colored"! That cracked me up!!! As always, great swatches!!!

  3. These are not my type of colours. I still think they are pretty, but not for me.
    They do remind me of dark, cold winterdays!

  4. I love many of these. Where can you buy this brand??

  5. I really love Pekin and Sateen.

  6. I don't like this collection really...Mainly because the names don't seem to fit with the colors for me. When I think "chiffon" I think of white, so a white jelly that was streak free in two coats would have done it for me. I just don't think brown when it comes to most cloths. I do rather like Marabout though. It's kind of wierd that there's 1 frost in a collection of cremes...

  7. The red ones are pretty, but I already have near dupes for those, the rest are rather depressing.

  8. These colors aren't my style at all, and they actually put me to sleep! But it's good to know that the formula is top-notch so that people out there who DO like these colours will get a quality product.

    I love Nubar, but I really do like their more unusual and crazy colours.

  9. There are many colors here that I've seen many times before. You make everything look beautiful so that I want them all.

  10. Thank you for the swatches!

    But this collection...hated it!!
    Plus many of these colors would look absolutely horrible on my skintone. The only ones that would look decent are the reds, and I hate red.

    I really hope they pull out all the stops on their next one.

  11. I have to agree that these are a bit depressing. As much as I love this brand this collection is not what I would expect for a holiday collection. I am going to pass on this one. Thanks for the review and swatches.

  12. I love the reds. Something about red cremes always grabs me, and I bet those two would go great with my skin tone.

  13. Marabout is really the only one that catches my eye...this collection is kind of boring.

  14. Have to admit I don't like any of these. None of them would look good on my skintone. They're so.... depressing!! :P

  15. These are all really beautiful.. but Charmeuse, Chiffon, Marabout and Taffeta are the ones that really caught my eyes :)


  16. I like the idea of the collection, and sometimes I do get the urge to wear more "grown-up" and subtle colours...

    I agree with you on that "I do like a couple of the colors- Chiffon and Marabout of course, but I'm also intrigued by Moire." and am intrigued by the pleasant formula.

    However, I've had bad luck with the lasting power of the few Nubar polishes I own, and I wear these colours very rarely. :(

    If the colours were more exciting, I might consider ordering the three mentioned, but at the moment I have glitters and shimmers and jewel colours I want way more.

  17. I'll be buying a couple of these, probably Marabout and Pekin.

    Great swatches, as always :D

  18. Love Marabout, the others not so much!

  19. I like all the shades except for Organza. That one and similar shades aren't flattering to my skin tone. Thanks for the swatches.


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