Thursday, October 28, 2010

Color Club Bewitching Halloween Mini Set 2010

Sorry about the lack of posting and online involvement, guys. Still not quite feeling like myself. Luckily my annual vacation is in a couple weeks so hopefully I'll feel better after that!

Anyway, wanted to be sure I posted this while it was still relevant. Only a couple more days til Halloween! Not enough time to order online and get it in time, but they sell these sets at Meijer now, so you can finally get Color Club sets in store in certain areas.

This is a set of four minis plus a roll of adorable Halloween nail decals (I seem to have misplaced my photo of them somehow) plus a little wheel of nail art gems/beads/decorations in black and orange that are sold separately. They're on the display next to each other.

And one more note before the pictures- these all seem like they might be re-promoted colors. I didn't side-by-side compare any of them but they're all really familiar.

Bewitching. Standard black creme.

Charmed, I'm Sure. Really inaccurate pics. This is purple, not blue. It's a lot like OPI Ink, and this might be Color Club Electronica, but my Electronica is a lot more sparkly. See the duochrome reflection in the bottom of the bottle in the sunlight pic? Much closer to the 'real' color of this polish.

Hocus Pocus. Man, blurry pics of holo polishes and glitter always look so good! Kinda gives you an idea of how sparkly it is in real life. Anyway, this is an absolutely gorgeous pale silver plus pink/lavender subtle tint hologram glitter. Could be Magic Attraction but this one seems warmer.

Spellbound. Traffic cone orange neon creme. Excellent color. Probably matches up to one of Color Club's existing neon oranges. Love this shade of orange though, it's absurdly bright.

These are minis but they're actually a pretty good size- .25 fluid ounces- that's half a normal polish bottle. No .13 fl oz mini-minis here. Great formula. I did three coats of all, none of them needed the third except Hocus Pocus but I was curious to see how they looked with three anyway.

I always dream about going to a Halloween party where they give out mini Halloween nail polish sets - like this or OPI Go Goth - in the gift bags... How cool of a party would that be?! Maybe I should host one.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Hahaha, I would totally come to your party because it would be an awesome one.

    Question, can you do a comparison of OPI Ink and China Glaze First Class Ticket. In the store the looked the same, but I had to get three of the same brand to get the deal, so I went with CG. I was wondering how close they were. Thanks!

  2. Hey you -- Glad to see you posting again. Hocus Pocus looks like a great addition to my large, large stash.

  3. If you do host a party, I want in!

  4. I have this set and *love* it! The purple is gorgeous, though I have a few others in my collection that are very close. The orange is the best neon I've ever used, great application and it's so freakin' bright :)

  5. Wow 'Spellbound' is offensively orange - I love it :) wish we got these in UK!

  6. I love your blog and your fotos are amazing. Hope you'll feel better after your vacation. Take a rest and take good care for yourself:-)

  7. I love Color Club minis - they are generously sized and the brush isn't microscopic. Looks like I'm going to love this set as much as last year's set (Master of Disguise). The colors are awesome and I love decals! And yes, I would die to go to a Halloween party where Halloween polishes were given as party favors. :D

  8. does hocus pocus look good with one coat so it could be used as a top coat or is the glitter too dense?


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