Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some of the new Fall 2010 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears and Complete Salon Manicures

I finally found them... Why must Sally Hansen make her polishes so hard to find? Why can't they just release them everywhere at the same time?! Drives me crazy.

Anyway, these are the ones I picked up:

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Fireberry Red. What a mouthful. Is this the longest brand/product name on the market? I think it might be! And the 'Xtreme' always cracks me up. Remember back in the 90s and early 200os when everything had to be "extreme" and brands would start adding random Xs to words to make them more extreme? And everything had a picture of like a skateboarder or bmx rider or something like that on it? Xtreme Wear fits right in. I know, that has nothing to do with the color. This color is hot, you should get it. There, that wasn't entirely an off topic tangent now.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Mystic Lilac. This color looks so bad on me but I had to get it for that gorgeous green shimmer. Pale greyed lilac with pastel green shimmer on top!

Sally Hansen blah blah Purple Gala. So gorgeous. It's a foil made of purple and steel and gold pieces. Kinda like Hard Candy Mr. Wrong from the new Wal-Mart line of polishes. Love this one.

Sally Hansen Purple Fiesta. This was the only one of the glitters I grabbed and it's really not so bad. I think it works, but just barely. The others are all dense frosts with sparse holo bar glitter and some silver and holo round glitter. Chunky frosty nightmares. But this one... this one is a little chunky and frosty too but it's such a pretty color combination!

And then there's the Complete Salon Manicure new shades. Can I just say again how much I hate the new bottle? It's so cheap and hideous looking. The gaudy silver cap with the black plastic ring? Why would you do that, Sally Hansen? The cheap, crooked labels? The weird rounded edge bubble bottle shape? Just... whyyyyyyy? The old Salon Manicure bottles- the square ones with the rubber handles- were so nice! Why did you do this?!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Downtown Rubies. Hm. This picture makes it look good. It's really ugly to me. It's the dullest red glitter ever and the formula was a nightmare and a half. It's so... dusty? Dirty? It's dull and grimy looking and it doesn't sparkle! What it makes me think of is a frankenpolish with the wrong kind of glitter- know what I'm talking about? When you use the wrong type of glitter and it melts and fades and the color bleeds? That's totally what this reminds me of.

Golden Ticket. Nice and sparkly, unlike Downtown Rubies. Still bad formula and application, though. Oh, and someone USED this. This is why I hate not ordering polish online. Some jerkface always uses the bottles of polish at the store and I end up with a crusty gloopy bottle of polish! Stop 'testing' the polish in the stores, people! If it's not labelled TESTER, don't use it, you're ruining it for everyone else! Have some respect!

Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal. Now this one is perfect in every way. It's a black base with gold shimmer like China Glaze Wagon Trail, but it has some little multicolor flakes of sparkle and little red shimmery things mixed in. Really pretty. You'll have to see this one in person to appreciate it.

I had a really hard time with the Salon Manicure brushes this time. My bottles of glitter were so thick and impossible to apply with those freaky paddles. They were really crooked on the edge- not round or flat, kinda zig-zag, made it impossible to get an even application. I don't remember the other Salon Manicure new-style brushes being that funky.


  1. I love Mystic Purple and Fireberry Red! Sequin Scandal is also on my wishlist! I love sally's xtreme line the bottles are so reasonably priced and I like the brushes!

  2. I'm actually wearing Mystic Lilac right now. I think this shade is so ugly it's pretty, type of thing.

    I know that doesn't make sense, really. But I use this shade a lot and it really is long lasting.


  3. I so agree with you on the brushes! Yuck... Thanks for sharing, though. Great pics.

    PenelopePitstopKYD :)

  4. Really digging some of the new Xtremes...but can't stand the frosties. *shudders* Fireberry Red looks hottttt. Also loving Sequin Scandal. Great swatches!

  5. Hey, I LOVE these with a passion. Shame they are IMPOSSIBLE to get in the UK. Now that REALLY sucks.

  6. oooh Fireberry Red!! so happy I found it! lurve :)

    Still on the lookout for Sequin Scandal

  7. As these are not available in the UK there seems very little point in me commenting. Other to say that your post has left me with an ear worm.

    "What would you do if my heart was torn in two
    More than words to show you feel
    That your love for me is real

    What would you say if I took those words away
    Then you couldn't make things new
    Just by saying "I love you"

    Look what you made me do!

  8. i don't like ANY of these except mystic lilac. i agree with you, i HATE the new sally hansen bottles. so tacky!

  9. "If it's not labelled TESTER, don't use it" Ahaha! I HATE that! I'm always the poor loser that ends up with the bottle of polish with a jacked up brush or crusty polish around the edge because I forgot to check and make sure no one has messed with it! Very pretty polishes though. It's a shame Downtown Rubies isn't as great in person!

  10. I can't bring myself to spend $8ish on the SH Salon Manicure polishes (c'mon, they're Sally Hansen!) but I did get Grey By Grey which sat on my shelf for about 4 months. I wore it last week and was stunned because it was actually a 1 coater. I don't mind the wide brush but I do hate that it was kinda mangled. Rimmel Lasting Pro's have a similar brush without the gankiness.
    I have Purple Gala, though I have yet to use it. I want Mystic Lilac though every review I've read says the same thing, kind of a meh weird color. Fireberry reminds me of an old SH Xtreme I have from before I was a polish freak. I loved that color so much I bought a second bottle of it. I still love it though I can't for the life of me think of the name. Sequin Scandal will be mine.

  11. Unbelievable! These are just gorgeous! I am in love with all the sparkles! :)

  12. I have Mystic Lilac and it's terribly watery. I couldn't get it to become opaque. But I see that you did. I wonder if I just have a bad one?

  13. I want all the xtreme wares I kinda collect them old new and trying to track down any discontinued ones. I don't know it's my thing. :) I think they are all pretty.

  14. I will definitely grab mistic lylac! I am a sucker for purple-grey colour and the glitter. Thank you for the post :)

  15. Pretty colors! I need to check these out.

  16. Thanks for the swatches! I do wish they all came out everywhere at the same time, though...I swear, my Walmart and Walgreens are the last to get everything!

  17. LOVE your polish posts!! Thanks so much!

  18. Meh... Big meh. Only ones I might think of getting would be Golden Ticket and Sequin Scandal.

  19. Well I bought all the collections. Both of them. Just great. I should've waited to see your swatches. I do like at least half of them.

  20. I've been having problems with the salon manicure brushes as well. I have a bottle of Fairy Teal and the brush is terrible. It's cut unevenly and makes it impossible to apply. I think it's defective, like they released a bunch of polishes with incorrectly cut brushes! What a waste!

  21. Out of all of these I love Sequin Scandal, Mytic Lilax and Fireberry Red the most :) Wish I could get my hands on some of these :)
    Oh well...
    take care :)


  22. I have not seen these Salon Sally's anywhere??

  23. Ugh, bought Sequin Scandal, used a base coat, and it STILL stained my nails blue!
    Maybe I got a bad bottle, meh. But in any case, it reminds me of Sephora 212.


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